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BMT ARGOSS and Tension Technology International partner to enhance OPTIMOOR

BMT ARGOSS, a subsidiary of BMT Group, the international design, engineering and risk management consultancy, has announced a partnership with Tension Technology International (TTI) to develop improved functionality of the OPTIMOOR mooring analysis computer programme.

OPTIMOOR is an easy-to-use tool for use by vessel and terminal personnel, as well as port designers and naval architects. It uses the OCIMF recommendations and procedures and includes OCIMF wind and current coefficients for tanker moorings.

The new module will draw on BMT ARGOSS’s high quality specialist engineering consultancy and operational and web-based services in the fields of Ships, Ports, MetOcean data and the dynamic response of vessels. It will allow OPTIMOOR to make accurate predictions in locations exposed to high wave energy and make OPTIMOOR even better suited to simulation of ship-to-ship transfers and exposed mooring locations.

Han Wensink, Managing Director of at BMT ARGOSS comments: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Tension Technology International and are pleased that BMT ARGOSS’s expertise in the fields of MetOcean data and the dynamic response of vessels will be used to improve OPTIMOOR.”

Nick O’Hear, Chairman of Tension Technology International continues: “Current trends are towards mooring and trans-shipment in more exposed locations where wave action is a major consideration. By calculating the response to wave activity in the time domain, BMT ARGOSS will help to bring an enhanced level of accuracy to OPTIMOOR that will add considerable value to our customers.”

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