Our association is nearing the one hundred members level and in the wake of the EoVox analyses we are considering some important evolutions in the way we carry our association business. Such evolutions relate in particular both to increasing our action potential and to get more of the influence expected from us through better visibility and presence. An evolution plan elaborated by a dedicated working group which met several times during the past year will be submitted for a vote to the members at the next General Assembly on July 4th in Brussels.

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Interview with Mr. Lars Prahm, EUMETSAT Director General

In this issue of EOMAG, EARSC has the opportunity to feature an interview with Mr. Lars Prahm, EUMETSAT Director General. First of all, thank you very much for taking some time from your busy agenda and giving us the occasion to talk about some aspects relevant for the European Earth Observation sector and meteorology.

Industry Profile

GeoVille group – transforming images into intelligent geoinformation

Dr. Christian Hoffmann, general manager and founder of GeoVille: “GeoVille, is established as one of the European quality providers in the production of land cover information from satellite and aerial photography data. Our mission to attain innovative and outstanding geo-information products has been recently recognised by the GMES Innovation Award, selected by a board of ESA, EC, and Definiens reviewers. Through GeoVille’s Luxembourg subsidiary we are currently providing in-depth environmental expert support to customers such as the European Environment Agency. The combination of leading edge land monitoring technology with environmental knowledge provides truly integrated geo-information products – an asset only a few companies in the market can share. This is an excellent basis to serve our customers within GMES as well as in our markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America”.

EARSC Activities

EARSC welcomes a new member!

EARSC Board is glad to welcome Oracle Belgium in our Association

EO Industry Survey goes live

As reported in the previous EOMag, ESA has contracted Vega to execute an update to the Analysis of the State and Health of the EO Service Industry. This will assess how the industry has evolved since 2003 and what are the dominant issues presently facing the industry.

Integrating in-situ monitoring and earth observation in the framework of GMES and GEOSS Symposium: Brussels, 31st May 2007

Earth Observation is at a turning point world wide. The awareness of the risks inherent to an uncontrolled development of human activities has led to environmental protocols and to the setup of new partnership, such as Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), to develop synergies between available capabilities internationally or the European GMES initiative (Global Monitoring of Environment and Security).

Member News

ARGOSS: Job Vacancies

ARGOSS provides consultancy and information services on environmental conditions.

Business meeting in Messen

The French daughter of MFB-GeoConsulting, Geosystems France , made a visit in Messen. During the meeting, the most recent technologies in digital image processing, information extraction from satellite data as well as 3-D visualization were discussed.

C-CORE: Local Company surpasses milestone

Fueled by annual growth of
more than 40%, C-CORE continues its impressive growth and will break through the $10
million dollar revenue milestone this fiscal year.

CLS: satellites to fight against illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing

In order to fight against illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, the IOC* (Indian Ocean
Commission) chose CLS, worldwide leader of satellite-based environmental data collection,
location and ocean observations, to install a Fishing Monitoring Centre in Moroni, Comoros.

Definiens GMES Awards: GeoVille and University of Wales

GeoVille and University of Wales, Aberystwyth Announced as Winners of Definiens GMES Innovation & Research Awards 2007 — Recognition for most innovative use of Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence. Suite to provide highly automated services for GMES initiative

Definiens Strengthens its American and Worldwide Management Team

Company names Joel Campbell as Vice President and General Manager USA and David Fullerton as Vice President Worldwide Professional Services

EDISOFT in Winning Consortium for EMSA’s CleanSeaNet

EDISOFT is part of the service providers’ consortium that will be responsible for the development of CleanSeaNet, the European operational system for satellite monitoring and detection of illegal discharges and accidental oil spills at sea.

Eurimage wins EMSA CleanSeaNet contract

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has set in place contracts for a service which will provide EU Member States with processed satellite data for the monitoring and detection of illegal discharges and accidental oil spills at sea.

First RapidEye Satellite has started its testing program

RapidEye, Germany´s first remote-sensing company operating it´s own satellite system, has assembled the first satellite completely. Its testing program has commenced.

Gisat and ETC-LUSI

Gisat is a member of the winning ETC-LUSI consortium in a recent EEA tender

Gisat leads TLCC project

TLCC project aims to create the automated land cover classification methodology.

GMES introduced by GeoVille’s CEO to United Nations Secretary General

The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security – GMES -Programme was introduced to H.E. Ban Ki-moon by Dr. Christian Hoffmann, CEO of the GeoVille group, on the occasion of an invitation of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

GMV signs agreement to assume Raytheon software support

GMV has signed a licensing agreement with Raytheon Company to migrate software support services for the satellite ground system software originally provided by Raytheon to some 65 Boeing-manufactured commercial, geostationary satellites around the world.

