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4C Controls Inc. Has Selected Thales Alenia Space Italia S.P.A. As Prime Contractor for the In-Orbit Delivery of Two High Resolution SAR Satellites With Related Ground Segment

4C Controls Inc. (OTCBB: FOUR.OB) today announced that it has selected for negotiation Thales Alenia Space Italia S.P.A. (TASI) as the prime contractor for the in-orbit delivery of the first two satellites with related Ground Segment of the planned 4C Controls’ satellites constellation.

NEW YORK, Jul 17, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE). This selection is a result of intensive technical due diligence and analysis with TASI for more than six months, and signals long term technical and commercial cooperation between 4C Controls and TASI.

The two Satellites are expected to be equipped with very high-resolution (1meter) synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The first satellite is planned to be in orbit by end of 2011.

The activation of this relationship with Thales Alenia Space Italia will be the basis to establish a strategic partnership between 4C Controls and Thales Alenia Space Italia. The partnership will involve long term technical and commercial cooperation.

The expertise of 4C Controls in the satellite technologies, provided by the Politecnico di Torino (Polito), combined with the distinguished capacity and international records of Thales Alenia Space Italia, provides a unique platform for the 4C Controls planned Earth Observation Multi Satellite Program.
4C Controls is focused on becoming the world leader in the design, engineering, development, construction, sales and operations of high-performing SAR satellites for research, earth observation, remote sensing and security surveillance. It plans to place into service one of the most advanced, high-capacity, high-resolution commercial imaging SAR satellites in the world. 4C Controls will focus on significant market opportunities in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America where there is growing demand for low equatorial position, high resolution, small satellites.

SAR satellites have the ability to provide all-weather, day-and-night imaging, which are mission critical capabilities for a variety of end-user applications. The satellites are expected to have the following main characteristics:
— High-resolution: 1 meter resolution
— Regional Data Downlink: data transmission during data acquisition, using a network of ground stations located in the observed regional areas
— Low inclination orbit with altitude of 536 km
— X-band SAR: enables clear imaging through cloud and night skies

“As a first mover in a rapidly developing market, we expect to achieve significant competitive advantages in respect of customer necessity, price and performance. The combination of Thales Alenia Space Italia S.P.A.‘s expertise and the cutting-edge know-how in SAR technology of the Polito team will help to ensure a high efficient and dynamic market entry,” said Dr. Riccardo Maggiora, Director and Chief Technology Officer at 4C Controls.

“We are delighted that 4C Controls has selected us for negotiation as prime contractor. We have been working closely together on technical due diligence and are confident that positive outcomes will be achieved for both parties as a result of our collaboration,” said Massimo Di Lazzaro, SVP and General Manager Business Unit Observation Systems & Radars at Thales Alenia Space Italia.

About 4C Controls Inc.

With headquarters in New York, 4C Controls is an early stage company offering high technology security integrated solutions providing real-time early warning and reduction of time scales from threat-detection to termination in the field. The Company’s primary focus is on the acquisition of technologies and large distribution networks including high resolution synthetic aperture radar satellites (SAR) and satellite images; ground high performance radars for intrusion detection and electronic surveillance / access control markets such as biometric, radio frequency identification (RFID), real time locating systems (RTLS) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).

Forward-Looking Statements

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