It seems that not many people have heard of the term PSI Re-use, yet it has the potential to have a strong impact on our industry over the next few years. PSI is Public Sector Information which is data or information gathered by Public Sector Bodies or PSB’s for governments. Examples of PSI are business registers, land registries, cartographic or meteorological information, vehicle registries etc.

The re-use part is the key term. Some time ago, governments recognised that some of the information they gathered had value outside and beyond government use. They asked that the agencies who gather such data make it available to consumers and business – but at a price.

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EARSC Activities

3rd OGEO WORKSHOP:Utilizing opportunities Maximising the benefits

After two successful workshops at ESA in Frascati, please join us in Sept. 2012 in Perth, Australia for the 3rd workshop on Earth Observation for the Oil & Gas industry.

EARSC letter to EC President on GMES

(Brussels, 7th June 2012) EARSC letter to Mr. Durao Barroso, President of the European Commission, concerning the funding for GMES and the importance that the programme is moved forward after the recent failure of Envisat.

EARSC membership, gathering the voice of geo-information industry

EARSC is a non-profit-making organisation created in 1989 with the mission to foster the development of European Geo-Information Service Industry. Our main objective is to stimulate a sustainable market for geo-information services using EO data. Today, EARSC has 67 members in more than 20 countries, and is a recognized association both in Europe and worldwide.


A market place between Earth Observation industry and users

Industry Survey

A detailed understanding of the Earth Observation sector and the trends is essential to help stakeholders to plan their activities and to assess the effectiveness of their actions.

Taxonomy for Earth Observation services market

A clear and common description of EO products and services will help suppliers and customers arrive at a common understanding of what can be offered

Member News

Aerodata on Belgian national VRT News

On June 26th a television crew from VRT (Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep) dropped by at Aerodata’s hangar to witness an aerial survey flight.

Are you a data user with an interesting application idea to develop?

2012 sees European Space Imaging (EUSI) becoming a supporter of the GMES Masters – The European Earth Monitoring Competition with the new European Space Imaging High-Res Challenge.

Astrium News

5 years TerraSAR-X, participation at GMES Masters Competition, fires by Pleiades…etc

Chelys competing in GMES Masters 2012 with Earth Snapshot portal

Chelys is competing in the GMES Masters European Earth Monitoring Competition 2012 for the second year in a row.

Critical Software presented the results of Desertwatch project at MundoGEO 2012

Critical Software participated in the event MundoGEOLatinAmerica Connect 2012, held from 29 to 31 May in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During this seminar dedicated to the use of satellite imagery, Critical Software presented the results of the project DesertWatch regarding the production of indicators related to desertification and soil quality.

Deimos-1 satellite monitors the large fires near Valencia, Spain

Madrid, July 03, 2012 – Over the last few days, the Deimos-1 Earth Observation satellite, launched in space by Elecnor Deimos in July 2009, is monitoring the two major fire events heavily threatening citizens and natural resources of the Province of Valencia in Spain.
Deimos-1 satellite monitors the large fires near Valencia, Spain

DMCii’s detailed satellite imagery helps Brazil stamp out deforestation as it happens

Remote sensing solutions provider DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) has signed a contract with Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) to deliver near real-time satellite imagery to monitor forest clearing in the Amazon rainforest and target illegal logging as it happens.

Euroconsult Symposium on Earth Observation Business (Sept. 13 - 14)

This two day symposium is a unique opportunity to review business models, assess customer requirements, network, do business and refine development strategies.

Eurosense news

International Polar Foundation Prize for thermography of Ghent and EUROSENSE acquires 10.000 images in 4 days!!

GAF conducts Environmental Compliance Monitoring assignment for the Ambatovy Nickel Mine Project in Madagascar under contract with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and with assistance from LuxSpace

(Munich, May 23rd, 2012) GAF AG announced today that it has made a successful contribution to Ambatovy’s biodiversity programme by applying Earth observation technology to the monitoring of forest habitats. The information derived contributes significantly to knowledge about prevailing deforestation rates along Madagascar’s eastern rainforest corridor, parts of which have World Heritage status. The investigation clearly demonstrated the utility of Earth observation technology for monitoring losses and gains in biodiversity associated with large mining projects.

GeoVille contributed to major EEA report

The EEA has launched the report ‘Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe’ which is the first Europe-wide assessment of urban vulnerability to climate change.

Gisat involved in several mapping project in Africa

New land cover map for Kivu * Refugee and IDP mapping in the Horn of Africa * Land cover monitoring in IGAD countries

GlobWave Data to Study Piracy

The GlobWave Project is an initiative funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and subsidised by CNES through the Data User Element (DUE), which is a programmatic element of the 3rd period of the Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP-3), an optional ESA programme.

International markets reward Planetek

May 2012, After been awarded for the development of the new European INSPIRE Geoportal, Planetek Italia was chosen for major contracts and projects in Europe and North Africa.

OHB System To Define "CarbonSat" Environmental Satellite Mission For ESA

(1June2012) The launch is expected to occur upon the conclusion of current negotiations between Russian and Kazakh officials over drop zone issues.

