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Chelys: Automatic orthorectification of ASAR and MERIS images

…Chelys SRRS (Satellite Rapid Response System)…

An extension has been added to the Chelys SRRS (Satellite Rapid Response System), making it possible to automatically orthorectify images. The SRRS is a multimission real-time data processing and quality control system that is able to simultaneously process data coming from several different missions. Even after the orthorectification addition, the system still performs in real time, as the entire correction process takes less than 20 seconds per product. Once the image has been geometrically corrected, its projection can be mapped with absolute precision using a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) to simulate the third dimension. The result is a new, more interactive way to navigate satellite images.
More details and examples can be found at the following link

Other Chelys IT Solutions

SRRS – Satellite Rapid Response System

The Satellite Rapid Response System (SRRS) is an advanced real time processing system for satellite data. One of the main features lies on the his scalability and his capability of managing different kinds of mission. Ideally devoted to the generation of images as closely as possible to the colours found in nature, the SRRS includes advanced functionnalities for analysis and data quality control.

Meridian – Meris Display and Analysis tool

Meridian is a visualization tool to display Meris products. Main features of the tool are the fast rendering of all levels images (including Level 0) and the advanced memory management h3. methods used allow to view all Meris products images in a very fast way, it is possible to load huge amounts of products without taking care of the memory installed in the computer.

Envisat Control Panel

The first product developed by Chelys for the Envisat project; this tool was intended to support the Integration and Validation activities on the Payload Data Segment of Envisat satellite (PDS).

OCD Management Tool

The OCD Management Tool provides the user with a graphical Interface (Human-Machine Interface, HMI) to ease the management and modification of Envisat CMC and GSP facility configuration files (OCD).

MAS – Multimission Analysis System

The Multimission Analysis System is a tool that provides users with a graphical interface to show time-based events. The tool allows to analyse any kind of log/trace files in order to extract sensible information that can be displayed in several ways. For any information it’s possible to apply general purpose filters or to develop data specific filters to be included in the application. Data can be retrieved also remotely through FTP protocol.

Ground Segments Maintenance Site

Developed to support the integration, testing and maintenance phase of the PDS (Payload Data Segment) of Envisat, the tool evolved and is now the core of the maintenance and test group activities, supporting the configuration management of hardware/software items and all the project-related documentation.

Weather Conditions

Developed to perform tests with SOAP interfaces, this small utility, distributed as freeware, is useful to monitor the weather conditions of a specified location on the earth. The application also generates a set of statistics through the sampling of temperature, pressure and humidity.


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