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Automatic coherence workflow with Geo4i

In order to meet internal needs, and after a long period of R&D, Geo4i is pleased to announce the implementation of an image processing tool, into its geospatial platform, in order to produce automatically radar coherence maps.

Now, it is possible, in few clicks, to request the generation of coherence maps at a given time or periodically.

The tool, integrated into the platform, allows you to enter your area of interest, to check the availability of SAR imagery, to select images of interests over a given period of time, to download them and then to launch process. Of course, it is also possible to plan the process on a future period: the system will then generate products when images will be available.

Currently fully operational with Sentinel 1 data from the Copernicus constellation, the processing chain is adaptable, on request, to the Cosmo-SkyMed and TerraSar X constellations.

Applications are many: refugees monitoring, border monitoring, troop movements, detection / evolution of anthropic structures, damage assessment…

Geo4i continues its innovative activities with the implementation of new processing chains to better meet its customers’ needs.