This year we shall celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of EARSC. We plan to have a celebration in Brussels in the summer and we hope to see many of you there. So it seems like a time for reflection on where the industry has come in that time and how far EARSC has changed.

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Interview to Jan H. Stel, Professor at International Center for integrated assessment and sustainable development

Jan H. Stel joined ICIS in 2000 as professor in Ocean Space and Human Activity. His current research is focussing at integrated assessment of complex societal issues, ocean governance, sustainable use of the Exclusive Economic Zone, human activities in the coastal area and capacity building mechanism.

Industry Profile

Visioterra: Science Consulting for Earth Observation

Founded in May 2004, VisioTerra is oriented towards Science Consulting for Earth Observation. This includes not only expert support, training and communication for EO programs, technical studies, software development of applications using virtual globes, scientific documentation editing, quality control assessment and reporting, instruments and products verification/control, new products and instruments specification and prototyping, audits, but also production of cartographic products to be ingested by GIS.

EARSC Activities

EARSC certification scheme

EARSC launched a call for companies to test the Management Scheme System Documents. The call for proposals was closed in mid-November with more responses received than can be funded.

EARSC guide to H2020

EARSC has prepared a brief guide to the EU Horizon 2020 research programme from a perspective of suppliers and researchers in the domain of EO Geo-information Services.

EARSC meeting with JSS

A meeting has been organised between EARSC and Japan Space Systems in Brussels last 26th November.

OGEOzine n.2

The OGEO newsletter, Winter 2013

Member News

3D Data Now Available from BlackBridge

January 13, 2014 Berlin, Germany: BlackBridge is pleased to announce that it is now an authorized reseller of Intermap’s NEXTMap World 30 Digital Surface Model (DSM). Customers now have the opportunity to purchase data that enables a wide variety of applications and efficiently perform geospatial analyses.

AeroGRID Provides WMS Access to 4.6 million km² of European High Resolution, High Accuracy Orthophotos

Paris, France 7th January 2014 – In 2013 AeroGRID added 1.5 million km² of high resolution aerial orthophotos of Europe to its WMS servers and now provides access to 25 countries and 4.6 million km².

Assimila: Optirad

OPTIRAD (OPTImisation environment for joint retrieval of multi-sensor RADiances) aims to advance the state of the art in EO data assimilation in land surface processes.

Continuing the delivery of Earth Observation support for African Water Resource Management

(Winter 2013) The recently completed mid-term review of TIGER-NET marks a major milestone for the project, in which DHI GRAS and GeoVille Information Systems (Prime) – in collaboration with partners – successfully developed an Earth Observation (EO)-based Water Observation and Information System (WOIS).

Copernicus Air Quality Monitoring for Europe

GAF AG and partners successfully complete the obsAIRve project and continue provision of resulting services

Development of Deimos-2 ground segment built on gs4EO suite of products

DEIMOS-2 high resolution Earth observation satellite is scheduled for launch in the second quarter 2014. ELECNOR-Deimos Group, in addition to the satellite definition, integration and testing, has been responsible for the complete development of DEIMOS-2 ground segment.
DEIMOS-2 Ground Segment is based on the gs4EO suite of products. These state-of-the-art products are the result of more than a decade of work for the European Space Agency, specially evolved for supporting small Earth Observation missions.

DMCii help to tackle Algerian Locust Plagues

Plagues of locusts that destroy crop yields cause stark devastation and threaten food security across North Africa every year.

DROMAS to help Czech farmers

DROMAS project is based on an innovative approach for monitoring and assessment of the risk and prevention of damage caused by agricultural drought.

EUFODOS: European Forest Downstream Services for improved information on forest structure and damages

Down Stream Services were developed within the three years project period (2011–2013) for the effective identification of various forest damages like storm, forest fire, snow brake, insect damage detection and assessment and for an operational derivation of forest parameters. The EUFODOS consortium applied the Copernicus High Resolution Forest Core Layer, state-of-the-art optical and radar satellites and LIDAR technology.

EUROSENSE finalizes first municipalities with updated GRB

(Winter 2013). After almost a decade during which EUROSENSE was involved in the creation of a large scale base map (GRB or “Grootschalig Referentie Bestand) of almost 70 Flemish municipalities, the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (AGIV) awarded EUROSENSE with a project to update the large scale base map of all the municipalities in the provinces of Oost-Vlaanderen and Antwerp (135 in total) over a period of 3 years.

