Congratulations to ESA, Thales Alenia Space and all those involved in building and launching Sentinel 1; the first satellite in the Copernicus series. Credit also to the European Commission for having steered a complex path to reach the milestone achieved last Thursday. Photo:Sentinel1©ESA

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INTERVIEW WooChong Um, Deputy Director General Regional and Sustainable Development Department Asian Development Bank.

Satellite data is used by ADB teams to assess disaster risk, study water resources, forecast manifestations of climate change, monitor the state of agricultural and natural resources, measure city growth, and carry out many other assessments

Industry Profile

ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging: Operational Remote Sensing

ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging (DMI), which has been awarded the “Newcomer Earth Observation Operator of the Year” at Euroconsult’s Earth Observation Business Week in Paris in September 2013, is a private Spanish company specialized in complete end-to-end design, implementation, operation and commercial exploitation of Earth Observation Systems. DMI owns and operates the DEIMOS-1 multispectral satellite, with 22m GSD over a uniquely wide swath of 650 km, allowing rapid and multitemporal coverages of large areas. The company will add the new DEIMOS-2, a very-high resolution multispectral satellite with 75-cm pan-sharpened imagery, to its EO system by mid-2014.

EARSC Activities

EARSC activities

EARSC is a non-profit-making organisation created in 1989 with the mission to foster the development of European Geo-Information Service Industry. Our main objective is to stimulate a sustainable market for geo-information services using EO data. Today, EARSC has 70 members in 23 countries, and is a recognized association both in Europe and worldwide.

EARSC co-chair at the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum

In the framework of the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum ending March, a round table with international organizations and private sector has been organised to discuss how to foster business opportunities in the use of space services in Africa. Han Wensink, the EARSC Chairman has co-chaired the session on “Fostering business opportunities in the Space Sector”.

EOpages v2

EOPages v2 has been completed and the API has been finalised which will allow other accredited organisations to use the EARSC database on EO suppliers. It will provide the companies with a single location where they can maintain their contact details and capabilities but which can be extracted by other sites to be used in conjunction with their specific applications.

OGEOzine n.3

The OGEO newsletter, Q1 2014

Member News

Airbus Defence and Space signs ESA contract for high-precision Earth observation instrument

Airbus Defence and Space, the world’s second largest space company, will be the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) prime contractor for the development and construction of the high-precision Sentinel-5 instrument worth €144 million.

Bathymetry from space: GAF’s innovative stereo approach

(Munich 26.03.2014) GAF has developed and successfully demonstrated a new innovative approach for deriving bathymetry from space. With this method, GAF can generate bathymetric maps covering large areas by simultaneously using differential spectral attenuation and stereo-information from satellite imagery.

BlackBridge Acquires 50% Stake in Brazil’s Santiago & Cintra Consultoria

(February 21, 2014 Berlin, Germany) BlackBridge is pleased to announce that it has recently purchased 50% of Brazil’s leading geospatial company Santiago & Cintra Consultoria (SCC).

BlackBridge and DLR continue support of German remote sensing research

(4 March 2014) BlackBridge has taken over the operations of the RapidEye Science Archive pursuant to an agreement with the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

BlackBridge Officially Launches its Monitoring Programs for Agriculture

(February 27, 2014 Berlin, Germany) Upon successful completion of the 2013 North American agricultural monitoring program, BlackBridge officially launches its agriculture solutions on a global level. New programs are already being implemented for subscribers in the UK and South America, and new regions will follow later this year, including North America, where the program will start running in May.

BMT Joins Forces with Met Office and Oceanweather

(11 Mar 2014) BMT ARGOSS, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has announced a joint initiative with the Met Office, the UK’s national weather service, and Oceanweather Inc, to help support oil and gas majors with offshore engineering design and operational planning in the mid-Atlantic region.

Conference “Geospatial Innovations for Sustainable and Safe Environment”

Eurosense Bulgaria, organized a conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 with subject: “Geospatial Innovations for Sustainable and Safe Environment”, dedicated to the use of new innovative geospatial technologies in support of the successful implementation of EU funds. The conference was with regional, national and international range.

