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Ansur presented at World Humanitarian Summit together with Innovation Norway and NOREPS

AnsuR is one of seven Norwegian suppliers of emergency solutions. Together with Innovation Norway and NOREPS we are present when top executives from around the world meet in Istanbul this week on the world’s first humanitarian summit – World Humanitarian Summit.

AnsuR participated on Innovation Marketplace of drones for humanitarian operations.

The initiative for the summit came from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and the goal of the meeting was to establish a broader ownership and designing a more targeted plan for international humanitarian work.

The reason for the summit is a record high humanitarian needs, combined with a huge pressure on resources, climate change and several large and protracted armed conflicts that are not kind to the civilian populations. Roughly 125 million people throughout 37 countries today are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The summit was held in Istanbul on 22 to 24 May 2016, brought together heads of state, donors and recipient countries, the UN and international aid agencies as well as a large number of business representatives. UN Secretary General wanted to mobilize for the protection of civilians, conflict resolution and wider collaboration across sectors to alleviate suffering and prevent new crises.

The summit