GMV: Nomination for the Premios Príncipe Felipe

GMV has been nominated for the 2006-2007 “Premios Príncipe Felipe a la Excelencia Empresarial” (Príncipe Felipe Prizes for Business Excellence) in the category of Technological Innovation of major firms.

Indra collaborates with ESA to export earth observation services to Latin America

Indra Espacio will draft a study that will enable the European Space Agency to provide efficient support to European companies in the sector for their export activities in the Latin American market.

Infoterra Ltd. ( U.K. ) News

Infoterra provides lidar height data to Wessex Water. Infoterra supplies aerial imagery for new flight simulator scenery. Infoterra Ltd re-awarded prime contractor role for GMES Respond.

Integration start for new research satellite at Astrium

One of the greatest challenges to be met by man in the coming years is to understand and contain global climate change.

Memorandum of understanding signed between Molise region and Telespazio

On Friday 6 April, at Campobasso, the Regione Molise and Telespazio will sign a memorandum of understanding for the development of a technology programme entitled “Geodatabase: Europe’s first cluster of centres of excellence for the provision of leading-edge geospatial services”.


Metria is a service provider, whose focus is on the operational use of remote sensing and GIS techniques for environmental and forestry applications, as well as security-related aspects.

NPA News

New 2007 OBS Studies

Off-the-shelf availability of French cities imagery at 12,5cm GSD

After announcing the existence of its aeroGRID® French Cities programme, Aerodata is now pleased to announce the availability of the first set of brand new aerial photo datasets at 12,5cm GSD of various large French cities, metropolitan areas and suburbs.

OHB-System AG: ESA SmallGEO satellite order for around EUR 100 million

OHB-System AG, a subsidiary of OHB Technology AG (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124) was today awarded a contract for the next development phase of the SmallGEO small geostationary satellites.

Orthorectification Test on Formosat 2 for the Control with Remote Sensing Campaign of the CAP

Direct area-based crop income aid to farmers was introduced in 1992 under the CAP
(Common Agricultural Policy) reform and represent around 35% of the EU’s general
budget (2001, EU 15).

PCI News

PCI News

Planetek NEWS

News Planetek Website

Satellite images aid implementation of agricultural reforms

An ESA-backed project has demonstrated how Earth observation satellites can assist in the cross compliance measures – a set of environmental and animal welfare standards that farmers have to respect to receive full funding from the European Union – included in the 2003 reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Satellite Services BV: Vacancies

Satellite Services BV: Vacancies

Spacemetric establishes International Sales Office

Spacemetric has established a dedicated sales presence in the UK in response to the increasingly international profile of its customers and partners.

STARLAB: MarCoast service provider in Spain

STARLAB is the main service provider for the ESA- MarCoast GMES project in Spain (led by Alcatel Alenia Space).

Thales Alenia Space Italy Wins GMES Contract

The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected Thales Alenia Space Italy to be the prime contractor for a C-band radar Earth observation satellite called Sentinel-1 to be launched in 2011 under a manufacturing contract valued at 229 million euros ($309 million), according to European government and industry officials.

Training in the interpretation of FORMOSAT-2 and KOMPSAT-2 imagery

Training course in surveillance and reconnaissance

UK space experts SciSys undertake software role across three satellites for critical Climate Change mission

SciSys, a leading provider of software services, has announced a major contract from EADS Astrium GmbH to develop on-board satellite software for the three-satellite Swarm mission, a key part in the European Space Agency‘s Living Planet programme.

VCS AG concentrates all space activities within the SpaceCom Division

The business divisions „Remote Sensing Technology“ and „SpaceCom“ are acting since more than 15 years successfully in niche markets within the Space business with a different focus.

VEGA Group Creates a Simulation Platform for Galileo Data

VEGA Group Creates a Simulation Platform for Galileo Data



Earth Observation News

Bridging the gap between Space and Local and Regional Users

“Future Challenges for Local and Regional Authorities: How can Space Technology help?”, to be held on 29-30 May 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

Calls for Participation in ArchitectureImplementation Pilot

The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) has issued a Call for Participation (CFP) in the “Architecture Implementation Pilot,” which is a coordinated interoperability initiative of GEOSS, FedEO and Tri-Lateral initiatives. Responses are due by 11 May 2007 and the “Pilot Kickoff Meeting” will be held 5-6 June 2007 in ESRIN the European Space Agency‘s establishment in Italy.

China To Make Five More Oceanic Satellites

China‘s director of the State Oceanic Administration, Sun Zhihui, has confirmed that the country wants to make five more oceanic satellites that will include ocean color remote sensing satellites, ocean dynamic environment satellites and ocean surveillance satellites.

