This quarter, I turn again to Copernicus. Recently, we published an EARSC position paper looking at the industry prospects to participate in the supply of the Copernicus services. Overall, Copernicus presents a unique opportunity for the European industry to develop its business by leveraging the public investment in the programme hence creating jobs and economic growth but a number of concerns on the procurement process have been expressed by the industry which we have captured in our paper.
We consider that the key to success is an appropriate participation of industry in the supply of the services and to maintain a strong competitive environment. But, for this to happen, a number of conditions will need to be met which are discussed in our paper. Both of these objectives unfortunately seem to be at risk with the current approach.

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Interview with 2014 EARSC Company Award winner, Christian Hoffmann, Managing Director GeoVille GmbH

As EARSC celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2014, we felt that this important occasion should be marked with a new initiative. We decided to introduce an award for the EO services company of the year. This would go to the company recognised by both its peers and international experts as having made a significant contribution to the growth of the EO services sector in Europe.

We were delighted that the EARSC members voting and the international experts both selected GeoVille as the first winner and that Christian Hoffmann – owner and founder of GeoVille – has agreed to give the interview for this edition of eomag.

Industry Profile

Regio / Reach-U

We are inspired by unleashing hidden possibilities embedded into location information. This is increasingly important in the world that wants to seek and know more and more.

We aim to become a premium provider of location-based solutions in the Eastern Hemisphere for telecom, transport and infrastructure sectors.

EARSC Activities

EARSC Networking event

was held on 25 September 2014 in Brussels with some 40 attendees. The EARSC event was an occasion to find partners to work together in the next round of H2020 calls.

EARSC Views on the Procurement of the Copernicus Services

The Copernicus programme has the defined goal to generate economic growth and jobs in the European, EO services, downstream sector. This will require efforts to ensure that European industry is well-placed firstly to deliver the Copernicus Services1, so gathering the appropriate skills and competences, and secondly to exploit these in new markets for commercial and export customers.


The EO wiki is a website whose users can add, modify or delete its content, depending on their rights. It is part of the EO Portal devoted to applications and everything about the products and services offered by the EO services industries.

OGEOzine n.5

The OGEO newsletter, Q2 2014

OGP’s EO Subcommittee Workshop including EARSC certification workshop (19 Nov 2014, London)

In many industries, the use of common standards benefits both the suppliers and the purchasers of products. The Oil & Gas and EO Service industries are no exceptions and this workshop seeks to look at the status of standards for geospatial information products supporting the Oil and Gas industry and how this applies particularly to the use of EO geospatial services throughout the sector.

Member News

GIM Success Story: New UNESCO world heritage thanks to remote sensing and 4D GIS technology

The tropical rain forests round the sprawling Maya site of Calakmul (Mexico) was recognised as natural world heritage site at the UNESCO summit held in Qatar in June. Calakmul joined the select circle of places that can call themselves “mixed cultural and natural world heritage” sites. This new recognition was made possible thanks to an advanced information system for heritage sites, made in Belgium.

Airbus Defence and Space and Exelis Partner to Provide ENVI Users Integrated Access to Imagery and Services

Airbus Defence and Space and Exelis are teaming up to provide users of ENVI image analysis software an exclusive, limited time voucher offer for new imagery as well as easy access to the Airbus Defence and Space imagery archive through an application programming interface (API) plug-in integrated within Exelis’ ENVI software. The partnership between Airbus Defence and Space and Exelis helps to expand the network that makes imagery easily accessible to GIS (Geographic Information System) users.

bavAIRia and partners to start the obsAIRveYourBusiness project

Germany, September 18, 2014: The obsAIRveYourBusiness project, funded by the European Commission (EC) will be started by bavAIRia and its partners GAF AG, DLR and Regio Augsburg Wirtschaft from Germany, Airparif from France, and the research networks CORILA and INNOVA from Italy.

ChinaRS and CloudEO Signed Cooperation Agreement: The New Global Force in the Geo Market

Munich / Tianjin 24 September 2014 – ChinaRS Geoinformatics Co., Ltd. (ChinaRS) is partnering with CloudEO AG the provider of a unique geo collaboration platform. Objective of this cooperation is the worldwide provision of complementary geo data, software and services on a pay-per-use or revenue sharing basis. On September 5th the cooperation agreement was signed in Tianjin, China.

DEIMOS-2 enters Operational Phase

DEIMOS-2, the first Spanish very-high resolution satellite and the highest-resolution fully private satellite in Europe, was launched last June. It has now successfully completed its in-orbit commissioning and it is entering the operational and commercial phase of its mission. DEIMOS-2 acquires panchromatic and 4-band multispectral images over a 12-km swath, producing pan-sharpened or stereo images with a resolution of 75 cm. DEIMOS-2 will declare Initial Operational Capability in November 2014 and will enter into Full Operational Capability in January 2015, marking the start of full-fledged, 24/7 commercial service.

