This editorial concerns the changing market and the way in which companies can react to it. But firstly, as we are using data coming from our industry survey a reminder to all EO services companies in Europe that the most recent survey has been launched and we really need your response. The survey is extremely important to inform the European decision makers and support their policy decisions which support the industry. If you have not already completed it, please do so and if you need any more information, contact the EARSC secretariat

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Industry Profile

DRAXIS expands its activities into the field of Earth Observation

Downstream applications for the agricultural sector that make agricultural advisory services accessible, affordable and easy-to-use.

EARSC Activities

AARSE – Private Sector Engagement

Since its inception some 20 years ago, AARSE Conferences were geared to scientific exchange, providing a platform for scientists to present and discuss their work and generally promoting Earth Observation by means of remote sensing tools

Add your voice to the EO industry community in Europe

Joining EARSC is a very efficient way of knowing the status of our industry, getting answers, and being active at defending the development of our business.

ConnectinGEO (Coordinating an Observation Network of Networks EnCompassing satellite and IN-situ to fill the Gaps in European Observations)

After 2 years of intense work, the H2020 CSA ConnectinGEO is finalizing to provide the main outcomes of the project. ConnectinGEO wants to continue some of these activities after the end of the project.

EARSC at the High Level Forum: Space as a Driver for Socio-Economic Sustainable Development

EARSC Vice-Chairman, Giovanni SYLOS LABINI, presented at the First High Level Forum wich was held in Dubai on 20-24 November 2016. This event was organized jointly by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency

EARSC EO Certification Scheme Updates

We are delighted to announce that NQA ltd, one of the largest and most respected certification bodies in Europe and with a global network, is now partnered with EARSC in the implementation of the EARSC Certification Scheme.

EARSC Industry Survey (European and Canadian EO service providers)

EARSC, in partnership with ESA, is updating the industry survey that we conducted every over year to understand the state and health of the EO services industry in Europe. The results of the previous survey can be found at http://earsc.org/news/earsc-eo-industry-survey. Our goal is to analyse the state of the EO Services Industry and to understand the issues that are important for its future.

EOpages update

Over the last weeks, EARSC has been working on an update of the EOPages brokerage site. A key improvement is the introduction of a core function which enables partnering, allowing to look for industrial partners either for collaborative research projects or for competitive tenders, this can be accessed via the eo-market tool

GEO XIII and the Commercial Sector Engagement

EARSC participated in the GEO XIII plenary in St Petersburg.

Launch of EOpages Africa

EOpages Africa is a visualization tool developed by EARSC, giving location, company name and contact details of African private sectors companies working in the field of Earth Observation and Geospatial information sciences.

Workshop: Boosting the market for EO services in the digital economy

The event, organised by EARSC with the support of ESA, will take place on 25 January 2017 from 10:30 to 16:30, at the Royal Library of Belgium.

Member News

Airbus Defence and Space Celebrates Five Years of the First Pléiades Satellite Launch

Five years ago, the very high-resolution satellite Pléiades 1A was launched from the Guiana Space Center, joined by its twin Pléiades 1B a few months later. This was the start of what is known as the Pléiades constellation, which makes it possible to create imagery product of every point of the globe at a 50cm resolution within a few hours and to guarantee a daily revisit, with more than one million km² acquired each day.

Airbus Launches “Enter the SpaceDataHighway” Challenge

12 January 2017 – Transmitting large volumes of data in near real time through space at a rate of 1.8 gigabytes per second based on laser technology since November 23rd, the “SpaceDataHighway” is one of the most ambitious and forward-looking communication systems in operation today.

AnsuR strengthens Disaster Risk Reduction with IGAD/ICPAC

AnsuR strengthens Disaster Risk Reduction with IGAD/ICPAC AnsuR Technologies is proud to have won a contract for IGAD (The Intergovernmental Authority on Development) to strengthening the capacity and awareness of IGAD member states in the use of geospatial technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

BOREADES: an operational French system to detect & neutralize malicious drones flights

BOREADES is the first French integrated systems targeting illegal drones, developed by CS Communication & Systèmes. It addresses the need expressed by the SGDSN in the framework of the project funded by the ANR (French National Research Agency)

Copernicus Masters announces winner of Astrosat’s End to End challenge

(21 November 2016)After consistent wins at the Copernicus Masters – one of Europe’s most prestigious and lucrative competitions in the field of Earth Observation (EO) – Edinburgh-based space services and management company Astrosat has set the challenge this year.

COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation (CSG): the program completion contract has been signed

Rome, November 8, 2016 – Thales Alenia Space, the joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo-Finmeccanica (33%), announced today that it has signed an amendment to the original contract for the COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation (CSG) program with Italian space agency ASI. Worth 77 million euros, this contract is vital, since it covers the remaining operations to complete the program. Thales Alenia Space Italy will receive 66 million euros of the total, while space services affiliate Telespazio will receive 11 million euros.

Deimos Engenharia selected by EMSA for RPAS pollution monitoring

(12/01/2017) Deimos Engenharia has been selected by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) for the provision of RPAS-based pollution monitoring services

DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 are now part of ESA’s Third Party Missions

The Spanish satellites DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 are now available for scientific research and application development projects, as part of the European Space Agency’s Third Party Missions programme.

Earth-i announces a major contract award from the Government of Queensland, Australia

Earth-i, the innovative British distributor of Earth Observation and information services, announced today that it has been awarded the contract to supply the government of the state of Queensland, Australia with very high resolution optical imagery of the entire state.

Earth-i has Quality at the Heart of Operations

Earth-i, the innovative British distributor of earth observation imagery and services, understands that the buyers and users of remote sensing imagery need to have confidence in their suppliers.

Elecnor Deimos receives new quality and environmental management certifications

Elecnor Deimos commitment to quality and continuous improvement has been recognized with new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, which correspond with the latest versions of these standards.

Environment Agency chooses CGI for 3-year contract to design and deliver England’s new Future Flood Forecasting System

(London, United Kingdom, 10 January 2017) New System to help Environment Agency deliver a step change in flood forecasting capability to a simpler, more resilient and more efficient service

European Space Imaging reached again 100% collection success with VHR data supply to European Commission’s CwRS Campaign

(Munich, 16/11/16) European Space Imaging (EUSI) completed the 2015 Controls with Remote Sensing (CwRS) program for the European Commission (EC) with 100 % success rate. The Munich-based company collected and supplied very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery over nearly half a million square kilometers and demonstrated again its capacity and reliability as Europe’s leading VHR data provider.

GAF to implement its eMC+ electronic Mining Cadastre in Niger

(Munich, October 31, 2016) GAF AG is pleased to announce the award of a contract to support the Ministry of Mines and Industry in Niamey in establishing a new computerised mining cadastre and registry system in Niger.

GAF, GeoVille, SIRS and e-GEOS contracted by the European Environment Agency to implement the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service ‹ High Resolution Layers 2015

(Munich, December 14, 2016) The European Environment Agency (EEA) has recently contracted GAF AG and its international partners to implement the update of the Copernicus High Resolution Layers (HRLs) Imperviousness, Forest, Grassland, Water/Wetness and Small Woody Features in the frame of the continental component of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS).

Geomatrix at the Copernicus Accelerator Bootcamp event

(11/22/2016) Following the 2016 Copernicus Masters competition, GEOMATRIX UAB was selected for the first Copernicus Accelerator Bootcamp event along with the other 40 SMEs developing innovative Gallileo/ Copernicus products and services.

GISAT serves Inter-American Development Bank

The ESA-funded project the Expansion of EO Uptake in Developing Countries (EODAT) aims to demonstrate the benefits of EO technology as an operational support tool for MDBs/IFIs project planning, implementation and monitoring.

Kahramaa calls upon VITO to monitor and safeguard the water quality in water storage reservoirs in Qatar

(14/12/2016) Qatar is almost completely dependent on desalination for its drinking water supply. Today Qatar has a rather limited storage capacity, in case the desalination system fails. Through the construction of megareservoirs they want to increase storage capacity and thus water security.

