How we talk about our industry and the words we use to describe the products and services we offer has a profound importance. Several initiatives have recently highlighted the needs of our industry to speak a common language and to define some common standards. I believe that this reflects a maturing of the EO services sector, moving from R&D orientation to operational services.

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GeoVille Environmental Services

Why does it matter?
From environmental monitoring to environmental assessments

EARSC Activities


Utilizing opportunities Maximising the benefits
14 Sept. 2012, Perth – Australia


A market place between Earth Observation industry and users

Taxonomy for Earth Observation services market

A clear and common description of EO products and services will help suppliers and customers arrive at a common understanding of what can be offered

Member News

Data managment support to Department of Urban Development and Environment of Hamburg

BC is providing the transformation and allocation of monitoring data from Wadden Sea National Park of Hamburg (Department of Urban Development of Hamburg) for the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program (TMAP).

2met!® Hard- and Software Successfully Received High Data Rate Broadcast from Suomi NPP

The Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) spacecraft was launched successfully already in October 2011.

2nd e-GEOS International Conference

Developing New Business Relations
e- GEOS announces its annual International Conference will be held in Rome, Italy on May 23 and 24, 2012 at the Ergife Palace Hotel.

Aerodata wins Dutch nationwide 10cm tender

“Het Waterschapshuis” has awarded the partnership Cyclomedia-Aerodata a major contract for flying the entire country of The Netherlands (40.000 sqkm) in 2012 & 2013 @ 10cm resolution.

Astrium Services News

Astrium Services Integrates Global Seeps with TGS’ New Seismic Data

BMT ARGOSS increases penetration in Southeast Asia

BMT ARGOSS, a subsidiary of BMT Group, the leading international maritime design, environmental and engineering consultancy, has recently been awarded a number of projects in Southeast Asia including metocean studies for Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd and its offshore development, east of Sabah in Malaysia.

Bulgaria at flood risk NEW Necessity of reservoirs register in the state

Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC has a keen interest on prevention of natural disasters, including floods – an actual topic in the last week. The natural continuation of the work in this field is the participation of ReSAC in a joint project with the Basin Directorate Danube region, which supports the Directorate in preparation of “Preliminary flood risk assessment”.

DMCii’s detailed satellite imagery helps Brazil stamp out deforestation as it happens

Remote sensing solutions provider DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) has signed a contract with Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) to deliver near real-time satellite imagery to monitor forest clearing in the Amazon rainforest and target illegal logging as it happens.

Euroconsult Symposium on Earth Observation Business

The fourth edition of the Symposium on Earth Observation Business will take place from September 13 to 14 2012 at its usual venue, the Westin Hotel in Paris.

European Investment Bank goes EO

Gisat provides services to the European Investment Bank for monitoring of large-scale cement factory in Ethiopia.

European Permeability Maps: automated workflows and shared methodology

City planners and urban designers are really interested in mapping how artificial structures spread within urban and suburban areas (built-up) since the equilibrium between permeable surfaces (vegetation or soil) and impermeable surfaces (buildings and pavement) is critical for flooding and related environmental disasters occurrence.

European Space Imaging supports GMES Masters Competition

(Munich, 26 March 2012) European Space Imaging announces its support for the upcoming GMES Masters 2012 through the addition of a new challenge centered on the use of new applications for very high-resolution satellite imagery.

EUROSENSE helps European cities and municipalities increasing their energy efficiency

During the past winter period, EUROSENSE has been very active in helping cities and municipalities in The Netherlands, GD of Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany setting up sensitization instruments to increase their energy efficiency and therefore reducing CO2-emissions.

GAF AG latest news

News about: … forecast and observation of general and street-level conditions in European cities / earth observation for improved governance of informal mining / contract for GIZ-SADC REDD Project on development of an Integrated Monitoring System …etc

GeoVille and GRAS will run ESA project on Water Resources in Africa

A consortium led by GeoVille and GRAS has been selected to carry out an ESA project in the frame of the TIGER initiative. The objective of TIGER-NET is the contribution to facilitating the African participation in the rapidly evolving global ‘Earth Observing’ system. The project will provide a Water Observation and Information System for water authorities, technical centres and other stakeholders which will be developed in close collaboration with the African users.