Fabio Rocca has received the Chinese Government international sci-tech cooperation awards 2014

(January 2014) BEIJING – Fabio Rocca, along with seven other foreign scientists, was honored by the Chinese Government as part of the international sci-tech cooperation awards ceremony, held in Beijing on January 10th.

Forest Fuel Mapping project

(December 2013) GMV is taking part in the ArcFUEL project, offering a complete and modern forest-fire mapping methodology in the Mediterranean region of Europe, plus a series of online fuel classification databases based on INSPIRE’s common implementing rules.

Huge Typhoon in Philippines: the first damage assessment maps of the Philippines have been released by the European Commission in the framework of the Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service

International NGOs and the UN will bring aid in the field using disaster maps issued by the the European Commission’s Copernicus Emergency Management Service soon after Typhoon Haiyan violently struck the Philippines on the 8th of November. The first damage assessment maps show the most affected areas of Tacloban City.

Indra to manage and operate main Sentinel-2 satellite image processing and archiving centre

(28 November 2013) Indra has closed an agreement with the European Space Agency to host the main processing and archiving centre for the images of the Sentinel-2 mission at its facilities and take charge of its operation.

Landsat 8 ground system heads South

(13 December 2013) The European Space Agency’s (ESA) processing, archiving and dissemination system for Landsat 8 is now operating from the Matera satellite receiving station in southern Italy.

Matera Space Centre, the first thirty years

(17 December 2013) To celebrate the first thirty years of activity of the Space Geodesy Centre of Matera, December 17, staff joined with the CEO of e-GEOS, Marcello Maranesi, e-GEOS president, Nazzareno Mandolesi, Telespazio CEO Luigi Pasquali and General Manager Lucio Magliozzi .

Maximizing the Exploitation of Linked Open Data In Enterprise and Science

Gisat is a member of the European consortia working in the MELODIES project that focuses on diverse sources of Open Data to develop new applications and technologies using the latest technologies in cloud computing and data-handling.

Planetek at Big Data Workshop 2013

Planetek Italia presented at the Big Data Workshop organized by the Italian Space Agency a use case and concept for the integration of the INSPIRE infrastructure and in particular its Geoportal into the operational workflow of EO workers in search for ancillary data.

Proba-V data ready for use

Less than seven months after launch, Earth-watcher Proba-V is ready to provide global vegetation data for operational and scientific use.

Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC has successfully finished the EUFODOS FP7 Project with training seminar with Bulgarian forest stakeholders

The Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC has organized a training seminar on 17th of Dec. 2013 to present the services developed in the frame of the EUFODOS Project, FP7 financed project, which aims at development of Forest Downstream Services for improved information on forest structure and damages.


Latest news: SERTIT’s intervention in IPGP, POLLUTEC Horizons 2013, mapped Super-Typhoon…

Updating of the Digital Landscape Model of Germany – DLM-DE 2012

IABG was contracted by the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) to update the satellite based Digital Landscape Modell of Germany (DLM-DE 2012). Compared to the previous project DLM-DE 2009 (already successfully completed by IABG), this update will also include land cover and land use codes awarded to all objects. As a result, this new set of three-dimensional data for Germany allows unprecedented areas of application. This project is due for completion by February 2014.

Earth Observation News

Artic sea ice up from record low

(16 December 2013) Measurements from ESA’s CryoSat satellite show that the volume of Arctic sea ice has significantly increased this autumn.

CASIS Re-Issues RFP ... Senses Need For New Field ... Remote Sensing (Proposals)

This solicitation seeks proposals focused on terrestrial benefit via Earth observations, atmospheric science, planetary science or remote sensing of space.

China's Earth observation satellite inducted into service

China’s high definition earth observation satellite Gaofen-1 has been formally inducted into service, it was announced ending December

COPERNICUS OBSERVER Newsletter #December2013

Articles about: Interview with Philippe Brunet, EC’s Emergency Response Coordination, Urban Atlas, Training the future users of Copernicus, Copernicus Emergency Management, ….

Copernicus User Awareness & Training Event

Hotel Novotel Lisboa, Lisbon. 13-14th February 2014. A two-day event bringing together users and experts to raise awareness of the benefits of Copernicus data and information, and providing attendees with the opportunity to participate in hands-on training and knowledge exchange activities.

Coral protection from space on the Mexican Riviera Maya

(14 January 2014) EOMAP, a value-added service provider of satellite data was contracted by the Mexican National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) to deliver high resolution environmental information for the entire Maya coast.

