A very hectic business year is getting to a close with well deserved vacation time in front of us. One of the last events was the Annual General Meeting of the Association. Among the highlights were a good attendance, actually the best ever, and a very interesting and exciting keynote talk on Microsoft Virtual Earth by VEXCEL, a new subsidiary of Microsoft.

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Interview with Mr. Guy Weets, Deputy Head of the ICT for the Environment Unit of DG INFSO

In this issue of EOMAG, EARSC will have the privilege to feature an interview with Mr Guy Weets from the Directorate General for Information Society and Media at European Commission.

Industry Profile

Infoterra Strengthens Group

Consolidation of geo-information assets and competences
including new subsidiary in France

EARSC Activities

EARSC welcomes nine new members!

EARSC Board is glad to welcome nine new Companies in our Association.

eoVox Stakeholders Consultation Workshop, 14 September 2006, at ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

The eoVox Consortium is pleased to announce a one-day workshop dedicated to the common interests of the Earth Observation value adding industry. The workshop will be held under the auspices of ESA/ESRIN on 14 September 2006 in Frascati, Italy

Member News

Critical Software provides automatic burnt scars mapping based on Earth Observation data

Critical Software SA signed a contract for the provision of automatic medium-resolution burnt scars mapping to the Forest Resources Directorate of the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture. The maps are based on medium resolution Earth Observation data from the sensor MODIS distributed by the U.S. Geological Survey.

EARS signs to implement its water monitoring technology in the Yangtze basin

Besides being an abundant source of agro- and hydrometeorological data, the EWBMS system of the Dutch remote sensing company EARS is used for drought and desertication monitoring, crop yield forecasting, water resources assessment and river flow forecasting. EARS is providing services and systems in these fields. After implementation in the Yellow River basin, the company has just signed a cooperation agreement to implement the system for flow forecasting and water allocation in the Yangtze.

EDISOFT Holds The Engineering Responsibility In the LSA SAF Project

From 2000, EDISOFT has been holding the engineering responsibility of LSA SAF (Land Surface Analysis Satellite Applications Facility), one of the most prominent remote sensing and satellite ground system projects sponsored by EUMETSAT.

FIFA 2006 Football World Cup stadiums through the eyes of SPOT 5

FIFA 2006 Football World Cup stadiums through the eyes of SPOT 5

Joint article by Tele-Rilevamento Europa and the Universities of Miami and Louisiana on “subsidence and flooding in New Orleans” published in the international scientific journal nature

Tele-Rilevamento Europa (TRE) is pleased to announce that an article on the results obtained from the processing of 33 Radarsat scenes acquired over New Orleans was published in the 1st June issue of the international scientific journal nature.

LogicaCMG Gears up Security for GMES

Simon Cantrell recently joined LogicaCMG UK, and his first role as Project Manager was to kick-off a study looking at End to End Data Security Concepts for GMES.

MFB-GeoConsulting and Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging announce installation of Leica SW-Solutions at UN Operational Programme on Satellite Applications (UNOSAT) Site

Leica Geosystems Geospacial Imaging (LGGI) and MFB-GeoConsulting as there local distributor for Switzerland are pleased to announce the installation of Leica SW-Solutions at UNOSAT Cern Site.

NEO new reseller of aeroGRID aerial photography in the Netherlands

NEO, Netherlands Geomatics & Earth Observation B.V., enters into a partnership with Aerodata International Surveys by signing an aeroGRID® Reseller Agreement.

PARAGE - agricultural land use in the French West Indies and French Guiana: a space-based tool for assessing environmental impacts

Spot image is leading the PARAGE project, funded by the French ministry of agriculture and fisheries. Project partners are IRD, which is lead science organization; CIRAD, and private firm SIGbea.

PCI Geomatics Awarded Certification for CARTOSAT-1 Satellite Image Processing

PCI Geomatics®, a world-leading developer of image-centric software and solutions for the geospatial industry, has achieved complete certification for its flagship software, Geomatica®, to be used for processing data from the CARTOSAT-1 satellite, from the Indian government-contracted ANTRIX Corporation.

RSI is now ITT Visual Information Solutions

We are pleased to announce that as of May 15, 2006 RSI will begin doing business as ITT Visual Information Solutions.


