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CCR and SERTIT join forces to provide space-based expertise to the reinsurance sector

A multi-annual partnership agreement has been signed by France-based reinsurance company CCR (Caisse Centrale de Réassurance) and SERTIT, the regional image processing and remote sensing department at the University of Strasbourg, with the aim of speeding up natural disaster impact assessments. SERTIT receives support from the French Space Agency, CNES, for the development of satellite-based imaging applications.

For many years, CCR has been developing models that simulate natural hazards (including floods, earthquakes, cyclones and droughts) in order to assess the cost of such events within a few days of their occurrence, both for its own purposes and for the French State (its shareholder) and its clientele of insurance companies.

As France is now equipped with new, highly responsive Pléiades satellites, which offer unprecedented capabilities (supplying images with a resolution of 70 cm), this new partnership will enable CCR to benefit from the SERTIT’s internationally renowned expertise. In the event of a major catastrophe, SERTIT will provide CCR with mapping data covering the affected area. CCR will then use that data to adjust its models and refine its estimate of the cost of the event.

For SERTIT and CNES, putting this new satellite imaging technology to this practical use is an ideal way of proving how useful it can be in post-event situations and of promoting the development of applications meeting the needs of civil society. CCR is able to access data from Pléiades via a delegated public service organisation set up by CNES.

This partnership combining expertise in the fields of space, science and reinsurance is driven by the desire to improve our knowledge of natural catastrophes in order to mitigate their consequences.