DMCii help Dutch company eLEAF provide much needed crop information to African farmers

eLEAF, a Netherlands-based high-tech company that supplies reliable, quantitative data on water and vegetation in order to support sustainable water use, increase food production, and protect environmental systems have recently called upon DMCii satellite imagery to provide satellite images of four pilot areas located in West- Noubaria (Egypt) Arata Chufa irrigation scheme, Oromiya (Ethiopia), the spate irrigation area of the Gash Delta (Sudan) and Office du Niger (Mali) to help improve the livelihoods and income of millions of farmers.

e-GEOS (ASI/Telespazio) "opens" the RealVista platform to the Public Sector and companies

(Rome, 27 February 2014) OpenGeoData Conference “Istruzioni per il RI-uso” (Instructions for Re-use), Centro Congressi Frentani

EDISOFT signed the new partner and reseller agreement with BlackBridge

In February 2014, EDISOFT signed the new partner and reseller agreement with BlackBridge.

Emerging Space Programs Pursue Earth Observation Investment Strategies

(Feb 2014) By Adam Keith, director of Space and Earth Observation, Euroconsult (www.euroconsult-ec.com), Montreal, Canada.] From 2003–2012, 164 Earth observation (EO) satellites, including those for meteorology purposes, were launched by civil government and commercial entities from 32 countries. This number is expected to expand to 360 satellites from 2013–2022, generating $35.8 billion in manufacturing revenues. New government and commercial entrants also are anticipated, with 42 countries expected to launch at least a first-generation EO satellite by 2022.

Euroconsult: World Satellite Business Week – 6th Summit on Earth Observation Business (SEOB)

Summit on Earth Observation Business. 11-12 September 2014, The Westin, Paris.
With such a high-level program, the Summit attracts over 200 senior-level EO community representatives from all world regions, making the event an ideal opportunity to network, discuss local and global market issues and do business with international partners. The program will cover all levels of the value chain, from manufacturers to end users, and with focuses on particular regions, ensuring a one-stop-shop for all the information you need for your development.

Euroconsult—First Industry Trends & Strategies Report (Earth Observation—EO)

[SatNews] Data distributors and services providers have established themselves as a key component of the EO value-chain and an important partner of the EO satellite operators in order to disseminate data to the largest number of end-users possible.

Euromap Satellitendaten-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH merges with its parent company GAF AG

(31March2014) Following the signing of a merger agreement on 20th February 2014, Euromap GmbH and GAF AG have officially started the process of merging. Once this tie-up has been completed, Euromap GmbH, which has more than 20 employees, will continue to operate as a branch of GAF registered in Neustrelitz, Germany.

European Space Imaging and partner GAF AG win major European Commission contract

(31March2014) German partnership to be the sole provider of VHR satellite data and services to support checks within the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

European Space Imaging partners with Skybox Imaging to offer new Challenge for the Copernicus Masters

(Munich, March 2014) European Space Imaging has a new partner to support their High-Res Challenge which is now called “European Space Imaging & Skybox Imaging High-Res Challenge” and is open worldwide to participants.

European Space Imaging to Distribute Skybox Imaging Products and Services in Europe and North Africa

(February 26, 2014) MUNICH, GERMANY – European Space Imaging (EUSI) today announced their agreement with Emirates Space Imaging (ESI) to host a ground station and deliver products and services from the new Skybox Imaging (Skybox) SkySat constellation.

European Space Imaging: Geoconnexion article - Tread lightly

The global challenge for the future is how to have less impact on the land while supporting the sustainability and improving living conditions.

GAF AG has been awarded four new contracts for mining governance consultancy

(11Feb2014) GAF AG has been awarded four new contracts for mining governance consultancy services in Cameroon, Laos, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone

German-Norwegian Cooperation in Earth Observation

DLR’s German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) and the Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) company, Norway, will collaborate even more closely in the future. On 10 February 2014 a corresponding memorandum of understanding was signed in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich.

GIM Invites you to attend the GeoDATA 2014

Innovative Thinking, Creative Solutions

Gisat serves the Nordregio webmap needs

Gisat has been selected by Nordregio for development of the MapEx Web Mapping Platform. The project will result in the implementation of a dynamic online web-mapping platform for Nordregio’s web.

Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological sites

Providing Earth Observation and webGIS tools to locate and monitor underwater archaeological sites in coastal zone.

Metria AB and GeoVille GmbH to map Liberia

Metria (Sweden)and GeoVille (Austria) joined forces to map forest and land cover in Liberia.

Muncons, Romania provide VHR Imagery to Aid WWF in Habitat Preservation

The Hartibaciu Tableland encompasses about 2,500 square kilometers in central Romania and is home to many rare species of birds, flora, and fauna.

New important contract awarded to KONGSBERG Spacetec

(April 2014) Kongsberg Spacetec AS (KSPT) has been awarded a contract with Raytheon Company of the U.S. for delivery of parts of the ground segment for the satellite program Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS).