Earth-observation technology helps to rescue immigrants in distress on the sea

On 17 September, 38 sub-Saharan immigrants, including three babies and eight women, were rescued from a boat adrift on the high seas to the south of Motril (Granada, Spain). According to Salvamento Marítimo (The Maritime Rescue Service) the search for the boat was “complicated” due to the huge area to be scanned. Nonetheless the SAGRES program, used in conjunction with satellite images, was decisive in finding the tiny boat with the immigrants in distress.

EO investment & data/ services demand EO demand expected to be driven by emerging markets

Opportunities remain in the EO market for manufacture and data export; short-term growth for commercial data driven by defense, enterprise markets also faster emerging.

exactEarth receives $19.2M AIS data contract from the Government of Canada

Cambridge, ON- September 30th, 2014—exactEarth today announced that it has been awarded a C$19.2 million contract by the Government of Canada to provide extensive advanced Satellite AIS data services.

GAF AG and partners contracted to map European Riparian Zones

A European consortium headed by GAF AG has been contracted by the European Environment Agency (EEA) to implement the latest element of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service’s Local Component: the Riparian Zones Project.

Geoint: of the people, by the people, for the people

Crowdsourcing satellite imagery for big geoint represents a new and powerful tool for those addressing questions such as how many people are affected by the conflict in South Sudan? What is the extent of damage caused by the revolution in Syria? Where should the US Navy focus its search for malasian Airlines Flight 370?

Gisat has won national CwRS tender for the control of agricultural subsidies.

Gisat has been contracted by the Czech State Agricultural Intervention Fund to deliver services related to remote sensing control of agricultural subsidies in the Czech Republic in 2014.

Gisat is mapping South Asian cities

Gisat has been awarded as one of the EO information service providers within the joint ESA and World Bank initiative EOWORLD2.

Global Land Carbon Intelligence - New Forest Land Classification Data Set Launched

British satellite imaging company DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) today announced the completion of its Flagship project to develop a global system using Earth Observation (EO) satellite data to measure land carbon storage and how it changes over time.

Kongsberg Spacetec Newsletter

(September newsletter)

KSAT launches ground station network for the smallsat market

(August 2014) The innovative KSAT light network has been developed primarily for the rapidly emerging smallsat market. Offering significantly reduced service prices, the new network still retains the market leading characteristics of the existing higher specification KSAT large antenna network:

KSAT signs new Reseller Agreement with Digital Globe and EUSI

(September 2014) A new Reseller Agreement was signed with Digital Globe, Inc. (DG) and European Space Imaging, GmbH (EUSI), granting KSAT access to all their earth observation satellites.

Land Status and Use Monitoring to be Conducted on the Russky Island

ScanEx RDC will perform monitoring of the condition and use of land on the Russky Island by the request of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography. Activities execution date is November 1, 2014.

Near real-time sea turbidity satellite monitoring

Satellite remote sensing may support the monitoring of water quality during dredging activities for the installation of new off-shore infrastructures.

PanGeo, the First Global Alliance of Earth Observation Satellites Operators

The PanGeo Alliance, announced in September in Paris, is the first global alliance of Earth Observation satellite operators. With four members, the Alliance provides access to imagery and tasking opportunities from a unique and growing fleet of Earth Observation satellites, providing multispectral imagery in a range of resolutions (from 20m to 75cm per pixel), and a daily global imaging capability. All PanGeo Alliance members can provide access to the full products portfolio of the whole satellite fleet, so that customers can benefit from a global network of resellers and a unified access point to new tasking and archive imagery.

Public release of the WOIS

GeoVille is pleased to ANNOUNCE THE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THE Water Observation and Information System (WOIS) which can be downloaded after registration here

Putting the Space into Logistics

Providers of logistics services face a lot of challenges: fierce competition, relentless cost pressures, ever-increasing energy prices, stringent emissions legislation and the requirement for accurately-measured carbon footprints.

Satellite Imagery Company DMCii Invests in Data Centre

DMC International Imaging (DMCii), a global provider of satellite imagery products and services, has made major improvements to its data centre, involving a full internal upgrade of processing systems. Over five billion square kilometres of data, the equivalent of ten times the Earth’s surface, is under management in DMCii’s new virtualised environment.