EOMAP CEO Leveraging Earth Observation Capabilities with Great Barrier Reef Map

[Via Satellite 12-05-13] The recently released 3-D map of the Great Barrier Reef created by the German company EOMAP in conjunction with James Cook University in Australia is one of the more unique projects in the Earth Observation arena. The map covers approximately 350,000 square kilometers at 30-meter horizontal resolution. With this project, EOMAP hopes to send a signal to the market about its ambitions that is as clear as its imaging.

From Image to Substance

GEOconnexion visits Astrium in Toulouse to find out how a leading Earth Observation data and services provider turns image into substance

GDACS satellite mapping overview

(4, Jan 2014) The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) is now providing an additional service: Overview of ongoing satellite mapping events.

GeoMaritime Conference

GeoMaritime 2014 brings together the key players in the maritime industry to develop the value of marine geospatial information.

Innovative Space Instrumentation Concepts Open up New Remote Sensing Markets

Human civilization is having a dramatic impact on Planet Earth and for several decades there has been a growing need to minimize the negative impacts of man’s activities alongside supporting sustainable improvements in social and economic well-being.

Japan-U.S. Satellite to Gather Detailed Weather Data

Washington – Environmental research and weather forecasting will advance with the February 2014 launch of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory.

New Copernicus Global Land products on EUmetcast

Directional & Hemispherical Albedo, Canopy Reflectances, Leaf Area Index, …

OCO-2 gets simulated taste of space

(23 December 2013) A NASA observatory that will make the most precise, highest-resolution and most complete, space-based measurements of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere to date has marked a key milestone in preparation for its planned July 2014 launch.

SAR images acquired by KOMPSAT-5

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning has released KOMPSAT-5 images acquired for the calibration purpose. KOMPSAT-5 was launched on August 22, 2013 from the Yasny launch base of Russia and under early operation and calibration.

Satellite images show the vulnerability of the Arab region to climate change

“The Arab Region: Atlas of Our Changing Environment” recently released by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI) shows through satellite images the growing impact of Climate Change in the Arab region.

Sensors & Systems Ten Predictions for 2014

(© By Matt Ball, Sensors&System) Much time is spent this time of year looking forward. Sensors & Systems did some reflecting on emerging issues, innovative approaches and technology trends to come up with the following predictions for 2014.

Sixth Conference on European Union Space Policy

The 6th Conference on European Union Space Policy will take place at the European Commission’s Charlemagne Building, in Brussels, Belgium on January 28 and 29, 2014.

Skybox Imaging Captures World's First High-Resolution, HD Video of Earth from Space

(Dec 2013) MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Skybox Imaging (Skybox) announced today the release of the world’s first high-resolution, high-definition video of Earth taken by a commercial remote sensing satellite.

The eStation, Earth observation processing server

The JRC recently presented the new developments of its eStation, a processing server for the environmental monitoring of land condition in Africa.

UAE: First Arab-made satellite to be launched in 20

On 29 December 2013, UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announced that the UAE will launch the first satellite fully built and manufactured in 2017 launching its executive phase.

UrtheCast Camera Installation Update

VANCOUVER, December 30, 2013 | UrtheCast Corp. (TSX:UR) (‘UrtheCast or ‘the Company’) announces that on Dec. 27, 2013, its two Earth observation cameras were installed as planned on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS).


Call for Expression of Interest: S2G2M2 project

The S2G2M2 project is launching a call for Expression of Interest for “Copernicus and GNSS Business and innovation” experts and for Innovative Mobile Service Companies.

International Space Station: Proposal request for remote sensing projects

CASIS, the nonprofit organization managing research in the U.S. National Laboratory aboard the International Space Station (ISS), has issued a request for proposals in the field of remote sensing until 21 February 2014.

Leading satellite industry associations in Europe and America seek to change the global conversation

Coordinating an alliance of the world’s leading industry trade associations, the Society of Satellite Professionals International announced today the launch of a global campaign to change the global conversation about satellite.

New mandates put the squeeze on NASA core Earth science missions

(December 2013) By Debra Werner, SpaceNews. SAN FRANCISCO — In an era of flat budgets, the NASA Earth Science Division’s growing role in offering sustained observations of various phenomena including ozone profiles and incoming solar energy is likely to diminish available funding for core missions, said Mike Freilich, head of NASA’s Earth Science Division.

TanDEM-X Intermediate DEM (IDEM): Announcement of Opportunity and Call for Proposals

On 05 December 2013 a new proposal call for ‘TanDEM-X Intermediate DEM’ products was launched by DLR.


Events Winter 2013/2014

Events Winter 2013/2014