KSAT and SKY perfect JSAT enters strategic alliance in ASIA-Pacific Region

(08.12.2016) Kongsberg Satellite Services, the world-leading ground station services provider for LEO Satellite and maritime situational awareness services, and SKY Perfect JSAT have entered into a Strategic Alliance to accelerate LEO-related businesses maritime information service in the Asia-Pacific Region

Mitigating the risk with InSAR: the success of Ville de Dax

Barcelona, 21 December 2016. Mitigating the risk for neighbouring structures and contributing to urban management with InSAR: the success of Ville de Dax.

Navigating the complexities of ordering satellite imagery

An important task for Geocento in acting as an independent provider of satellite imagery has been in helping users to navigate some of the complexities of ordering imagery. The good news is that competition within the market is putting pressure on suppliers to make ordering and access much easier, and the benefits of this are starting to be seen, but in the meantime, it is worthwhile explaining some of the requirements that must be addressed by you, as a user, particularly in relation to the more traditional suppliers. Here are some of the key ones:

NextGEOSS led by DEIMOS Portugal is selected by the European Commission as the hub for Earth Observation data

The NextGEOSS project has been selected by the European Commission to provide the European hub for EO data distribution. NextGEOSS (Next Generation GEOSS for Business & Innovation) will be the European contribution to the global system being put in place by GEO, providing access to a large number of data sources, including the Sentinel satellites, Copernicus core services and others. It will implement a federated data hub for access and exploitation of Earth Observation data, including tools for data-mining, discovery and exploitation. The NextGEOSS concept revolves around providing the data and resources to the users’ communities, together with Cloud resources, seamlessly connected to provide an integrated ecosystem for supporting applications.

Northstar: a Canadian commercial venture opening new markets for geospatial services

(22 November 2016) The NorthStar system is revolutionary both in its hyperspectral data acquisition capabilities and in its capacity for real-time information delivery via advanced software analytics.

PCI Geomatics Announces Collaboration with Deimos Imaging to Support the PanGeo Alliance

MARKHAM, Ontario, Canada – January 10, 2017: PCI Geomatics, a world leading developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced today it will be collaborating closely with Deimos Imaging to support the PanGeo Alliance.

Pixalytics blogs: is the UK Space Industry in good health?

Dec 2016 © Pixalytics. The UK Space Agency issued its latest report on the Size and Health of the UK Space Industry, covering 2013/14 and 2014/15. There are a number of eye-catching headlines, but this broad-brush approach means that there are a lot of unanswered questions within the granularity of the report.

Pixalytics blogs: Space Strategy For Europe

© Pixalytics. A Space Strategy for Europe was issued last week by the European Commission (EC), based around four strategic goals.

PlanetSAT 15 global imagery basemap is displayed in many planetariums across the world

RSA Cosmos, planetarium designer, takes advantage of PlanetObserver satellite imagery to enrich its Space and Earth simulation software SkyExplorer.

PlanetSAT satellite imagery seen by millions of web users in Mappy webmapping service

Mappy, the second most used webmapping service in France after Google Maps, includes PlanetSAT 15 global imagery basemap from PlanetObserver

ReSAC and partners in mapping of grassland ecosystems and their ecosystem services in Bulgaria

ReSAC together with partners from Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem research (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Biosphere Consult and Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds, are finalizing the project “Assessment and mapping of GRASSLAND ecosystems condition and their services in Bulgaria, Contr. Д-33-90/03.09.2015”. The project duration is 19 months and started in Aug. 2015. The projects is financed by Program BG03 “Biodiversity and Ecosystems” and co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM 2009-2014)

San Francisco Millenium Tower: InSAR results by TRE ALTAMIRA

Vancouver, 5 December 2016. TRE ALTAMIRA has processed 7 years of TerraSAR-X data to measure movement on and around the Millennium Tower in San Francisco.

Sentinel-1 use case: monitoring refugee camps thanks to coherence map

Geo4i company, specialized in geospatial analysis, is using coherence map to highlight interest activities.

