I recently attended the workshop organised by ESRIN focused on EO services and the oil & gas industry. Han Wensink (EARSC Chairman) was a member of the organizing committee and the 2 day meeting involved about 100 experts coming from the two industries. Credit and thanks to ESA and Steve Coulson and his team for taking this initiative which led to many very interesting discussions.

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Interview with Dr. Stephan Haverkamp, Senior Underwriter, Munich RE

In the next issue of EOMAG, EARSC had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Haverkamp from Munich RE some relevant questions for the Insurance sector and its possible partnership with Geo-information service providers.

Industry Profile

TAS in Environment and Security

The deterioration of our environment as well as the increase of natural disasters require the implementation of powerful means which meet the needs of modeling, analysis and prediction.

EARSC Activities

EARSC Evolution & eoVox-2 Status

EARSC members will recall the successful eoVox-1 study conducted in 2006 by EARSC, with ESA support (Several of the outputs of that study helped to define the EARSC evolution strategy for 2007 and beyond )

EARSC Membership: Strengthening the voice of Geo-information Industry

EARSC is a non-profit-making organisation created in 1989. The mission of EARSC is to foster the development of European Geo-Information Service Industry. Our main objective is to stimulate a sustainable market for geo-information services using EO data, which is openly accessible to all members.

How to publish your articles/events at EOmag?

Content for publication is welcomed and can be submitted at any time for consideration. Let us help you bring your article to the world.

Member News

AnsuR news

AnsuR is particularly proud of leading an international project for creating a sustainable solutions for image communcations integrated with satellite earth observation for emergency and disaster management.

Aratos Technologies S.A. news

Aratos recent news

Astrium launches TerraSure - a pay-as-you-use online risk management tool for the insurance market

Online risk analysis for underwriters. Desktop survey for claims management

BMT launches dedicated Operational Client Weather and Ocean Information Centre to support operations worldwide

BMT ARGOSS, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has launched a dedicated 24/7, 365 days a year operational, maritime weather forecasting centre which will provide vital support for its customer’s operations such as platform installations and maintenance, near shore cable lay operations, dredging works, ship to ship transfers, ongoing LNG terminal operations and port monitoring.

Brockmann Consult news

News from 3 last months

Deimos-1 Catalog Online

Our satellite has taken images equivalent to more than twice the emerged surface of the Earth. You may be interested in some of them.

DMCii News

Past news

EDISOFT is one of EMSA’s CleanSeaNet Service Providers until 2013

EDISOFT, the Portuguese software engineering company leader of the national Space Systems market, announces it has been awarded by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to provide the oil spill monitoring and vessel detection service for the 2nd Generation of CleanSeaNet for the South-West/Canary Islands European coastal waters.

FORMOSAT-2 acquires imagery of toxic sludge spill in the Hungarian village of Kolontar

Monday 4 October, a reservoir burst its banks at an alumina plant in Ajka, Hungary, releasing a flood of some 1.1 million cubic metres of toxic residues.

Gisat News

The company has been awarded of the public contract to implement LPIS quality inspection in the Czech Republic.

Infoterra latest News

News from last months

Metria - a unique EO data and service provider

Metria holds a long and unique experience in providing satellite data and services to our clients. As a reseller we offer:

New TerraSAR-X Online Archive now released - All Archive Data HALF PRICE throughout October

A new, easy-to-use online interface for TerraSAR-X Archive Data ordering is now up-and-running on Infoterra GmbH’s website.

PCI News

News in Blog…

RapidEye recent News

Latest news

Resac: The Twentieth International Symposium "Modern technologies, education and professional practice in geodesy and related fields" was held in Albena resort, Flamingo Grand Hotel.

The International symposium with an exhibition was organized by the Union of Surveyors and Land Managers in Bulgaria, under the auspices and in close cooperation with eminent international geodetic and others organizations.

