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File Management Technical Hydrocarbons + Aurensis in telecommunication+ Data surveillance with miniUAV

File Management Technical Hydrocarbons of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Aurensis has been awarded for the amount of 128,064 euros for the management of the service, maintenance and updating of the Technical File of Hydrocarbons of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

With this project a sum Aurensis new benchmark in its Information Technology Management for Oil & Gas companies. And it shall be responsible for management, maintenance and updating of file information over the next two years.

With this service, the Directorate General for Energy Policy and Mines makes the custody and management of public access to documents submitted by licensees in exploration, research permits and concessions for the exploitation of hydrocarbons, as defined in Article 12 of the Law 34/1998 of October 7.

You can request information online archive of Technical Oil (ATH) through the website and to discuss the details of a visit, or to clarify any point regarding the requested documentation, please contact the ATH via e-mail or telephone +34 91 349 75 58.

This service incorporates Aurensis a new client in the Management of Information Technology, which is developing projects with other clients in the market of Oil & Gas and Repsol YPF and Gas Natural Enagás since 2000.

AURENSIS launches its foray in the telecommunication sector with this agreement with MEDGAZ

MEDGAZ is a strategic project not only for Algeria and Spain, but also for Europe. On the one hand, it brings Algerian natural gas To Europe through a direct connection which ensures the security in the supply. Moreover, it is the most economical way of supplying natural gas to southern Europe, as international observers of the Observatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie and Wood Mackenzie have concluded.

Aurensis has signed an agreement with Medgaz to provide for the next three years satellite broadband connection services between Almeria (Spain) and Beni Saf (Algeria). With this solution, Medgaz has a safety circuit to establish broadband communication between its stations and share information about its operations.

With project Aurensis launches its foray in the telecommunication business in Spain and reinforces the international cohesion of the services offered by the Telespazio Group.

Regional government of Aragon hires Aurensis to provide ‘Data &Surveillance with miniUAV’ as a support for firefighting in 2009

The Fire Agency of the Regional government of Aragon hires Aurensis to provide services of “Data & Surveillance with MiniUAV” in the summer campaign of 2009 as support for firefighting.

With this agreement, Aurensis will provide the Agency with real-time video and photographs (visible, thermal and near-infrared), subsequently will be generated Orthophotos in order to monitor the fires from the air and provide technical support for their extinction.

Our services of ‘Data & Surveillance with miniUAV’

‘Data & Surveillance with miniUAV’ are remote sensing services carried out on small unmanned aerial vehicles operated by remote control from a ground station. These small aerial vehicles capture high resolution photographs and video those are especially useful to monitor from the air in emergency situations, rescue people in areas of difficult access, surveillance tasks in civil works and infrastructures, and to generate mapping in confined areas.

Real-time data of the earth’s surface – such as pictures and video – can be obtained while the plane flies over the area. Emergency managers have in this services an optimal way to assess the situation from the air, to deliver items to people at risk and identify which paths are available or cut to the affected area.
Furthermore, it is possible geo-reference photos and video in a short time to display on the map for a fast assessment. Orthophotos and cartography of the affected area can be generated in just one week; this information is very useful for the recovery plans.

In case of phenomena in which the temperature is a key factor such us: fire extinction, illegal dumping along the coasts and rivers and self-combustion in landfills, it is possible to generate a thermal map to locate burning points, and also to analyze forestry and vegetation state.

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