PCI geomatics news

Geomatica 2013 Beta Software Released / PCI’s Professional Production team to map the Philippines at 0.5m resolution using GeoEye imagery

Remote sensing control of agricultural subsidies in the Czech Republic

Gisat has been contracted by the Czech State Agricultural Intervention Fund to deliver services related to remote sensing control of agricultural subsidies in the Czech Republic in 2013.

ReSAC news

Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC participation in BALWOIS 2012 and participation on several scientific activities

ScanEX news

News on Oil traces on satellite images, Satellite-based monitoring, Space imagery realities and prospects, Space crowdsourcing… etc

Shore Type Mapping used to reduce oil spill impact

Shore type mapping using EO data in order to better plan and prioritize for the possible event of oil spill.

Spacemetric´s activities

Keystone supports DMC download in Russia, News on Rapid access demonstration at SpaceOps2012 and Keystone for INPE to enhance Amazon monitoring

TRE produces first C-band co-seismic interferogram of Italian earthquakes

(07/06/12) TRE has produced a c-band co-seismic interferogram and deformation map of the recent earthquakes that occurred on 20th and 29th May 2012 in Emilia-Romagna, Italy with magnitudes 5.9 and 5.8 respectively.

UK consortium to help fight global deforestation through REDD+

UK satellite imaging company DMCii has successfully led a multi-disciplinary consortium to win a place on the Department for International Development (DfID) Forest Governance Markets and Climate (FGMC) Framework Agreement.

Validating Space Observations for Flooding with Crowdsourcing In-Situ Observations by ANSUR

In the framework of the FP7 SPACE Project GEO-PICTURES, AnsuR and United Nations (UNOSAT) collaborated on using a smartphone App for crowdsourcing geo-referenced in-situ images for the purpose of improving flood assessment from Radar EO Images.

Earth Observation News

Astrium Radar Challenge

Astrium GEO-Information Services encourages the development of innovative products and applications using radar satellite data, specifically TerraSAR-X’s X-band data.

DigitalGlobe Extends Track Record of Outstanding Performance in Meeting EnhancedView Contract Commitments

(July 2012) DigitalGlobe, a global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, has once again met commitments for its EnhancedView contract by completing a series of upgrades to its ground systems.

Do the NGA cuts mark a failure of the commercial satellite imagery market?

GeoEye received word late last week that the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) would be making a significant cut in their 2013 funding under the Enhanced View contract, offering only a three or nine-month option. While there is still some indication that Congress might fully fund the program, the news was bleak enough to send GeoEye stock falling more than twenty percent.

ESA hands over MSG-3 weather satellite to EUMETSAT

Darmstadt/Paris, 16 July 2012 – Today at 14:00 local time, following the successful launch of the satellite on 5 July aboard an Ariane 5 from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, and after 11 days of LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) by ESA’s Centre, ESOC, EUMETSAT took control of the MSG-3 operations.

ESA-China take Earth Observation to new heights

The European Space Agency (ESA) and China have been cooperating through the Dragon Programme since 2004 to encourage the use of Earth observation in China. Building on the success of the past years, the programme is taking on more momentum as it enters its third phase.

ESA: SMOS satellite measurements improved

Over a dozen radio signals that have hindered data collection on ESA’s SMOS water mission have been switched off. ESA’s Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) satellite was launched in 2009 to improve our understanding of our planet’s water cycle. In order to do this, it measures the microwaves emitted by Earth in the 1400–1427 MHz range.

EU ramps up budget for disaster preparedness

Millions of people from the world’s most vulnerable and poorest communities will benefit from new disaster preparedness programmes funded from the European Commission’s Disaster Preparedness Programme (DIPECHO).

Eumetsat Joins International Charter ‘Space And Major Disasters’

(6July2012) Extreme weather such as hurricanes, floods and even excessive heat or cold claims lives every year.

Europe clears the air

(July 2012) Satellite measurements show that nitrogen dioxide in the lower atmosphere over parts of Europe and the US has fallen over the past decade. More than 15 years of atmospheric observations have revealed trends in air quality.

GAO: 17-month gap in weather forecasting is 'best-case scenario'

WASHINGTON — A projected 17-month-gap in some weather satellite forecasts later this decade could last even longer if a replacement satellite now being assembled can’t meet its launch date, an official with the Government Accountability Office said ending June 2012.

GeoEye Signs Two New Seven-Figure Contracts

HERNDON, Va., July 13, 2012 — GeoEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: GEOY), a leading source of geospatial information and insight, announced that it recently signed seven-figure agreements with two international partners in the Middle East and Asia for both the renewal and expanded use of GeoEye imagery products.

How will real-time inputs, and the increasing number of sensors, impact the geospatial industry?

(June 2012) Written by Matt Ball , Sensors and systems. For decades the lack of geospatial data was a barrier to geographic information system expansion and adoption. While obtaining high-quality spatial data continues to be a challenge, the problems of a lack of available data has quickly turned into the need to manage a glut of information. With the number of sensors and platforms growing exponentially, the data deluge will only increase in pace.

