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Basics of Geological Remote Sensing

Aimed at all geologists who are not already remote sensing specialists, but particularly at students and geologists in the developing world.

The emphasis is on free and low-cost data, and on free or open-source software

Based on the author’s long experience of geological remote sensing in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Australia, the book includes

  • principles of remote sensing
  • main archive and operational sensor systems
  • basics of image processing applied to geology
  • integration of remote sensing into geological mapping and mineral exploration
  • uses of remote sensing in environmental monitoring and reporting
  • remote sensing for production and exploration intelligence
  • sources of imagery and other data
  • numerous links to other publications and free sources of information

The book uses examples from Africa, the Middle East and Australia, and will be linked to online courses in geological remote sensing with sample data-sets.

The book is now published through Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook) and Kobo, and will shortly appear in Google Books. The book can be read on most e-readers and on tablets using free apps.

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