Spacemetric News

Reccent News

SymetriGEO Services by Astrium supports the UK-led Common Geospatial Tool Set Project (CGTS)

Focus on the benefits of an ‘open-standards approach’. Promoting geo capability across the security sector utilising ERDAS

U.K. company plans survey satellite fleet

A $160 million project will launch three new British satellites by 2013 to image the surface of Earth, a commercial company says.

Earth Observation News

10th Anniversary Of The International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters

In 2000, the International Charter “Space and Major Disasters” was set up on the initiative of ESA (European Space Agency) and CNES (France’s Centre national d’études spatiales). Its purpose is to make it easier for emergency services to access satellite data in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

AeroGRID to provide aerial photography of South Africa

AeroGRID has announced the availability of wide area aerial photography of South Africa. The imagery, which comprises over 400,000km² of orthophoto coverage includes high resolution photos of Cape Town, is being supplied by Geosense a core AeroGRID partner.

Africa: Policymakers Urged to Make Use of Space Data

Addis Ababa — The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) have agreed to promote the use of scientific information obtained from space-based facilities to better manage disasters in Africa, during a three-day meeting in Addis Ababa last summer

An Ideal Spot for Satellite-Based Remote Sensing

Tromsø is a hub for many types of high-knowledge industries. One of these is the satellite-based remote sensing cluster – a consequence of the city’s high northern latitude. The cluster is involved in a broad range of activities, from trials flying unmanned aircraft systems through volcanic ash to the use of satellite images to monitor catastrophic oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.

BARSC in the Sunshine with Quarry One Eleven

The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC) is a highly proactive organisation that represents the interests of commercial organisations involved in remote sensing. Formed in 1985, BARSC has an impressive track record of serving the interests of major companies, small and medium enterprises and independent consultants. The Executive Committee of BARSC works tirelessly to create an informative and valuable calendar of events for the members and these are always well attended.

Belize’s forests vanishing!

We’ve heard recently of the use of satellite imagery in petroleum exploration work in Belize. Local and global observation systems are now being advanced that would allow people around the globe to collect and share data, as easily as one browses the Internet.

Conference At The European Parliament On 'A New Space Policy For Europe'

Europe’s future in space and the opportunities it will offer to us all will be discussed at a conference in Brussels on October 26–27 under the aegis of the European Parliament.

Defence Intelligence: How is geoint affecting decision-making in every aspect of the world armed forces?

Hundreds of geo capability specialists, C4ISR and architect commanders will be gathering at Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) 2011, January 24-27th in London to discuss how GEOINT is affecting and impacting every aspect of the worlds armed forces.

Earth Observation key to tackle climate change

KATHMANDU, Oct 5: Participants at a symposium Monday aired the view that Earth Observation was one of the keys to improving scientific knowledge and understanding of the climate change phenomena in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region.

Earthstar Geographics Continues Upgrades to TerraColor® 15-Meter Global Satellite Imagery

Earthstar Geographics LLC (San Diego, CA, USA) today announced the release of the latest round of upgrades to their TerraColor 15-meter global satellite imagery dataset.

EO Sector Needs Support To Stand On Its Own

The commercial remote-sensing business is still on a rapid growth trajectory, but weaning the sector from military and government sales will be difficult, as German startup Rapid Eye has discovered.

ERDAS: Earth to Business News 7-8/10

Next Edition of Earth to Business: The ERDAS E-Newsletter! To provide you with useful information, including significant ERDAS announcements, customer success stories and feature tips

ESA overcomes glitch on gravity-mapping satellite

The European Space Agency’s GOCE satellite is again collecting data on Earth’s gravitational field after a computer glitch disrupted the flow of scientific communications to the ground.

Eurisy Position Paper: Contribution to the next EU Financial Perspective

Eurisy is pleased to send you its Position Paper 2010.

Eurisy User Study: Successful Experiences in Using Satellite Services

What are the determining factors that make an end-user’s experience a success story? Who are the pioneering users of satellite information and services? What are their characteristics in terms of areas of activity, needs and responsibilities, organisational structures, resources and personal attributes?