Earth Observation News

'G-tech is an economic growth driver in Germany’

Geospatial technology is widely used across the length and breadth of various sectors in Germany. Dr Peter Volk, CEO, GAF, a European provider for earth observation and geoinformation solutions, talks about the company’s projects and future directions

Azerbaijan and Airbus deal for SPOT 7 data in final phase

(September 2014) Azerbaijan: Negotiations between Azerbaijan’s Space Agency Azercosmos and the French Airbus Defense and Space on the transfer of control of LEO satellite SPOT-7 is in its final stage, Communications and High Technologies Minister Ali Abbasov informed media.

Counting Crows — And More

UC Santa Barbara’s NCEAS is participates in an environmental science data project funded by the National Science Foundation – See more at: http://www.news.ucsb.edu/2014/014434/data-intensive-science-single-click#sthash.x20XxVyy.dpuf

Cryosat unveils secrets of the deep

(3 October 2014) ESA’s ice mission has been used to create a new gravity map, exposing thousands of previously unchartered ‘seamounts’, ridges and deep ocean structures.

Cutting costs in aerial surveying by combining LiDAR and hyperspectral

Each and every aerial survey company is constantly put under pressure by both its customers and competitors to downsize the costs of survey projects.

Defence Geospatial Intelligence Conference

19th -21st January 2015 | QEII Conference Centre, London

e-geos interview: Marcello Maranesi

© GeospatialWorld, September 2014. The earth observation industry is becoming more user-driven. Marcello Maranesi, CEO, e-GEOS discusses how his company has moved from data acquisition and supply business to value-added products and services.

EIAST joins Global Alliance of Earth Observation satellite operators

DUBAI: The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) announced that it has joined PanGeo, the first Global Alliance of Earth Observation satellite operators.

European Commission Backs Reallocation of C-band Spectrum to Terrestrial Broadband

© Spacenews (By Peter B. de Selding | Oct. 9, 2014-UPDATED Oct. 13 at 12:38 p.m. EDT)

Exciting Times for space tech in Germany

©geospatialworld, Oct 2014. The German Remote Sensing Data Center aims to ensure global earth observation at high temporal and spatial resolution, and to contribute to an understanding of global change processes. Prof. Dr. Stefan Dech, Director, DLR, German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD), explains how DFD will contribute to national and European earth observation missions

Exprodat Supports Small Charity Big Achiever, Map Action

Exprodat, the oil and gas GIS services, software and training supplier, understands that providing an environment where the best industry talent wants to work takes more than just concentrating on what happens during the working day. Staff will have outside interests and commitments that are important to them and of benefit to others.

French firm to launch Indian earth observation satellite, move to boost gathering of intel

French space company Arianespace is scheduled to launch an Indian earth observation satellite (EOS) on December 4. It would contain an Electronic Intelligence System (ELINT) package that will boost New Delhi’s capability to collect strategic intelligence in the neighbourhood.

Gaofen-2 EO satellite releases first imagery

Chinese space authorities have released the first imagery captured by Gaofen-2, the country’s most advanced earth observation satellite so far. Gaofen-2, which was launched on 19 August, can render images with a ground sampling distance of 80 centimetres in panchromatic mode and 3.2 metres in multispectral mode.

HySpecIQ Closes Initial Funding Round And Places Order For Two Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Satellites

(15 Sept 2014) HySpecIQ, LLC of Washington DC has closed its initial funding round and placed an order with The Boeing Company for two hyperspectral remote sensing satellites. The company will be the first commercial provider of high-resolution hyperspectral information from space.

INTERGEO 2014 – The Geo Industry is Ready for a Networked World

BERLIN, Oct. 9, 2014—INTERGEO 2014 in Berlin has clearly demonstrated that the industry really has secured its place in the digital, networked world. Geoinformation has evolved from a specialist niche and is becoming part of mainstream IT. The trade show focuses on products and applications in a digital world. The geoinformation industry is being, and will continue to be, shaped by applications that address important social issues. INTERGEO reflects these issues.

International Climate Symposium 2014 + World's Leading Experts On Climate Challenges

[SatNews] This week, nearly 500 climate experts, policy makers and representatives from space agencies and industry will join in the debate to identify how observations from current and future satellites will address the grand research challenges identified by the World Climate Research Program (WCRP).

Japanese weather satellite set to launch first Exelis advanced imager

(6 October 2014) The Exelis-built Advanced Himawari Imager (AHI) will launch Oct. 7 on board a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation weather satellite, Himawari-8, improving weather forecasts and early warnings for severe weather in Eastern Asia and Western Pacific.

