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BARSC in the Sunshine with Quarry One Eleven

The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC) is a highly proactive organisation that represents the interests of commercial organisations involved in remote sensing. Formed in 1985, BARSC has an impressive track record of serving the interests of major companies, small and medium enterprises and independent consultants. The Executive Committee of BARSC works tirelessly to create an informative and valuable calendar of events for the members and these are always well attended.

Once a specialist application, remote sensing technology has grown in use throughout a wide range of industries. This growth means that the presentations, representation and consulting work that BARSC conducts on behalf of its members has become even more important. The Executive Committee of the Association recognised that communication between themselves, members, prospective members and third party remote sensing organisations will be vital if BARSC is to meet the challenges of the coming years.

BARSC has contracted specialist geo-Sales & Marketing agency; Quarry One Eleven to ensure that this crucial communication work is carried out. Quarry One Eleven will be tasked with improving all aspects of marketing communication for BARSC including online, direct and media channels.

Talking about the coming year, Chairman of the British Association of Remote Sensing Companies, David Hodgson said “Communicating the vital role and value of commercial remote sensing and the interests of our members is what BARSC is all about. It is important for us to work with an organisation such as Quarry One Eleven that has a deep understanding of our industry and the opportunities and challenges we face.”

Alistair Maclenan, Managing Director of Quarry One Eleven commented on the partnership; “Quarry One Eleven was (and continues to be) a member of BARSC before we started working for them. I was hugely impressed with what the organisation was doing and really wanted to help where we could. Our role is to be an effective communications link between their members and those who should be members. It is so refreshing to work with an organisation that understands communication is a key component of any successful organisation.”