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Airborne Technologies breaks the ice

Airborne Technologies is proud to have obtained FIKI certification from EASA for the Vulcanair P68R.The aircraft type is thus approved for “Flights Into Known Icing” conditions.

Handover FIKI STC at the AERO in Friedrichshafen from left to right: Thorwald Buck (EASA ECS Expert), Wilhelm Jagritsch (ACG – Head of Airworthiness and Certification), Burkhard Jäger (Airborne Technologies – Head of Design Organisation), Trevor Woods (EASA – Certification Director), Wolfgang Grumeth (Airborne Technologies – CEO)

The complex modification of the basic aircraft with all redundant systems included a test flight programme with dry ice shapes, as well as natural ice flights in northern Scotland, to prove the de-ice capacity under most adverse conditions. All modifications for the special mission equipment such as EO/IR gimbal and the whole array of antennas for tactical radio and down/up-link, are covered by this STC as well. With this FIKI capability for a 2t-class aircraft, Airborne Technologies sets new standards with regard to dispatch reliability and safety of the customers.

Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies, says: “The integration of special equipment into the different platforms goes meanwhile far beyond the simple installation of sensors. The complexity of systems and customer requirements makes it increasingly necessary to intervene in all areas. We are taking over more and more modifications previously assigned to OEMs. Besides FIKI we have recently certified TCAS II and P-RNAV/SBAS.