Euromap GmbH and ESA Commence Operation of Interfaces to Make IRS Data Available to GMES Service Projects

Euromap GmbH, the exclusive supplier of Indian Remote Sensing data in Europe, has become the first GMES Contributing Mission Entity to provide data from optical missions to ESRIN through dedicated operational interfaces.

European Environment Agency and Esri Put Map Service in Cloud

The European Environment Agency (EEA) and Esri have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The agreement supports the design and development of ways to share and access essential geographic environmental data provided by the agency’s 38 European member countries.

GEO News

(Issue #10, 5 October 2010)

German satellite meets fiery end

After 10 years in orbit and 58277 trips around the earth, the georesearch satellite CHAMP collected material that made for one of the most successful Earth observation missions yet, say researchers.

GOCE Back Up And Operational

Following recovery from a glitch that prevented ESA’s GOCE gravity mission from sending any scientific data to the ground, the satellite has been gently brought back down to its operational altitude and resumed normal service – delivering the most detailed gravity data to date.

Indian Satellite To Check Greenhouse Gas And Aerosol Emissions

Bangalore, India (SPX) Oct 01, 2010. India will launch a dedicated satellite in 2012 to monitor greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions, Union Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh said beggining October

International Cooperation Brings South Africa Environmental Data

South African researchers are benefitting from a unique partnership between NASA and agencies in Africa and Europe that is sending more than 30 terabytes of satellite data to support sustainable development and environmental applications in Africa, the U.S. space agency announced October 6.

ISRO To Launch Four Satellites In December

The Indian Space Research. Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up to launch four satellites within a span of one week in December, a top space scientist said mid September.

Keeping a watch on the world

The latest computer gadgetry to monitor the ever-evolving landscape of our planet and the elemental forces that shape it are the subject of a new knowledge exchange network being led by The University of Nottingham.

LizardTech MrSID Generation 4 Files Now Supported in Overwatch's LIDAR Analyst

LizardTech®, a division of Celartem Inc. and a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing geospatial content, announced the integration of its MrSID® Generation 4 Decode SDK (MG4 DSDK) into Overwatch’s LIDAR Analyst® software application.

More than 1,200 satellites to be launched over the next 10 years

Two thirds of the market derives from government demand

NASA, USAID Expand Environmental Monitoring System to Another Continent

NASA and the U.S. Agency for International Development have expanded their successful collaboration with international partners to launch an innovative, web-based environmental management system for the Himalaya region.

Notes from the HUMBOLDT Project

In September 2006 the HUMBOLDT project started with the main goal to support and contribute to the implementation of a European Spatial Data Infrastructure (ESDI). Now, four eventful years have passed and the regular runtime of the project has ended in September 2010.

OGC and ISPRS to collaborate on GEOSS and other activities

The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC®) and the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance the development and use of geospatial standards.

OGC Standards Officially Endorsed by Federal Geographic Data Committee

The US Federal Geographic Data Committee (http://www.fgdc.gov ) (FGDC) Steering Committee has officially endorsed a group of OGC standards along with other standards developed externally to FGDC.

PlanetObserver Launches New Website

September 2010 sees the launch of PlanetObserver newly redesigned website with a vibrant new look and new content detailing the company’s product portfolio and know-how.

Satellite to provide images of disasters

KATHMANDU: A team of Japanese scientists has installed a receiver that will directly provide real time satellite imagery when natural disasters occur in the country. The receiver was installed on the premises of International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD in Khumaltar of Lalitpur)

SMOS Water Mission Winning Battle With Interference

The results from ESA’s SMOS satellite have been impressive, but the mission has been bugged by patches of interference from radar, TV and radio transmissions in what should be a protected band.

SWIFT E-News n°13

October 2010 issue

Taiwan, Nicaragua ink satellite imaging pact

Taiwan and Nicaragua recently signed a satellite information cooperative agreement under which Taiwan will provide aerial view photographs to its Central American diplomatic ally to help with disaster prevention and land utilization efforts there.