Gisat contributes to the development of decision support systems to exploit information based on EO imagery

The DREAM project aims to define and prototype the operations concept for Decision Support and Real Time EO Data Management.

GMES Emergency Response Service : e-GEOS-led European consortium to become EU sole Rush Services Provider in support of disaster events management

e-GEOS, an ASI/Telespazio Company, has been awarded 3 years framework contracts for Emergency Mapping Services in Rush and non-Rush Modes, in support of crisis management, delivering geo information for Civil Protections and other crisis management end-users at European level.

GRAS News from the website

News about detail urban mapping in Sweden, mapping environmental impacts of hydro power in Laos or mapping of available solar energy for solar power applications…

Half price DMCii 2011 country image packs in New Year sale

Remote sensing solutions provider DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) has today launched its New Year sale during which customers can purchase its high quality, ready-to-use country image packs half price.

Metria to map forest and imperviosness for EEA

(2012-02-02) Metria won GMES GIO Land contracts to map the Nordic countries/Baltic States, but also as a subcontractor perform pre-processing of satellite data covering Turkey.

PCI press releases

PCI news about Geomatica 2012, GXL technology used to process 1m imagery for ArcGIS Online World Imagery Map, online courses, ….

Planetek activities for GMES Initial Operations (GIO) Land Monitoring Services

At the beginning of year 2012 the EEA awarded the contract to Planetek Italia to map high-resolution Forest and Impervious Area characteristics in Southern Europe (West and Central Mediterranean region) in the framework of the GMES Initial Operations (GIO) Land Monitoring Services.

RapidEye Imagery Contributes to African Malaria Control Project

Brandenburg / Havel, Germany, March 13, 2012 – RapidEye, the leader in high-resolution, wide area repetitive coverage of earth through its constellation of satellites announced today that its imagery is being used by the MALAREO project to assist with malaria control programs in countries in southern Africa.

Review: Training Yarkant River-Project

MFB-GeoConsulting Training Course: Monitoring and Early Warning System in the area of Yarkant River, Xinjiang Province

Satellite data shows Venice is still sinking

Venice has experienced major subsidence over the last century due to ground water extraction.

ScanEx news

Space Technologies for the Arctic Region exploration,…

Spacetec News

NPP systems delivered and Successfull installation of MEOS™ Polar system for INSA at Canary Island Space Sentre

Success of the SEISMO system in NATO’s interoperability exercises

(03/04/2012) Spain has taken part in NATO’s Technical Interoperability Experiment for 2012 (TIE12) with the GMV-developed Mobile ISTAR Operating system (called SEISMO after its Spanish initials: Sistema de Explotación ISTAR Móvil).

Towards sustainable Marine & Coastal space based services in support of European Water Quality legislation

Water quality is one focus of monitoring agencies and the public, and it is subject of several European Directives: Water Framework Directive (WFD), Bathing Water Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), and regional conventions: OSPAR), HELCOM), etc. Yet in order to be effective, the implementation of such legislations needs to be rigorously monitored. In this respect, and in the context of GMES initiative, water quality services are paramount.

Trimble Acquires Gatewing to Expand its Survey Solutions to Include Aerial Mapping

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 6, 2012—Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) announced today that it has acquired privately-held Gatewing of Gent, Belgium, a provider of lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for photogrammetry and rapid terrain mapping applications. The acquisition broadens Trimble’s industry-leading platforms for surveying solutions. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Earth Observation News

After 10 years of service, Envisat has stopped sending data to Earth

ESA’s mission control is working to re-establish contact with the satellite. Although this landmark mission has been in orbit twice as long as it was designed for, ESA hopes to keep the satellite in service until the launch of the successor Sentinel missions.

Astrium Successfully Completes In-orbit Delivery Of The SSOT Satellite System

(27 March 2012) Astrium’s teams have successfully completed the in-orbit delivery of the SSOT satellite system, which launched from the European spaceport in French Guiana on 16 December 2011.