Industry Workshop on Satelite EO for insurance

The European Space Agency hosted an industry workshop in ESA-ESRIN in Frascati, Italy on 23rd and 24th of February 2012. This note provide a link to the final report.

Korea to launch world's first satellite monitoring climate change

Korea will start a new system in 2018 to monitor environmental conditions by launching the world’s first satellite for monitoring climate change over the Korean Peninsula.

MapAction responds to floods in Paraguay

A MapAction team is responding to widespread and repeated flooding in western Paraguay attached to a United Nations’ assistance group. The worst floods for more than a decade began in April.

Monitoring Sea Surface Temperature from space

Measuring the sea-surface temperature (SST) across regional and global scales is important for improving weather and ocean forecasting and climate change research.

New launch date confirmed for Metop-B

Paris, 28 June 2012 – The revised launch date for the Metop-B satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrome has been set for 19 September 2012.

New tool gives open access to environmental data

The Institute of New Imaging Technologies of the Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain) has taken part in the design of a tool that integrates all the information on forestry, drought and biodiversity produced by different European systems of Earth observation.

Nigeria to commercialize satellite services

(Publish Date: 15 May 2012) Abuja, Nigeria: The newly-launched earth observation satellite, NigeriaSat-2, is now set for commercial activities.

Nigeria: "Geographical mapping key to disaster management"

At the 47th Annual General Meeting of the Institution of Surveyors in Ilorin, Nigeria, Nigeria’s Vice President, Muhammad Namadi Sambo said the Nigerian federal government would do everything possible to map its geographical landscape to address disaster management in the country.

Pléiades imagery now available for all users

Toulouse, France – 4 June 2012 – The Astrium Services GEO-Information team is pleased to announce that Pléiades imagery is now available to all users, notably through its Geostore portal (www.geostore.com) that have opened starting June.

Protecting The Heart Of Borneo

(25 June 2012) In Southeast Asia, the island of Borneo is home to one of the world’s most diverse rainforests, but its natural resources are under threat.

SSTL announces exactView-1 satellite launch date

Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) is announcing the planned launch of exactView-1, the highest detection performance Automatic Identification System (AIS) satellite ever built, on 22nd July by a Soyuz launch vehicle from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Time history of Anapa bar coast line over the last 70 years according to remote sensing data

Earth remote sensing data were used to reconstruct the coast line from Anapa city till Vityazevo village over the period from 1941 to 2011. Regression of the coast line equaled 20-40 meters on the average over the period from 1941 to 2011. Degradation of beaches on Anapa bar will continue. Existing natural sources of beach formation materials (sediment influx along the coast, reproduction of shelly ground, wind deflation, etc.) are not sufficient for keeping beaches in a stable state. It is necessary to take urgent measures for their restoration and stabilization.

UK consortium to help fight global deforestation through REDD+

(June 2012) UK consortium to help fight global deforestation through REDD+

£0.75M Investment in New Earth Observation Instruments

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) has approved funding for ten instrumentation projects to be carried out by teams from UK industry and academia. The overall investment is in excess of three quarters of a million pounds, including parallel industrial PV. In total, 16 academic and industrial organisations are involved.


Bids open for DARPA’s SeeMe programme

(10 May 2012) US: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) released its latest Broad Agency Announcement (DARPA-BAA-12-35) for the programme, Space Enabled Effects for Military Engagements (SeeMe). Bidders will be competing for approximately USD 45 million to be distributed via multiple awards.

Building partnerships with UN-SPIDER

UN-SPIDER’s goal is to ensure that countries as well as international and regional organization can fully benefit from the opportunities that space-based information offers for risk and disaster management.

Earth observation for us and our planet

(25June2012) The Rio+20 summit on promoting jobs, clean energy and a more sustainable use of our planet’s resources closed after three days of talks. During the summit, the role of Earth observation in sustainable development was highlighted.

ESA showcases new Earth Explorer excellence

(15June2012) Three new satellite concepts are vying to be chosen as ESA’s seventh Earth Explorer mission. In preparation for selection next year, a series of reports has been published presenting the scientific and technical ambition of each mission.

ITT launched for GMES Initial Operation Global Land component of the Land Service

Framework service contract supporting the global land component of the GIO land service: JRC/IPR/2012/H.5/00014/OC

RIO+20: The "landscape approach"

RIO+20: The “landscape approach”

Sentinel mission control taking shape

(29June2012) While industrial partners build the first Sentinel satellites, experts at ESA are developing and testing vital mission control systems for engineers to operate the craft once in orbit.

UNISDR: Google plays important role in disaster relief

(July 2012). Speaking in Japan at the Google-hosted event, “Big Tent: The Role of Technology in Disaster Preparedness and Relief”, the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) head of office Margareta Wahlström said Google and other providers of information can make an important contribution to raising awareness about disaster risk reduction in disaster-prone countries.

World Meteorological Organization Information System will have metadata available in July

WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud announced that metadata from the World Meteorological Organization Information System (WIS) will be made available through the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) from 13 July onwards.

€ 126 million to support European research in the sixth FP7 Space call for proposals

The sixth call for proposals under the Space theme of FP7 was published on 10 July 2012.


Events Summer 2012

Events Summer 2012