ReSAC was nominated for access the European Space Agency (ESA) - ESA Earth Online database imagery

ReSAC was nominated for access the European Space Agency (ESA) – ESA Earth Online database imagery. The research project that ReSAC participates is “Research with synthetic aperture radar – SAR imagery. Application of SAR advanced techniques – interferometry and polarimetry for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria”, and was selected by ESA, that will provide 80 SAR – imagery for the territory of Bulgaria.

SAFETREE to help Czech forests

SAFETREE project is based on an innovative approach for operational monitoring and assessment of the forest fire risk.

The Indian Ocean Commission (COI) has chosen CLS to set up two fishing surveillance centers , one in Madagascar and the other in Mauritius

(Jan 2014) Fishing is an essential activity for the development of the territories covered by the COI, which groups France (with Reunion Island), the Union of the Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles. To improve the management of its marine resources, the COI has asked CLS to set up a satellite- based fishery management system.

Why space is so relevant for Regions?

The space activities are very peculiar in their capacity of stemming growth and competitiveness and in their continental dimension are a strategic asset for peaceful competition and defense in troubled epoch. For these reasons, the Lisbon treaty define Space as a shared policy of the European Union, in some way a strategic asset for a global power.

Earth Observation News


Newsletter #April has been launched

A New Era Has Begun: CloudEO Opens Up Great Possibilities for Those Who Create, Use, and Market Geo Content and Services

(Munich, 19 March 2014) Imagine a geo service that combines remote sensing imagery and geodata from multiple sources and analyzes them with professional Geo-IT software on a powerful workbench—all on a pay-per-use basis. This has become reality with CloudEO , the cloud-based geo collaboration platform partnering with worldwide leading geodata content, software and service providers.

ASAL: Remote Sensing for locust infestation in Algeria and Mauritania

Within the framework of its collaboration with the Algerian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) – host to one of UN-SPIDER’s Regional Support Offices – has mapped potential locust reproduction zones in the South of Algeria and the North-East of Mauritania. The experts analyzed the ecological conditions of the migratory locust for the period between 18 January and 3 February 2014.

Basics of Geological Remote Sensing

Aimed at all geologists who are not already remote sensing specialists, but particularly at students and geologists in the developing world.

Call for Tender for the provision of detailed information on riparian zones

To allow for a systematic assessment of freshwater ecosystems and riverine habitats, spatial information on extent, distribution and land cover and land use characteristics of riparian zones is required.

China eyes 'global monitoring network' of surveillance satellites

(April 3, 2014) To compensate the frustration over the endless search for missing the Malaysian airliner, Chinese scientists have doubled efforts to promote their project of a huge satellites network, which will enable Beijing to monitor the whole world.

China preps satellite to help detect quakes

China’s first test satellite for detecting electromagnetic anomalies from space will launch in 2016 in a move that is aimed at improving the country’s earthquake monitoring network and moving its seismological science forward.

China Pushing Ahead on Hi-Res Satellite System

(Spacenews, By Peter B. de Selding, PARIS) — China’s push into high-resolution optical Earth observation through its seven-satellite CHEOS system is slightly delayed but will see the launch of a second satellite this year and three more satellites by 2016, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) said.

Clark Labs and Geocarto International Announce the Release of a New Version of the Remote Sensing Guide

Clark Labs is pleased to announce that Geocarto International Centre in Hong Kong, has recently published a new version of Remote Sensing with IDRISI: A Beginner’s Guide, authored by Timothy Warner and David J. Campagna and updated for IDRISI Selva.

Climate and Earth observation experts meet at Eumetsat headquarters

(10 March 2014) On 5-7 March, Eumetsat hosted the first meeting of the joint Working Group on Climate of the Committee for Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) and the Coordination Group for meteorological Satellites (CGMS).

CloudEO starts "Virtual Constellation" Access with Beta Online Marketplace

[Via Satellite 03-26-2014] CloudEO has released the beta version of its online marketplace for Earth observation-based products. By supplying data on a pay-per-use or subscription basis, the company is working to bring together imagery providers, analytics companies and customers through one platform. As part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) business incubation center, CloudEO anticipates opening the geospatial market to many new players.

Collecting Oceans Of Data – Problem Or Opportunity?

Sensor, packet, video and signal data is not only all-digital and collected around the clock but it is also scaling up in size and resolution. The resulting massive surge in storage required to save it all is either a problem for your organization – or a major opportunity.