DMCii To Launch New Higher-Resolution Satellite Imaging Service

DMC International Imaging plans to launch a high-resolution optical imaging satellite named UK DMC-2 in 2008 to provide continuous Continent-level imaging with direct downlink of data to customer‘s ground stations.

Emerging Issue: Spatial Data Quality

Data quality is a problem we need to address if we in the geospatial industry expect to be a part of the enterprise IT picture. Our most pressing need is a simple, reliable way to answer: “Are these data fit for this purpose?” each time spatial data are merged or shared in an enterprise system.

ESA open-source software supports Germany's TerraSAR-X

Germany‘s next-generation TerraSAR-X uses sophisticated ground infrastructure to deliver Earth observation data to scientists and commercial customers. Open-source software developed at ESA‘s Operations Centre is helping to make the mission a success

GIS Technology: An International Market of Enormous Potential

If you want to take a glimpse into the future market potential of geospatial technology growth, look toward Asia.

Harris Corporation to Bid as Prime Contractor for Ground Segment of Next Generation Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company, is bidding as prime contractor and systems integrator for the ground segment of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – Series R (GOES-R) program.

International Astronautical Federation joins project to protect World Heritage sites

The joint ESA/UNESCO Open Initiative to conserve hundreds of natural and cultural World Heritage sites using Earth observation satellites gets additional backing as the International Astronautical Federation joins the growing number of space entities to pledge support to the project.

International Charter to support emergency services

New partners support the International Charter “Space and Major Disasters”

Japan Govt needs satellite rethink / Plight of Radar No. 1

One of the government‘s four intelligence-gathering satellites has ceased to operate due to a breakdown of its power source, bringing to light many problems that have to be addressed.

KSAT provides NRT satellite imagery over the Arctic Ocean

Until today any journey in the ice-infested waters of the Arctic Ocean was a journey into the unknown with no up-to-date detailed map of the ice conditions readily available in such a remote region of the world.

Mauro Salvemini EUROGI´s New President

Mauro Salvemini is President of EUROGI for the next two years.
This was the outcome of the election-process at EUROGI’s General
Board meeting on March 30th, in Brussels.

Russian Booster Puts Batch of Small Satellites Into Orbit

A Dnepr rocket laden with 14 small international satellites flew out of an underground missile silo and soared into space Tuesday on its first mission since failure struck the launcher last year.

Scientists meet to review Envisat results after 5 years of operations

ESA PR 18-2007. From 23 to 27 April in Montreux, Switzerland, over 900 scientists from around the world will attend the Envisat Symposium 2007 to review and present results of ESA‘s Earth Observation satellites and in particular Envisat.

TerraSAR-X must wait a little longer

The launch of the German Earth Integrated satellite TerraSAR-X by the Russian-Ukrainian rocket DNEPR-1 has been rescheduled for the end of May.

U.S. Agencies Moving Forward in Planning Landsat 7 Successor

35-year record of Earth observations from space is global scientific asset

U.S. Satellite Images of Earth Help Countries Worldwide

U.S. agencies responsible for the Landsat series of Earth observation satellites have agreed that the next-generation Landsat will launch in 2011, and the United States is not the only nation that will benefit from the continued imaging of the planet?s oceans, land surfaces and ice cover.

U.S. Uses Landsat Satellite Data To Fight Hunger, Poverty

Remote sensing is a critical tool for agriculture, land use worldwide


Conference on GMES in Munich

A high-level conference on Global Monitoring for Environment and Security took place on 17th April 2007

ESA Business Incubation

The space you need to get your business ideas off the ground

European satellite imagery sharpens focus of UN biodiversity initiative

Just as the extraordinary biodiversity found on the Galapagos Islands helped shape our understanding of natural selection, the unique ecosystems of the area have more recently been helping European researchers map the delicate relationship between ocean temperatures and species survival.

Experts warn of climate change consequences

The world‘s top climate scientists gathered to present a massive report predicting dire consequences of global warming, in particular for poor nations and species diversity.


FINANCE Space (Finance Innovation Network Addressing New Commercial Enterprise using Space) is a project executed in cooperation with the European Commission.

Improving SME participation in Europe’s space business

More than 100 professionals from European small- and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes and space industry organisations met in Italy last week at the 4th SineQuaNet Workshop to discuss how the SineQuaNet project can increase the participation of SMEs in the European space business.


Bridging the gap between INnovative enterprises and financial inVEstors in the emerging ICT markets of SaTellite applications (INVESaT)

Investing in European Research

Improving knowledge transfer between research institutions and industry across Europe: embracing open innovation – Implementing the Lisbon agenda


Launching New Economic Activities from Satellite Communications, Earth Observation or Geo-localisation Services.

Research framework programme

The Framework Programmes (FP) are the European Union’s main instrument for funding research.


Events and Symposia

Events and Symposia