SERTIT is celebrating its 30th birthday and integration with ICube Laboratory, University of Strasbourg

News flash! On the 30/03/2017 ICube-SERTIT will celebrate its 30th birthday.

Spacemetric in exercise with Sky Eye Innovations and Swedish Rescue Services

(October 2016) Spacemetric in exercise with Sky Eye Innovations and Swedish Rescue Services

Stratification of the LUCAS 2018 Master Grid

(14/11/2016) space4environment part of consortium to implement new Eurostat LUCAS Master Grid

Sustainable development and anthropogenic induced geomorphic hazards in subsiding areas. EUROSENSE analysed and quantified the major deformations of an industrial dike.

In many areas of the world, subsidence related to the lowering of the water table is modifying the landscape and provoking costly environmental hazards. Major deformations of an industrial dike were analysed and quantified.

The first Copernicus Market Report has been released

The recently released Copernicus Market Report, prepared by the European Commission and PwC, shows how the Copernicus programme, launched barely three years ago, is already generating economic value and will keep on increasing benefits for the space industry, the downstream sector and for society.

The increasing potential of data-driven precision agriculture

APOLLO aims to bring the benefits of precision agriculture to farmers through affordable information services, making extensive use of free and open Earth Observation data.

The State Space Agency of Ukraine and Elecnor Deimos Sign an Agreement for Cooperation in Space Projects

On the occasion of the visit of a Ukrainian delegation to Elecnor Deimos facilities in Spain last week, the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU) and Elecnor Deimos signed a Memorandum of Understanding intended to promote cooperation in space projects. The Ukrainian delegation, including representatives from SSAU, the company Yuzhnoye SDO and the State Foreign Trade Enterprise (STE), was led by the Deputy Chairman of SSAU, Mr. Volodymyr Mikheiev.

The Vendée Globe a race under high satellite surveillance.

The Vendée Globe is the only solo, non-stop, without assistance sailboat race around the world.

TRE ALTAMIRA on TunnelTalk.com: “Satellite solutions for tunnelling challenges”

Barcelona, 15 December 2016. A new article by TRE ALTAMIRA published on TunneTalk.com to illustrate the benefits of our satellite technology for the tunnelling industry.

UAE -Norwegian partnership ensures cutting-edge services for the Arabian Gulf

(05.12.2016) Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) and Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) have joined forces to provide industry leading Maritime Monitoring services to end users in, and around the Arabian Gulf. The combination of 20 years operational experience and unmatched local expertise will be a significant contribution to Maritime Domain Awareness in the region.

Watch out, founders: KATANA provides innovative ideas in 1.2 million for € agrifood

As of 1 December 2016, the EU-funded business accelerator KATANA is searching for ambitious entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs with a great vision for the future of agribusiness.

“Farmstar” Enriches its Offer With New Recommendations

“Farmstar”, a service of Airbus Defence and Space and ARVALIS – Institut du végétal for precision farming based on satellite information, has been further improved: new images acquired by the SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellites will make it possible to issue intra-field recommendations for areas as small as 1 hectare.

Earth Observation News

11th GEO European Projects Workshop

We are pleased to announce that the 11th GEO European Projects Workshop will take place from 19th to 21st June 2017 in Helsinki.

Access Planet Imagery for Natural Disaster Response at planet.com/disasterdata

(November 29, 2016 News by Andrew Zolli) In the hours, days and weeks following a natural disaster, critical questions loom: How extensive is the damage? Where are people and infrastructure most affected? Where should scarce response resources be deployed to save lives, reduce suffering and protect property?

Best Practices for Innovation 2016 awarded to Rheticus® Displacement

The geoinformation service Rheticus® Displacement developed by Planetek Italia has been awarded at the 10th edition of Premio Best Practices per l’innovazione (Best Practices for Innovation 2016), held in Salerno, Italy on December 1st – 2nd, 2016.

Big Data Help Harvesting More

The German Ministry of Food and Agriculture is funding project “BigPicture – Diagnosis in the field: Big-Data-based determination of causes for satellite-image-derived and site-specific variations” carried out jointly by rasdaman GmbH, Bremen, and Spatial Business Integration GmbH, Darmstadt. Goal is helping farmers to optimize returns and to protect the environment through innovative Big Data technology.