Aurensis participates in the Web Site consultation and sale of maps of Panama

Telespazio Group, along with its parent company Finmeccanica, participates in the Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Training and Financing of Digital Mapping System of the Republic of Panama for the Tommy Guardia National Geographic Institute of Panama (IGNTG), whose generate objective optical imaging radar satellite images 1:5000 and 1:25000 and 1:5000 topographic mapping and 1:25000 vector.

Baidu.com Signs Multiyear Subscription For DigitalGlobe Imagery

(19 March 2012) DigitalGlobe, a leading global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, today announced that China’s most influential internet search portal, Baidu.com, has signed a subscription for DigitalGlobe high-resolution imagery covering 344 cities in China.

DigitalGlobe Provides Superior Precision Aerial Imagery For The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts

(2 April 2012) DigitalGlobe, a leading global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, today announced their agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide statewide Precision Aerial imagery that exceeds the requirements of the Massachusetts state Geographic Information System (MassGIS) Department.

DigitalGlobe Providing Broader Content Across Microsoft Bing Maps And Xbox

(26 March 2012) DigitalGlobe, a leading global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, today announced two licensing agreements with Microsoft.

Earth observation for reliable, cost-effective characterisation of operational risk in ice-prone waters

Earth observation (EO) technologies are exceptionally useful in monitoring polar regions: EO can capture imagery over a broad geographic area as well as revisit the same areas at reliable intervals for frequent repeat captures.

ESA is inviting 20 developers to its "App Developer Lab" from 18 to 22 June 2012

ESA is inviting 20 developers to its ESRIN location in Frascati and offers them the opportunity to meet with other developers, create mobile applications using satellite data, and gain insight into ESA’s work.

GIS and RS Technologies for Conservation of Nature

Starting in February 2011 an information center has been functioning within the “Transparent World” structure. It is intended for provision of operational information and resource GIS/RS support on current nature protection issues of public importance.

GlobIce: mapping the movement of sea ice

(14 March 2012) An ESA-funded project to model sea ice dynamics using archived radar data from the Envisat and ERS missions has released its first validated datasets for the Arctic winters of 2004–11. Mapping sea ice displacement is key for climate research.

ITT Exelis Delivers Imaging System For Next-generation, High-resolution GeoEye-2 Satellite

(10 April 2012) ITT Exelis Geospatial Systems has delivered GeoEye’s next-generation commercial imaging system for the GeoEye-2 satellite to Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Report 2nd OGEO Workshop (7-9 December 2011, Esrin, Frascati, Italy)

The Oil and Gas Earth Observation group (OGEO) is an initiative, supported by ESA, of representatives from the oil and gas industry and service providers in the earth observation business, to encourage and support their interaction.

Russia Launches Military Satellite

(4 April 2012) Cosmos class reconnaissance satelllite successful in orbit

Satellites Map Earth’s Vital Resources

(21 March 2012) Recent studies show that satellite radar data can be exploited to map forest height, 3D forest structure and their natural or anthropogenic disturbance with high spatial resolution and accuracy.

Using Satellite Images To Search For Ancient Settlements

(23 March 2012) For decades, working as an archaeologist meant being, as Jason Ur, the John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences, puts it, “the guy with the muddy boots.”


Second Phase Of Activities Gives New Impulse To SAFs

(22 March 2012) The second Continuous Development and Operations Phase (CDOP-2) for Eumetsat’s Satellite Application Facility (SAF) network which began this month will improve and expand the portfolio of SAF products and services over the next five years.

Space FP7 Work Programme 2013

The 2013 draft edition of the FP7 Work Programme (Theme 9: Space) is hereby made public at an early stage in the adoption of process.

Tech All Stars - the best European web entrepreneurs

The initiative “Tech All Stars” was one idea proposed at Digital Agenda Assembly 2011 by the participants and it is now a reality.

UNOSAT launches second generation GDACS Satellite Mapping Coordination System

13 April 2012, Geneva, Switzerland – The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) reached another milestone today as the second generation of its Satellite Mapping Coordination System (SMCS) was officially launched. GDACS is a cooperation framework for natural disaster alerts operating under the umbrella of the United Nations.


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