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Army Geospatial Center Extends Contract with Radiant Solutions

Radiant Solutions has signed a follow-on contract with the Army Geospatial Center (AGC) valued at $2.6 million for its Remote Ground Terminal (RGT) program. AGC exercised an option extending Radiant Solutions’ provision of systems engineering and software development to enhance the RGT program, which mission is to provide timely access to high resolution commercial imagery for the military and humanitarian aid/disaster relief.

U.S. Army geospatial engineers prepare maps for a humanitarian mission in Liberia, where the Army is assisting in Ebola outbreak relief efforts.Photo: U.S. Army.

Developed by Radiant Solutions in partnership with AGC, the RGT is a transportable ground receiving and processing solution for commercial satellite remote sensing data, receiving both optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. According to Radiant Solutions, RGT provides the high performance of larger systems but in a compact package that can be delivered in-theatre by air or land. This capability allows the U.S. Army to access timely geospatial data from multiple sources in locations with limited infrastructure anywhere in the world and within hours of an event.