Capella Space's Cubsat Gets the Entire SAR Image Even Through Darkness and Clouds

Many space startups are vying to take the place of the world’s governments as the pre-eminent operators of imaging satellites, but this one has a unique scheme to take advantage of orbital radar.

China High-resolution satellites begin operation

China’s first commercial high-resolution Earth observation satellite network has begun to operate, its developer said.

Cloud-Based Weather Network Launched

(December 16, 2016 by George Leopold) Access to huge volumes of weather data—volumes that will likely soar after the November launch of the U.S. GOES-R weather satellite—has been limited to a few users at great expense.

CNES Commits Satellites to Cut Back on Climate Change

[By Juliet Van Wagenen. Via Satellite 01-12-2016] France’s government space agency, the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) has signed a framework agreement with the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Maritime Affairs (MEEM) with the aim to develop new space systems and applications, notably in the fields of climate monitoring and mobility.

Digging Into The Accuracy Of Satellite Surveying Results In PhotoSat Report

PhotoSat has announced the publication of 21 new satellite surveying accuracy studies on their website—these studies include data from seven different stereo satellite systems, with the best results showing elevation surveying accuracies of better than 15 cm.

DigitalGlobe’s SpaceNet Challenge Concludes First Round, Moves to Higher Resolution Challenges

(By Juliet Van Wagenen | January 10, 2017) DigitalGlobe announced the results of the first SpaceNet Challenge, which will release openly licensed satellite imagery of Rio de Janeiro taken from the WorldView 2 satellite at 50cm Ground Sample Distance (GSD) using eight spectral bands.

Earth Observation Analysis Service powered by SAP HANA®

Munich RE Taps Massive ESA Satellite Data to Insure Organizations from Natural Disasters

Ecometrica awarded £14.2m rainforest monitoring contract

By Scott McCulloch. Edinburgh-based environment mapping firm awarded the contract from the UK Space Agency’s recently launched International Partnership Programme

ESA Sentinel App Season Update!

A new update of the ESA Sentinel App is coming up! The latest changes have brought us the acquisition plans and swath animations for Sentinel-1A, Sentinel-1B and Sentinel-2A, a powerful visualization of Sentinel product availability on the geographic and temporal dimensions, the highlights of the Sentinel-1 mission achievements and even a more complete picture of the satellite surroundings in the 3D model section, with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the stars now visible.

Eurisy's "Satellites going local” 5th edition - a collection of good practices - NOW available

The latest instalment of our handbook covers user testimonials and business cases from agriculture, environment, risk management, logistics and tourism, to name a few.

EURISY: Satellite applications in the Alpine space: take-up success factors

(December 2016) Conclusions from “Satellite Applications for the Alps” event held in Berchtesgaden, Germany on 27 Oct. 2016.

European Commission "Business Beyond Borders" initiative: International matchmaking opportunities for EO companies!

Business Beyond Borders is a new initiative funded by the European Commission with the objective to help EU businesses, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Clusters, to operate internationally.

exactEarth to Provide AIS Services to MDA for the DND’s Polar Epsilon 2 Project

(CAMBRIDGE, ON, Nov 2, 2016) – exactEarth Ltd. (TSX: XCT), the leading provider of Satellite AIS data services, announces that it has been awarded a four-year $2.7 million (including taxes) contract by MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) to provide AIS data processing services for the Canadian Department of National Defence’s (DND) Polar Epsilon 2 (PE2) project. The PE2 project is a national initiative that will combine radar and AIS data from the RADARSAT Constellation Mission to provide enhanced maritime domain awareness that will identify, detect and track vessels in Canada’s maritime approaches and support Canadian Armed Forces at home and abroad.

Fish farms guided by Sentinels and the Cloud

(21 October 2016) A new service harnesses three decades of satellite observations of coastal zones made available through a cloud-based system to provide a rich information source for fisheries, one of our fastest growing sources of food.

