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Astrium Radar Challenge

Astrium GEO-Information Services encourages the development of innovative products and applications using radar satellite data, specifically TerraSAR-X’s X-band data.

The ideas submitted must be truly inventive, offer a clear benefit (e.g. for the environment, security, or specific industries…), and build on the unique features radar satellite data offers. They may also include the integration of data or information from additional data sources, such as satellite imagery from other commercial or public sensors.

You can download TerraSAR-X sample data here

Prize: The winner will receive a data package (radar and/or optical satellite data) worth EUR 25,000 and operational support to help advance their idea.

Evaluation: Please note that in order to determine the winner of the Astrium Radar Challenge, finalists may be asked to participate in an interview (in person or by telephone/video conference) during the week of 24-28 September.