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JupyTEP IDE available for test usage

Under ESA contract our team has developed a cloud-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building scripts, algorithms and also complete EO data processing chains. JupyTEP IDE is a software with preconfigured EO toolboxes (e.g. SNAP/Snappy and Orfeo ToolBox) and libraries for GIS processing (e.g. GDAL, Grass GIS, PostGIS).

It is built as an extension of Jupyter environment and Docker engine dedicated to working with EO data and it is based on the notebook philosophy of scripting. JupyTEP IDE allows scientists, developers of satellite remote sensing applications and other professional or non-professional users to create their own isolated development environment in an easy way. The users are able to write algorithms choosing various languages (Python, R, etc.) and a wide range of tools and libraries. The results can be presented and shared in the interactive and common Jupyter notebook format.

If you are interested in the open and free JupyTEP IDE solution or you wish to test the current version please visit the project site or contact us by e-mail at