Landsat and Water: Using Space to Advance Resource Solutions

(by Jon Campbell, directionsmag) A recent White House-led assessment found that Landsat is among the Nation’s most critical Earth observing systems, second only to GPS and weather. A new USGS study, Landsat and Water — Case Studies of the Uses and Benefits of Landsat Imagery in Water Resources, provides examples of why Landsat is so valuable

MDA receives IEEE Engineering Milestone Award

RICHMOND, BC, Oct. 9, 2014 /CNW/ – MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (“MDA” or the “Company”) (TSX:MDA) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) today announced that the first use of a digital processor to reconstruct an image from Seasat, the first civilian spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite, has been recognized as an IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing.

MDA to provide direct access ground station solution for DigitalGlobe satellites

(23 September 2014) MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) has been awarded a contract from DigitalGlobe to provide a ground station solution to an international customer to receive and process imagery and data directly from DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-1, WorldView-2, and WorldView-3 satellites.

Merger of OHB System AG and Erwin Kayser-Threde GmbH now completed

Bremen/Munich, September 1, 2014. OHB System AG, Bremen, and Erwin Kayser-Threde GmbH, Munich, have now merged under the name of OHB System AG. However, the Kayser-Threde logo will continue to be used for process control technology activities.

NASA Inaugurates New Space Station Era as Earth Science Observation Platform with RapidScat Instrument

NASA inaugurated a new era of research for the International Space Station (ISS) as an Earth observation platform following the successful installation and activation of the ISS-RapidScat science instrument on the outposts exterior.

New ISERV Tool Enables Rapid View of Earth Images from Space

Flipping through online photo albums and social media collections of “selfies” is one thing, but when pictures can show land areas where millions of people live, it can put things in a completely different perspective – especially for scientists.

New NATO Imagery Confirms Russian Military Operations in Ukraine

(Sept) Ukraine: NATO released new satellite images that show Russian combat forces engaged in military operations inside the sovereign territory of Ukraine. The images, captured in late August, depict Russian self-propelled artillery units moving in a convoy through the Ukrainian countryside and then preparing for action by establishing firing positions in the area of Krasnodon, Ukraine.

New winds mission installed, gathers first data

(6 October 2014) NASA’s newest Earth observing mission, the International Space Station-Rapid Scatterometer, or ISS-RapidScat, is collecting its first science data on ocean wind speeds and direction following its successful installation and activation on the exterior of the station’s Columbus module.

Nigeria loses $2bn to overseas satellites: Onuh

Nigeria: Dr. Spencer Onuh, Director and Chief Executive of Centre for Satellite Technology Development, CSTD feels that the nation loses about $2 billion to capital flight annually due to importation of foreign satellite.

NSR's 6th Handle On EO Debuts This Month

[SatNews] Coming this month from NSR is the analysis firm’s Satellite-Based Earth Observation (EO), 6th Edition, report.

OmniEarth Closes IRISmaps Acquisition

[Via Satellite 09-03-2014] OmniEarth has completed the purchase of IRISmaps in a stock-for-stock transaction.

ONLINE CONSULTATION: Selection of topic Areas of interest for European Regional and Local Authorities

(Nereus Consultation). Copernicus (formerly GMES) is a European Earth Observation Programme. While delivering satellite-based services and information on the state of our environment and security purposes, it contributes to better informed decision making, long-term planning, effective deployment of resources and thus more efficient public spending.

Over The Next Decade, Euroconsult Projects 353 EO Satellite Launches

According to Euroconsult’s newly published report, Satellite-Based Earth Observation: Market Prospects to 2023, 353 Earth observation (EO) satellites are expected to be launched over the next decade compared to 162 over 2004-2013.

Oversold Conditions For DigitalGlobe (DGI)

Legendary investor Warren Buffett advises to be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.

Roscosmos active in lifting ban on sub-metre imagery

Russia, September, 2014: Russian’s space agency Roscosmos is actively pursuing a new drive to lift embargo on sub-metre resolution imagery.

Satellite Masters Conference

23 – 24 October, Berlin

Sentinels & SMEs: threats and opportunities

© EURISY Interview to Gediminas Vaitkus is the owner of Geomatrix UAB

Sofradir introduces megapixel IR detector for earth observation

France, September 24, 2014: Sofradir, the leading French developer of infra red (IR) detectors, has introduced the the Next Generation Panchromatic detector (NGP), a 1024×1024 visible to short wavelength infrared (SWIR) Focal Plane Assembly.

South Africa to Commercialize First Indigenous Micro Satellite

[Via Satellite 10-07-2014] South African aerospace group Space Commercial Service Holdings (SCSH) has launched its first self-developed export product.

