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Call for Membership

Following an internal strategy, the European Association of Remote
Sensing Companies (EARSC) has started an intensive partnership’s

EARSC is a non-profit-making organisation that is devoted to
promote Earth Observation Industry and to foster geoinformation
services worldwide.

In these times of intensified European
integration and co-operation, the role of EARSC is becoming
increasingly vital, that is for, the Association maintains close links
with key European Institutions, European Space Agency and National
Space Agencies, providing a key unified voice on wider European issues.

Since EARSC was founding in 1989, The
Association has rapidly grown to become a valuable resource for the
information, news, consulting services that our burgeoning industry
requires. Being inside the process of detailing the future European
Space Policy, Earth observation is at a turning point worldwide where
EO companies are key actors in the global commercial market. Industry
together could transform activities into meaningful action on behalf of
our sector.

Nowadays, EARSC is embarking on
a new strategy of Earth observation awareness and raising to industry
the importance of working together for a better future. It is
definitively becoming a real point of contact for Earth Observation
Industry in Europe!.

EARSC has the challenge to be a representative association at European
level and a lobbying collective voice towards governments and data
providers for a coherent and dynamic development of Earth Observation.

Some steps have been made. Firstly, the
communications with members through meetings, website and newsletter
were developed where highlighted information about market development
sector is being disseminated. Secondly, the active participation and
involvement with institutional bodies where EARSC participates at
different working groups and as representative institution possible
partner of ESA and lobby group for European Commission. Last but not
least, EARSC is confident that our implementation plans for the next
years qualify us for being a referent body of knowledge at European EO

EARSC hopes to strengthen a productive
dialogue with EO European Companies and Organizations, welcoming the
opportunity to engage more fully with us.

More information at JoinToUS Membership elections during BoD Meetings!

(Credits EARSC)