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Aerodata helps making Dutch television program "Nederland van Boven"

(Dec2011).“Nederland van Boven” (The Netherlands from Above) is a new series from VPRO-television showing how the country works, lives and develops.

The best way to see it working is from the sky. It investigates Netherlands’s past and shows how analyzing the country from an aerial perspective can help realizing the future.

Central story in one of the episodes (“knutselland”) tells about the need and the reason of capturing aerial imagery of the Netherlands. Surprisingly for the Dutch, they make use of the knowledge and experience of a company with its main office in Belgium to realize this masterpiece. Since Aerodata has realized nationwide coverages of The Netherlands since many years it was logical that the crew ended up talking to us.

Aerodata provided high resolution aerial imagery as a backdrop for animations and the television crew recently visited Aerodata’s main office. The crew attended an operational aerial survey flight in one of our aircraft and got a brief demonstration and explanation of the image processing process.

To watch the video (in Dutch), please click the following link (Meten en fotograferen)