SUPERPOSER has been presented by the LATUV in the 5th European Congress on Regional Geoscientific Cartography and Information Systems held in Barcelona from 13th to 16th June.

Telespazio news

Telespazio recent news

Thales delivers computerised solution for French fire and rescue operations center

The district fire and emergency services (SDIS) covering the French administrative department of Val d’Oise (north of Paris) has implemented a new computerised system from Thales to aid decision-making and manage emergency situations.

Tools for the Integrated Management of Coastal Areas

Spacedat is currently involved in two applied research projects regarding the management of Coastal Areas, one financed by the Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR) and the other by the Province of Lecce – Italy.

VEGA qualifies for Government procurement Functional Consultancy Framework Agreement

Following on from its recent success in ICT Consultancy, independent Programme and System Assurance company, VEGA Group PLC, has now also qualified to provide Procurement Consultancy and Project and Programme Management Consultancy under OGCbuying.solutions’ new Functional Consultancy Catalist Framework.

Earth Observation News

Applications & Developments in Commercial Remote Sensing

A forum for developers and practitioners to gather information on the latest thinking and technology. Part of RSPSoc 2006 – The Annual Conference of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society
Wednesday 6 September 2006 & Thursday 7th September 2006, Fitzwilliam College Cambridge

CyberCity offers 3D city model of Hamburg (Germany) commercially

A collaborative agreement has been signed between the State Office for Geo-Information and Survey (LGV) of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and CyberCity, Zurich to market and improve the massive 3D city model of Hamburg, Germany.

ESA donates mosaic of global images taken by Envisat to United Nations

The European Space Agency donated a composite satellite image of global land cover provided by its Envisat satellite to the United Nations in Geneva, as a testimony to the current state of our planet, to be handed down to future generations.

EUMETSAT celebrates its 20th anniversary

The official programme of events celebrating EUMETSAT’s 20th anniversary kicks off today July 3rd at the 59th Council Meeting, which takes place at the organisation’s Darmstadt headquarters.

European Space Parliamentarians meet in Brussels

Parliamentarians from 10 European countries met earlier this week in Brussels at the 8th European Interparliamentary Space Conference to discuss European space policy. Organised by the 2006 Belgian Presidency, the conference was held at the Belgian Senate in Brussels.

MetOp-A gets green light for 17 July launch date

MetOp-A has successfully completed the first phase of testing at the Baikonur Space Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, confirming the launch date of the first European polar-orbiting satellite dedicated to operational meteorology for 17 July 2006.

OceanSAR 2006

Final Call for Abstracts OceanSAR 2006, the Third Workshop on Coastal and Marine Applications of SAR, will be held in St. John‘s
(Newfoundland, Canada) on October 23-25.

SSTL delivers Beijing-1 EO Satellite

British satellite manufacturer Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has just completed a landmark commercial satellite contract with BLMIT – marking the first attempt to commercialise the data services from Earth observation (EO) satellites.


Bridging the gap between INnovative enterprises and financial inVEstors in the emerging ICT markets of SaTellite applications

INVESaT is a European initiative which aims to bridge the gap between innovative small and medium sized enterprises and financial investors in the emerging markets of satellite Earth observation, navigation, timing, geo-positioning and telecommunications applications.

Fostering competitiveness Europe's ICT industry: Task Force

Fostering the competitiveness of Europe‘s ICT industry: Commission launches Task Force

FP7- 7th Framework Programme

On 6 April the European Commission adopted a proposal for a new EU programme for Research.

Initiative to boost growth of SMEs: EU wants to triple early-stage capital investments

Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can only grow if they have proper access to risk capital. This is not always the case in the EU. To tackle this problem the European Commission has unveiled today a set of measures to help small companies get easier access to external financing so that they can start-up and expand.

NEW International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research

The call for papers for this new peer-reviewed journal is published exclusively on line by DG Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

Outcomes of the European Parliament's INSPIRE second

Ensuring free public access to environmental data
INSPIRE – or Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community – is a Commission proposal aiming to create a system for access to and exchange of spatial information needed to monitor the state of the environment, in particular the quality of air, water, soil and the countryside.

The Bridge between Research and Market

INNOVA‘s mission is transferring technologies from the world of research to industry.