VisionMap Announces A3 color- IR Digital Camera Availability

VisionMap Ltd announced today Oct 6 the availability of its newest product, the A3 CIR large format digital camera. A3 CIR (color-IR) provides near-infrared imagery (NIR) in combination with high resolution color imagery.

What is the potential of infra-red imagery and sensing as geospatial technology integrates?

Why don’t we see Bing City Infra-Red, Google Thermal Street View and Nokia Geotagging Spectral Smartphones? Maybe part of it has do with privacy issues, but the technology is already present, only the application is needed. However, there can be little doubt that geospatial and geomatic technology integration can tie thermal imaging sensor data to applications where we live and work.

What is the value of 3D farming?

Landscape managers have traditionally depended upon the use of 2D tools and applications for the development and production of food. However, three-dimensional spatial applications are highly oriented to two things — better communication and higher efficiency.

What systems does NASA use to monitor oil spills?

NASA recently celebrated the ten year birthday of the Terra Satellite, which was put to work on February 24, 2000. The Terra Satellite is one of the Earth Observing System (EOS) group of satellites, with the title EOS AM-1.

“Space for the African Citizen” in Brussels.

UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER Senior Expert Jörg Szarzynski participated in the High Level Conference “Space for the African Citizen” in Brussels.

“Why ‘Where’ Matters: Understanding and Profiting from GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing”

A new and interesting geospatial book titled “Why ‘Where’ Matters: Understanding and Profiting from GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing” has been published.


Application of EO satellites to disaster monitoring

The small satellite constellation for environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting (SSCEDMF) is an important component of China’s earth-observation satellite system.

During SummerFP7 EAMNe t project has been launched to support the GMES-Africa initiative

The Europe-Africa Marine Earth Observation (EO) Network (EAMNet) project, funded under the space theme of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7), was launched on 20-21 July 2010 as one of the three projects supporting the definition and implementation of the GMES-Africa initiative. EUMETSAT participated to the kick-off meeting.

ESCAP launched Asia-Pacific mechanism on drought monitoring and early warning

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), launched in to service a Regional Cooperative Mechanism on Drought Monitoring and Early Warning in Nanjing, China.

European Commission Outlines Top Space Priorities

BRUSSELS -The European Space Agency (ESA), the European Union and EU member states must work more closely, a top European Commission official said to Defense News Oct. 4.

FP7 Cooperation Work Programme (Space)

The objective of the FP7 space work programme is to support a European Space Policy focusing on applications such as GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), with benefits for citizens, but also other space foundation areas for the competitiveness of the European space industry.

Joint Declaration of the European Commission and the Council regarding the adoption of the GMES regulation and its initial operations (2011–2013)

On 16 June 2010 the whole European Parliament approved at first reading under the co-decision procedure the Commission’s proposal for a regulation on the GMES programme and its initial operations 2011–2013 (COM0223).

NASA sends terrabytes of data to African environmental scientists

A unique partnership between NASA and agencies in Africa and Europe is sending more than 30 terabytes of free Earth science satellite data to South African researchers to support sustainable development and environmental applications in Africa.

The Council of Ministers adopted the regulation on the GMES programme and its initial operations (2011-2013)

At the occasion of the General Affairs Council meeting that took place on 13 September 2010, EU Ministers adopted the proposal for a regulation on the European Earth observation programme (GMES) and its initial operations (2011-2013).

The EU and AUC discuss space policies for Africa

On 15 September 2010, a high level political dialogue on “Space and Africa” brought together leading figures in the European and African space sectors.

The European Commission launched the Marine Knowledge 2020 initiative

On 13 September 2010 the European Commission (DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) presented the Marine Knowledge 2020 initiative which aims to improve knowledge of Europe’s seas and oceans. In line with the EU 2020 economic strategy, the initiative is one of the three cross-cutting goals of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy.


Events Autumn 2010

Events Autumn 2010