Copernicus reanalysis products to be presented at the EuroGOOS conference

The pre-operational marine environment monitoring service developed in the context of the Copernicus programme has produced 25-year and 60-year reanalyses of the Mediterranean Sea three-dimensional essential state variables.

DigitalGlobe Acquires Spatial Energy

DigitalGlobe, Inc. (NYSE: DGI), a leading provider of commercial high-resolution earth observation and advanced geospatial solutions, today announced that it has acquired Spatial Energy, a leading source for digital imagery and related services to the energy industry. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Earth observation satellites deployed from space station

A record release of 33 CubeSats from the International Space Station ended Friday after a methodical series of deployments of miniature Earth imaging satellites for San Francisco-based Planet Labs Inc.

EIAST + Satrec Initiative—Dubai Sat-2 Promos (Business)

[SatNews] The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) has signed a contract with Satrec Initiative, a provider of integrated and customized solutions for Earth observation missions, for global promotion and distribution of Dubai Sat-2’s products and services to customers worldwide.

eoPortal website updated

The eoPortal website has been updated and the site is now fully consolidated on a single platform.

Esri launches climate-focused Geo-collaboration portal

(19 March 2014) Esri is launching a comprehensive effort to help communities work smarter and more efficiently, therefore growing their resilience, in response to the White House Climate Data Initiative. The GIS company is also launching a climate-focused geo-collaboration portal.

EUMETSAT—New Steps For Climate Monitoring Cooperation (EO)

[SatNews] On March 5th through 7th, EUMETSAT hosted the first meeting of the joint Working Group on Climate of the Committee for Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) and the Coordination Group for meteorological Satellites (CGMS).

First Industry Report on Earth Observation Data Distribution Trends and Strategies

(Euroconsult) New Euroconsult research assesses distribution mechanisms within the EO value chain.

Global Airborne UAV Remote Sensing Market 2014-2018Reportstack has announced a new market research publication on Global Airborne UAV Remote Sensing Market 2014-2018. The following companies are the key players in Global Airborne UAV Remote Sensing Market

Reportstack has announced a new market research publication on Global Airborne UAV Remote Sensing Market 2014-2018. The (07 April 2014) following companies are the key players in Global Airborne UAV Remote Sensing Market: General Dynamics Corp., Lockheed Martin Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., Raytheon Co., Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc., ITT Corp., Leica Geosystems Holdings AG.

Global partnership for enhanced resilience to flood risk

(31 March 2014) Under the lead of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the Dartmouth Flood Observatory (University of Colorado), the Global Flood Partnership was launched earlier this month.

Indonesia: Launch of advanced disaster monitoring system

(Indonesia recently launched InAWARE, an advanced hazard early warning and monitoring system in order to enhance its emergency response capacities.

Launch of DMSP-19 satellite means more data for NOAA weather forecast

(3 April 2014) Today’s liftoff of the latest Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) spacecraft ultimately will lead to more data flowing into NOAA’s weather models that produce life-saving forecasts, according to the agency’s top satellite official.

MDA provides Radarsat-2 information to support maritime surveillance

(3 March 2014) MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) announced today that it has received an order to provide Radarsat-2 information to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) as part of EMSA’s CleanSeaNet program.

Monitoring air quality takes next step

(28 March 2014) With air pollution linked to millions of deaths around the world, it has never been more important to monitor the air we breathe.

NASA-JAXA Launch Mission to Measure Global Rain, Snow

The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory, a joint Earth-observing mission between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), thundered into space at 10:37 a.m. PST Thursday, Feb. 27 (3:37 a.m. JST Friday, Feb. 28) from Japan.

OCO-2 brings sharp focus on global carbon

(2 April 2014) Simply by breathing, humans have played a small part in the planet-wide balancing act called the carbon cycle throughout our existence.

Satellite-Based Earth Observation Market to Grow at a 11.34% CAGR by 2018 Forecasts a New Research Report

DALLAS, April 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The “Global Satellite-based Earth Observation Market 2014-2018” report says one of the major trends witnessed in the market is the formation of the GEOSS. GEOSS is an internet-based platform that allows users of Earth observation data to access, search, and use the data, information, tools, and services for their needs.

Satellite-derived bathymetry for offshore exploration

In 2010, Qatar Shell Upstream International B.V. re-entered exploration in Qatar by focusing on the relatively deep conventional Pre-Khuff gas. In order to support Qatar Shell with the execution of onshore and offshore seismic programs, extensive use was made of satellite imagery to derived added values products such as shallow water bathymetry, seabed classification and onshore digital elevation models.

