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Aerodata adds Ultracam-X to their camera stable + Many Spanish cities now high-res on Google Earth, flown by Aerodata.

Aerodata adds Ultracam-X to their camera stable – Feb 29th, 2008

Today Aerodata International Surveys (Antwerp, Belgium) and Vexcel Imaging GmbH (Graz, Austria) have signed a purchase agreement for an UltraCam-X large format digital aerial camera system.

As a long-time UltraCam owner and operator (since February 2004), Aerodata already acknowledged early on that Vexcel’s concept for large format digital frame cameras was “best-in-class” at the time.

Over the years the UltraCams have proven to be the best fit-for-purpose systems for the type of work Aerodata executes. In the meantime over 300.000 images were collected using these cameras.

The UltraCam-X now furthers this concept and is still “best-in-class”. It will add additional capabilities to Aerodata’s aerial survey fleet.

Aerodata continues to build up and streamline capacity through leverage of the camera’s USP’s, combined with Aerodata’s vast expertise as digital camera operator and easy integration into the Aerodata PixelPipe workflow.

The full integration of Vexcel cameras and the Aerodata PixelPipe (NAS clustered storage and processing array, nearly 200TB of space and distributed processing over tens of cores) makes for a winning concept of speed and economy, which benefits both the customer and Aerodata.

Many Spanish cities now high-res on Google Earth, flown by Aerodata – Feb 21st, 2008

Yesterday marked the publication of high resolution aerial imagery of a large number of Spanish cities on Google Earth.

It marked the first 2008 push of aerial imagery onto Google Earth, details of the push can be seen here on Google’s map blog

The imagery of the cities was flown and processed by Aerodata International Surveys, one of Google Inc’s preferred European partners for aerial imagery content.

The project is included into Aerodata’s aeroGRID® European Cities Program, that covers many cities and some entire countries throughout Europe.

The high resolution aerial photography has a ground resolution of 15cm and covers over 3000 sq km of Spanish territory and more than 24 urban areas across the country.

You can see which cities are covered by opening this KMZ file (Google Earth required).

The aerial imagery of all of these cities is available for purchase as “raw” stereo imagery in colour (RGB) and colour-infrared (CIR) with orientation parameters and/or as tiled mosaics in in colour (RGB).

For inquiries, please contact M. Taylor of aeroGRID Limited or +33 950 201305.