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Call for tenders (“ARCH”, funded through the Regional Development Fund (INTERREG IVA)

Call launched in the framework the project “ARCH”, funded through the Regional Development Fund (INTERREG IVA), involving the French region of Nord Pas de Calais and the British region of Kent.

The project aims at developing a common methodology and tools to monitor natural habitats.

The project contains 3 key activities, which involve: – mapping and reporting on natural habitats in the two regions – data interpretation, establishment of a regional GIS – feasibility study on the use of satellite technology to monitor biodiversity (not only in terms of technology, but also of costs and work processes for the final user). A test of the recommended technologies is also envisaged.

This call is an opportunity not only for individual service providers from the EO community, but also for the community in general, to formalise the added value of satellite information for biodiversity monitoring by regions, and to diffuse this information through the user networks.

Call documents can be downloaded from:

- the official tenders’ website of the French region. All documents are in French

The deadline for answering is 1 February.