Mapping the 740 sq km offshore area using satellite derived bathymetry resoluted in significant time and cost savings, and mitigated HSSE risks. The satellite imagery products were revealed as a key technology in aiding the planning and preparation of the seismic surveys.

Sentinel-1 Calibration

Sentinel-1, the first Copernicus Satellite dedicated to environmental monitoring, was successfully launched.

Space & Security Conference - Athens 23-24 June

Conference on « Copernicus – Sentinels Serving Society and the Environment » that will take place in Athens on 12-13 May.

SRRS half million images

(5thMarch2014) Our Satellite Rapid Response System catalog has reached the incredible amount of 550.000 satellite images!!!

Sudan: Connecting farmers with real-time flood management information

(27 March, 2014) In 2003, 2007 and 2013, Sudan was particularly harshly affected by flash floods that displaced hundreds of thousands of people. In order to better prepare and warn farmers of flood events, they need access to real-time information and they need to be able to exchange and apply the information.

The Philippines: Government to complete flood hazard mapping in 2016

(28 March, 2014) The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the Philippines wants to finish up the mapping process of all flood prone zones in the country by 2016.

Trimble Acquires Assets of European Engineering and Construction Accessories Company

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 2, 2014—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today it has acquired the assets of privately-held GeoDesy and GeoDesy Free Space Optics (FSO) of Budapest, Hungary. GeoDesy is a European engineering and development company focused on delivering accessories for the geomatics, surveying, mapping and construction industries. Financial terms were not disclosed.

UNITAR-UNOSAT releases report on Global Maritime Piracy: A Geospatial Analysis 1995-2013

(04April2014) the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), through its Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT), released a global report on maritime piracy.

UrtheCast's first release of Earth imagery, from space.

VANCOUVER, April 3, 2014 /CNW/ – UrtheCast Corp. (TSX:UR) (“UrtheCast” or the “Company”) is extremely pleased to announce its first release of Earth imagery, captured by UrtheCast’s medium-resolution camera (MRC) onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

World Bank to fund mineral resources mapping in Africa

(Feb 2014) The World Bank would launch a US$1bn fund in July 2014 to map mineral resources of Africa, using satellites and airborne surveys, according to a report


Cooperation between China, Korea and Japan on disaster data

(April2, 2014) China, the Republic of Korea and Japan decided to form a joint research project to make Disaster data and terminology more compatible across the region. Representatives agreed to establish national focal points to support work progress.

Copernicus to embark on a 40-year Earth observation mission

On 12 March this year, the European Parliament ratified the new European Earth Observation programme with its budget of €4.3 billion, covering the period from 2014 to 2020.

Data Warehouse Requirements Version 2.0 are available

Version 2.0 of the “Data Warehouse Requirements” document is now available. This document presents the Copernicus requirements for space-based Earth Observation data for the period covered by the Copernicus Regulation.

EP adopts European Earth Observation programme Copernicus

(13 March 2014) The European Commission welcomed today’s vote of the European Parliament on the Copernicus Regulation.

Europe lofts first Copernicus environmental satellite

The ability of European citizens, policymakers and service providers to access key environmental data on a routine basis will take a major step forward following the launch today of ESA’s Sentinel-1A satellite.

France, China set sail on joint ocean-surface satellite project

(28 March 2014) The French and Chinese space agencies on 27 March confirmed their joint venture in radar ocean-surface research, approving the final construction of a satellite carrying instruments from both nations to be launched in 2018.

Philippe Brunet, Director of Aerospace, Maritime, Security and Defence Industries, European Commission

(Interview 31 March 2014 © ESA) Philippe Brunet is the Director of Aerospace, Maritime, Security and Defence Industries within the European Commission’s Directorate General Enterprise and Industry. In an interview, he discusses the wide range of benefits the Copernicus programme provides.

Sentinel data free and open for pre-registration

(31March2014) In anticipation of the launch for Sentinel-1A, the European Space Agency is pleased to announce the possibility for users to pre-register for online access to Sentinel data.

Smaller satellites a growing trend for new constellations

[Via Satellite 03-04-2014] Small satellite trends are shifting away from one-time stints and moving toward more regular use in a constellation setting. Sierra Nevada Corporation Vice President of Business Development John Roth told Via Satellite that the company has noticed an increase in the desire to mass produce low-weight satellites. While currently working on Orbcomm’s new constellation of communications satellites (OG2), several potential customers have come to the company with ideas about constellations.


Events Spring 2014

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