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Arkon satellites

As of 2011. The launch was originally promised in 2009 and later in 2012-2013.


The spacecraft is designed to perform round-the-clock global Earth surveillance with high resolution in radio-frequency ranges Х, L, P regardless of meteorological conditions.


The spacecraft is designed to perform the Earth surveillance in X-band. Application of on-board active-phase array assures high resolution and performance.


The spacecraft is designed to perform high-periodical surveillance providing imaging in panchromatic and in six spectral zones, including simultaneous imaging in any three zones.

SAR Systems Arkon-2 (Russia):

  • (a) The original Arkon-1 satellites were equipped with hi-res optical imagers.
  • (b) The two new Arkon-2 satellites are being built for Roskosmos by Lavochkin and will be equipped with SAR imagers.
  • © The SAR imagers are being built by Vega Radio Engineering Corp.
  • (d) These operate at 3 different wavelengths – in X, L and P bands.


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