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Airbus continues its digital journey

Airbus fully believes in and is committed to the distribution of satellite imagery and services via digital platforms. Over the past two years, we have invested heavily in our digital infrastructures, designed for distributing our own high resolution optical and radar imagery, together with Copernicus Data and Core Services. In addition to OneAtlas and Sobloo, we have also developed UP42, as an independent and agnostic platform aggregating all kinds of data processing and algorithms to act as a catalyst to boost the geospatial market and support developers worldwide.

The Sobloo platform exposure amongst the user community will be increased by promoting some of the data and services on OneAtlas and Up42. This will allow to bring the Sobloo offer to our own existing and expanding customer base whilst at the same time exposing the Sobloo community to a wider range of data, services. Ultimately it will give new horizons to Sobloo users that will benefit from all the processing and data bricks provided by OneAtas and Up42.