GEO-CRADLE Regional Workshop

We cordially invite you to participate in the Regional Workshop of the GEO-CRADLE Horizon2020 project (www.geocradle.eu – Coordinating and integRating state-of-the-art Earth Observation Activities in the regions of North Africa, Middle East, and Balkans and Developing Links with GEO related initiatives towards GEOSS), with guest speakers Dr Haris Kontoes (Project Coordinator), and Dr Hesham El Askary (Chapman University, USA). The event is jointly organized by the Project Coordinator National Observatory of Athens and the Geography and Urban Planning Department at UAEU.

GEO-CRADLE networking event, 03/01/2017, Chişinău, Moldova

Organised by the National Observatory of Athens, GEO-CRADLE Project Coordinator and kindly hosted by the State Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Moldova.

Geospatial information and earth observations can support SDGs

By Geospatial World – October 11, 2016

Helping Facebook connect the world with deep learning

Facebook Connectivity Lab is leveraging DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data (GBDX) initiative

INNOspace Masters Competition 2017

Successful ideas competition INNOspace Masters enters the second round.
The INNOspace Masters ideas competition is officially launched at the cross-industry INNOspace symposium in Augsburg on 6 October. Innovative ideas and solutions can be submitted for the next space generation from 14 November 2016 until 13 February 2017.

ISRO Releases First Day Images of RESOURCESAT-2A

RESOURCESAT-2A is a Remote Sensing satellite intended for resource monitoring. RESOURCESAT-2A was launched successfully by PSLV-C36 / on December 07, 2016 at 10:25 hrs (IST) from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota.

ISRO to launch record 83 satellites in one go in January

BENGALURU: ISRO today said it would launch a record 83 satellites in one go using its workhorse PSLV-C37 toward the end of January.

Malta EU presidency ready to take on challenges of world’s oceans

(Written by Pierre Bahurel on 29 December 2016 in Thought Leader) 2017 is set to be Malta’s year for the oceans, explains Pierre Bahurel.

Meet the Copernicus Relays

More than 60 organisations have applied to become part of the growing family of Copernicus ambassadors across Europe. The Commission’s objective is to engage with national, regional and local stakeholders for Copernicus user uptake through the creation of a Network of Copernicus helpdesks/information points called the Copernicus Relays.

New Interactive Tool Unleashes ‘Goldmine’ of Drought And Flooding Data

A new tool provides easy access to information about water in lakes, rivers and coastal areas around the world based on millions of satellite images

New marine data and products from the Copernicus Sentinel-3A satellite are being distributed simultaneously to African and European users.

Monday, 19 December 2016. The new information on Sea Surface Height, Ocean Colour and Sea Surface Temperature, disseminated via EUMETCast, EUMETSAT’s flexible data dissemination system, will ensure improved management of fishing zones and security for fishermen at sea as well as the forecast of harmful algae bloom and coastal protection.

Role of Earth Observation Satellites in Counter-Infiltration

(India, 30 Dec 2016) The declared use made of earth observation satellites (Cartosat Series) for facilitating the surgical strikes conducted across the Line of Control (LoC) in September 2016 represents a new precedent. India’s proactive action caught the infiltrators as well as the supporting Pakistani establishment by surprise, in both military and policy terms. However, with no subsequent change in the Pakistani establishment’s strategy of sponsoring and facilitating cross-border terrorism, sealing the Western border is being seen as the next counter step. The Home Minister has announced the government’s intent to seal the border by 2018.

Satellite cousins have ice covered

Although not designed to deliver information on ice, ESA’s Earth Explorer SMOS satellite can detect thin sea-ice. Since its cousin, CryoSat, is better at measuring thicker ice scientists have found a way of using these missions together to yield an even clearer picture of the changing Arctic.

Satellites Chronicle Forest Loss in Cambodia

Between 2001 and 2014, the annual forest loss rate in Cambodia increased by 14.4 percent: a total of 1.44 million hectares—5,560 square miles—of forest.

Satellites help improve Australian tree crop management

Orchardists could soon benefit from space age technologies and increase farm productivity in terms of yield and management efficiencies.

