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Award for Excellence and Innovation in INSPIRE 2013 to Planetek Italia

During the INSPIRE Conference 2013 Planetek Italia has been assigned the AWARD for Academic Excellence and Innovation in INSPIRE related to the Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) for the innovative activities in the field of INSPIRE and SDI development.

This AWARD, promoted by the Technical Committee “Geographic information” of the European Committee for Standardization, CEN/TC 287, has been assigned for innovative parts of the developments made by Planetek Italia and lat/lon in the frame of the “Development of the technical components of the INSPIRE Geoportal at European Level for the Joint Resource Center (JRC) – Institute for Environment and Sustainability.

In particular the introduction of the concept of “anticipative counting” of potential results into the domain of spatial data infrastructures and the implementation of this feature on interface level through extensions of existing OGC protocols and INSPIRE standards have been awarded.

The work has been described and submitted to the CEN/TC 287 in the paper “Anticipative CSW-Counting enhances the Discovery UI” (authors Jens Stutte and Lyn Goltz)

Download here the paper submitted to the committee

Download here the complete Press Release

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