Space Technology Company Selects Intergraph® to Manage Big Data

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — OHB Group, Germany’s major space system company, has selected Intergraph® to provide long-term storage and cataloging of earth observation data as part of a satellite system.

Space-based methane maps find largest US signal in Southwest

An unexpectedly high amount of the climate-changing gas methane, the main component of natural gas, is escaping from the Four Corners region in the U.S. Southwest, according to a new study by the University of Michigan and NASA.

Spatial planning and geoinformation services for regional development

This workshop is organised in the framework of the INTERREG IVC Project “Regions4GreenGrowth”, and hosted by the Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency in Debrecen, Hungary (11/12/2014)

Surrey Satellite US is Poised to Start Manufacturing Satellites Amidst Growing Demand

©Matt Ball. Sensors&Systems. The small satellite market has been heating up over the past few years, with many new companies looking to launch constellations of satellites.

V1 Media Acquires Earth Imaging Journal

(September 2014) Denver—V1 Media welcomes the staff of Earth Imaging Journal (EIJ) as we combine forces to address an Earth observation market that is marked by significant growth prospects and exciting opportunities. The bi-monthly print publication is a great fit with V1 Media’s online geospatial outlets and multimedia production capabilities.

Winds sensor opens door for Earth science from ISS

A $26 million science instrument carried to the International Space Station last month by SpaceX’s Dragon cargo capsule has been switched on and is measuring winds over the world’s oceans to help forecasters track the intensity of tropical cyclones, NASA officials said.

World's first space detective agency launched

Satellite and drone images are increasingly being used as evidence in court. Now two experts in the field have started a specialist agency


A wing for Sentinel 2A

(September 2014 ©ESA) Imaging Earth’s land with unprecedented speed and resolution has come another step closer as the next Sentinel satellite has been given its solar wing and started a strenuous six-month test campaign to make sure that it is fit for launch next April.

China to improve earth observation service

(September 2014) China will promote the application of satellite earth observation technologies to better serve the economy, officials and experts said.

China to launch new marine surveillance satellites in 2019

China will launch a new “constellation” of marine surveillance satellites in 2019 to monitor ships, oil rigs, marine disasters and land-based resources.

China, Venezuela To Collaborate on New Earth Observing Satellite

© SpaceNews, PARIS — The Venezuelan government on Oct. 5 contracted with China’s satellite- and rocket-export company for construction and launch of an Earth observation satellite in what will be the two nations’ third satellite collaboration.

EIAST: The United Arab Emirates Space Program

There are dozens of emerging space nations around the world seeking to capitalize on dramatic increases in space technology accessibility. We take a look at one such nation, the United Arab Emirates, exploring the opportunities and challenges they face on the road to achieving space capability.

European Commission and Data Industry Launch €2.5 billion Partnership to Master Big Data

The European Commission and Europe’s data industry have committed to invest €2.5 billion in a public-private partnership (PPP) that aims to strengthen the data sector and put Europe at the forefront of the global data race.

Europe’s First Copernicus Satellite Begins Operations

(6Oct2014, Spacenews) PARIS — Europe’s Sentinel-1A radar Earth observation satellite — the first in a series of environment-monitoring spacecraft built for the European Commission’s Copernicus program — on Oct. 6 entered routine operations with its data now freely available, the European Space Agency said.

Executive Summary: The size and health of the UK Space Industry

(October 2014) ‘The Size and Health of the UK Space Industry’ reveals that the sector continues to soar and is currently worth £11.3 billion to the UK economy, growing at over 7% per year, employing over 34,000 people and supporting a further 65,000 jobs in other sectors.

First Copernicus satellite now operational

(ESA website) (6 October 2014) With the commissioning of Sentinel-1A completed and the satellite’s transfer to the team in charge of its exploitation, its data are available as of today to all users.

From Silicon Valley to Singapore: Spire’s Ambitious Remote Sensing Strategy

[Via Satellite 09-25-2014] Spire, a fast-paced remote sensing company with roots in Silicon Valley, has leapfrogged from incubation just two years ago at Lemnos Labs into a multi-million dollar startup with four satellites in orbit. Formerly known as Nanosatisfi, the company recently raised $25 million in Series A funding, bringing the total amount raised to $29 million.

Iran announces plan to launch three remote sensing satellites

Iran, October 6, 2014: Delivering his address at the World Space Week in Tehran on October 4, Deputy Head of Iran Space Agency (ISA) Hamid Fazeli announced that Iran plans to launch three new satellites with indigenously-designed carriers into the space in the near future.

UK Space Agency report reveals continued growth of UK space sector

The UK Space Agency has published its biennial study into the progress of the UK space sector.


Events Autumn 2014

Events Autumn 2014