SEDAS users set to benefit from availability of Sentinel-2 data through platform

(14 November 2016) Following the recent launch of the new Sentinel Data Access Service, Sentinel-2 data is now available through the online data hub, providing users with invaluable new data.

Sharing EO satellite data to help understand our planet

(1 December 2016) Since the launch of the first Earth-observing satellites in the 1970s, numerous missions from international space organisations have taken to the sky. Today, decades of data are helping scientists to build a better picture of changes to our planet.

Space Placements in INdustry (SPIN) scheme

The Space Placements in INdustry scheme (SPIN) has been designed to provide an introductory link for those considering employment in the space sector and space sector organisations looking to find the most talented and enthusiastic people to ensure the future success of their businesses.

Tapping the Potential of More Automated Satellite Imagery

On Nov. 14, 2016, the SpaceNet Challenge competition kicked off. Its goal is to advance the development of machine learning and deep learning algorithms that enable new applications in automated and more accurate mapping, and also to exploit a large corpus of satellite imagery for intelligence that can contribute to new technologies like automated vehicles.

What’s Ecopotential about? Discover it fast and easy with our video!

Let’s be honest, scientific research projects can sometimes be difficult to understand and explain to those around you.


NRSC’s 17 million GB data can be used by many aiming to launch app-based start-ups

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is luring young entrepreneurs to utilise massive amounts of geo-spatial data procured through its series of earth-mapping satellites to launch start-ups and earn in millions in the years to come via consultative services to respective users.

1 st GEOSS Portal User Demo – Virtual Workshop (26th January 2017)

Accessing information from the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) has never been easier. The enhanced GEOSS Portal, the first time unveiled at GEO’s Thirteenth Plenary, is becoming more and more user-centric, better responding to their actual needs and continuously being updated to evolving requirements.

Copernicus Academy Network: a cornerstone to build skills for sustainability, growth and jobserstone to build skills for sustainability, growth and jobs

Back in the 15th century, the region of Silesia had a thriving copper mining industry and the ore inspired the names of many things in the area, including surnames. A genius born in a small village of Silesia carried his surname into fame as his ideas changed the world. The man was Nicolaus Copernicus. It is remarkable to think that a man who lived in a world where people couldn’t even dream of space travel restructured the model of the universe using the sheer power of his imagination.

Copernicus in Action: 70 Applications for the User Uptake of Europe's EO Programme

The first ESA hardcover book on Earth observation (EO) dedicated to Copernicus idea competitions, in partnership with AZO, is now also available online.

ESA and Asian Development Bank join forces

(9 November 2016) ESA and the Asian Development Bank have signed an agreement to collaborate over the next five years to use information from space to support sustainable development.

First colour image for joint UK and Algerian CubeSat

AlSat Nano, a UK-Algeria CubeSat mission, has captured its first full colour image following its launch in September 2016.

Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site

The Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site that is operated by the Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Space Applications, and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) and powered by the GRNET S.A. (Greek Research and Technology Network), is entering a new era making one step forward towards the recommended architecture for the Copernicus GS, the so-called “Copernicus Integrated Ground Segment Data Access”.

High Level Group on maximising impact of EU Research and Innovation Programmes

The European Commission has set up a High Level Group of experts who will advise on how to maximise the impact of the EU’s investment in research and innovation. The group will be chaired by Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute.

Mapping long-term global surface water occurrence

In an article published in Nature on 7 December 2016, JRC scientists describe how, in collaboration with Google, they have quantified changes in global surface waters and created interactive maps which highlight the changes in the Earth’s surface water over the past 32 years.

Refurbished GEOSS portal now online

(11 November 2016) This follows the declaration made at the Group on Earth Observations’ (GEO’s) Mexico Ministerial Summit in November last year, in which the GEONETCast partners – EUMETSAT, the US’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA ) and the China Meteorological Administration (CMA ) – committed to continue for the next 10 years.

Sustainable Development: EU sets out its priorities

(Strasbourg, 22 November 2016) Today, the European Commission is setting out a strategic approach for achieving sustainable development in Europe and around the world.