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Business meeting in Messen

The French daughter of MFB-GeoConsulting, Geosystems France , made a visit in Messen. During the meeting, the most recent technologies in digital image processing, information extraction from satellite data as well as 3-D visualization were discussed.

Patrice Lemire, managing director of Geosystems France, hailed the excellent cooperation. Processing of geo data requests a very high technological know-how related to hard- and software but also project-specific qualifications of the collaborators. The exchange of experiences enables us to recognize new developments and to react in time.
Michael Baumgartner, managing director of MFB-Geo, pointed out the importance of permanent and continuous training of the collaborators. “The training in the most recent technologies for image processing and web technologies is the base for the success of our enterprise”, said Baumgartner
In the field of Earth observation satellite data and the according technologies for processing of geo data, the cooperation of MFB-Geo with Geosystems France, Geosystems Germany, Geosystems Polska and Geosystems Romania means playing a significant role on the European remote sensing market.
(Source: MFB-Geo)