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ARGOSS joins BMT group of companies

BMT Group Ltd announced today its acquisition of ARGOSS, a leading specialist provider of marine environmental information services, using satellite observations, meteorological and oceanographic data.

(May 2008). This latest addition to BMT’s international portfolio of companies brings a crucial new capability to the group. With ARGOSS’s long-standing expertise in supporting planning, design and forensic investigations and forecast data to support customer operations, the group is now positioned to take advantage of growing demand in these fields.

ARGOSS provides downtime analysis and feasibility studies, making use of cutting edge in-house models and databases of waves, wind and tides. It also offers efficient, cost effective solutions for the mapping and monitoring of water quality, bathymetry and coastal morphology through the use of satellite observations.

All of these services will soon be linked and integrated with specific applications software from BMT’s existing suite of offerings, thereby enriching the service provided to the group’s customers across the maritime, energy, transportation and defence sectors.

Han Wensink, Managing Director of ARGOSS, said:

“There is a growing industry need for access to long-term archived, near real-time and forecasted information to support offshore and coastal activities and reduce operational risks. ARGOSS will extend its industry leading knowledge globally through the combinations of its particular expertise with BMT’s access to broad international markets and existing offshore technology capabilities.“

The union addresses a need for easily accessible, quality checked and certified basic environmental data and information products and systems, services and value added services.

A wealth of scientific environmental data is available within space agencies, universities and other public/governmental organisations, but it remains difficult to secure access to this information. BMT and ARGOSS aim to address this gap, whilst also becoming a major private sector player in value-added atmospheric services for governmental agencies and the construction, transport, food and insurance sectors.

Peter French, Chief Executive of BMT Group Ltd, said:

“BMT has worked with Han and his team at ARGOSS for some time, on a number of very successful projects, so this announcement consolidates a productive link between our two companies. Across the group we have some expertise in this area and have long supported a Chair in Marine Informatics at Reading University, in the UK but see this as a significant step forward in expanding our capability and enhancing our offering to

The history of ARGOSS and BMT collaboration has been ongoing for a number of years and includes a diversity of projects in a variety of market sectors:

  • Metocean studies to support design of offshore structure in Bohai Bay, China and pier design for the island of Boracay, Phillipines
  • Bathymetry in the Gulf of Khambhat North, route analysis in Qatar and tow analysis for floating dry docks
  • Metocean studies for four platform locations in the North Sea, including extreme value analysis of wind and waves
    - Input wind fields for Oil Spill Information System (OSIS)
    - Oil spill trajectory modelling – Nigeria and Tobago
  • Hindcasts and historic wind and wave information in support of investigations of maritime accidents for a number of locations around the world including the Red Sea
  • Wind and solar radiation data to support current modelling for areas in the Middle East and around Australia

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