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Call for Tender for the provision of detailed information on riparian zones

To allow for a systematic assessment of freshwater ecosystems and riverine habitats, spatial information on extent, distribution and land cover and land use characteristics of riparian zones is required.

In order to meet this requirement, the local component of the Copernicus land monitoring service should provide more detailed information over the riparian zones, using very high resolution (VHR) imagery collected between 2011/13 in combination with other available datasets (high resolution (HR) and medium resolution (MR) images).

Through a call for tender published today, the European Environment Agency plans to establish a framework contract for the provision of the three following data layers:

  • The production of VHR LC/LU on a riparian buffer zone along selected rivers;
  • A VHR delineation of riparian zones, and
  • A VHR green linear elements data layer.

Furthermore, the framework contract should include the provision of consultancy services ancillary to the production of the 3 data layers specified above.

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