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Airbus Defence & Space – Constellation Benefits – Webinar Series

Play with scales, optimize your budget

The Constellation is now completed, featuring a massive acquisition capacity and collecting smart and fresh archive imagery. See how to get the perfect trade-off between resolution and coverage in every point of your AOI, to deal with the detail depth you need – not more, not less.

Since we all know that no one type of sensor can solve all of the issues you face, whatever you want to identify, map or to track, Airbus Defence and Space can trigger the appropriate satellite or screen a rich, structured archive to provide you with the meaningful and appropriate solution.

With the smartest radar and optical satellite constellation – soon to be completed with the imminent launch of SPOT 7 – Airbus DS provides you what you need and when you need it: wide coverage, fine detail, intensive monitoring, reliable and successful new collections, fresh and extensive archives, premium reactivity.

  • 25 September – Big Picture & Sharp Details: play wiht scales, optimize your budget
  • 2 October – Reliable Tasking: get an image when and where you want it
  • 9 October – Intensive Monitoring: demand the closest surveillance where things change fast

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