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$5.7M in imaging sensor contracts for Earth observation satellites won by e2v

Chelmsford, England—Imaging solutions company e2v signed two contracts with Thales Alenia Space worth a total of more than $5.7 million dollars ($4 million euro). The contracts are for the supply of imaging sensors—space-qualified back-thinned CCD sensors with high quantum efficiency (QE) and excellent modulation transfer function (MTF) performance—that will equip the high-resolution optical imaging instruments for Thales Alenia Space Earth observation satellites Göktürk and Seosat-Ingenio.

Göktürk is an Earth observation satellite system for the Turkish Ministry of Defence. It is derived from the Proteus platform (also developed by Thales Alenia Space) and will include a high-resolution optical instrument, similar to that used in the Pleiades program. The satellite launch is planned for 2013.

Seosat-Ingenio is the first Spanish Earth observation satellite and the first to be built by a consortium of industries from the Spanish space sector primed by Astrium. This Spanish Earth observation satellite system will meet a growing need for data and provide Spain with full autonomy and independence in image capture for applications such as security land management, natural resource management, and to help with the response to natural catastrophes.

The sensors will be delivered over a 2 year period starting in July 2011.

Bertrand De Monte, Marketing Manager of high performance imaging, at e2v said, “e2v is delighted to sign this contract with Thales Alenia Space. It demonstrates how e2v’s imaging solutions for Earth observation applications are well respected and add to more than 20 worldwide programmes running with our high performance imaging technology.”


Posted by: Gail Overton