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BOREADES: an operational French system to detect & neutralize malicious drones flights

BOREADES is the first French integrated systems targeting illegal drones, developed by CS Communication & Systèmes. It addresses the need expressed by the SGDSN in the framework of the project funded by the ANR (French National Research Agency)

  • Detecting drones, identifying and tracking drones
  • Neutralizing and recovering drones
  • Locating remote pilots

The BOREADES system is able to jam and decoy the drone’s navigation system, making it possible to take control, to select the recovery point, and above all to estimate the location of the remote pilot.

BOREADES is a high-performance scalable multi-sensor and multi-effector system, mainly based on civilian technologies with a very low Total Cost of Ownership. BOREADES is built around a ruggedized console and has 3 core functions:

  • DETECT – short/mid/long-range radar, day/night cameras and UHD video
  • IDENTIFY – spot incoming threats and track them
  • NEUTRALIZE – Counter the threats by jamming and spoofing the remote control and navigation systems.

The hardened real-time supervision system is based on an unique command & control system and a crisis management module developed by CS Group.

Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, BOREADES is available in multiple fixed or deployable configurations, including vehicle integration, designed for civilian or military needs, for the security of critical areas or events protection.

BOREADES: an operational French system to detect & neutralize malicious drones flights
CS has managed the project and is in charge of the integration and supervision of the system. It is supported by:

  • HGH for day/night panoramic thermal detection abilities
  • FLIR Systems for radar detection and day/night optical identification turrets
  • MC2 Technologies for the electromagnetic jamming solution
  • SPECTRACOM for drone navigation neutralization system and location of remote pilot.