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0 – Astrosat leads the way in the commercialisation of space technology

Astrosat is a leading space services and management company which specialises in earth observation, using data from an impressive array of orbiting satellites to provide services of vital value to countries on several continents.

Established only in 2012, its innovative space technology merges satellite and ground-based data to provide valuable information to a wide range of sectors. It has also made its mark in the space business with satellite communications and technology transfer.

The multi-award winning company has created solutions for space beacons which would allow distressed satellite tracking. It also works on spacecraft systems – the systems and instruments a spacecraft must carry depending upon the data it will gather and the functions it will carry out.

At the core of Astrosat’s success is the dedication, scientific knowledge and enthusiasm of its 24 staff, who come from a wide range of disciplines, including astrophysics, astronautics, robotics, engineering, oceanography, hydrography, urban planning, building engineering and geoscience.

The company has become a successful exporter and it now delivers 80% of its products and services to countries as far apart as Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Nepal. It also intends to establish a presence in South America and Africa.

The company, which under the leadership of Steve Lee and Alan McLarney has built a multi-million pound turnover, has consistently been in the vanguard of those who have grasped the limitless potential of the vast amounts of data gathered by the world’s satellite arrays.

It has looked at the data with a critical and analytical eye and established a product stream which can provide vital information and alerts, in comprehensible formats, particularly for countries in which satellite coverage has been intermittent.

These products include:

  • Coastal Sentry, which uses satellite data to monitor changes in the coastal environment, particularly in relation to coastal erosion;
  • Expedite, which can track people from orbit no matter where they are on Earth;
  • Field Aware, which is designed to receive and access the information from Astrosat’s award-winning RAPID (Recovery and Protection in Disaster) system;
  • The Powerless Space Beacon, a technology that could be carried by any spacecraft and would transmit a signal which would let ground stations identify its position and track it even if its electrical system has failed;
  • Geo-Secure, a unique and innovative combination of GPS technology and satellite communications which enhances currently available encryption technology;
  • Transport DataHub, which installs sensors which can help enhance satellite data.

The innovative techniques which the company has put, and continues to put, in place have been regularly recognised by a steady flow of awards from major international space bodies and agencies.

The most recent was the 2015 Copernicus Masters Smart Cities and Intelligent Transport Challenge, sponsored by technology company Satellite Applications Catapult, for its eXude flood monitoring application.

It is the sixth major award that Astrosat has won in the four years since it was established and it has been a consistent winner in the Copernicus Masters. This year, for the first time, Astrosat has been asked to use its expertise to set the challenge for entrants in the prestigious competition.

Astrosat is calling on entrants to design an innovative earth observation suite of sensors which can be deployed on Teledyne’s Multi-User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES) platform aboard the International Space Station.

The data from these sensors will be analysed on earth to create a commercially viable application, with special focus placed on developing nations and disaster relief, or increasing their economic resilience.

Astrosat, an innovative space services and management company based in Scotland, is in a space race of its own as it powers into place among the leading UK contenders in the commercialisation of the near cosmos. This video will introduce you to the excellent work Astrosat is doing and will give you an insight into what solutions we can deliver for you.

For further information, contact Astrosat via email: or website:
Issued by Michael Crawford at Blueprint Media, 0141 353 1515.
Date: July 2016