Beyond Sentinel Data Policy

Beyond Sentinel Data Policy
The EO Data Policy envisaged by ESA proposes a free and unlimited access to Sentinel satellite data. This is expected to stimulate the value added services sector far beyond a successful implementation of operational GMES services.

However, it must not be forgotten that the Sentinels have been designed to ensure data continuity, filling gaps in existing international, national, and commercial missions. Consequently, the successful implementation of GMES services that correspond precisely to the user needs defined in the early stages of GMES, requires a non-discriminatory access to data from all these missions. Thus, a comprehensive GMES data policy needs to go beyond the Sentinels.

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Interview with Richard Eyers, Remote Sensing Consultant at SHELL International Exploration and Production

In this issue of EOMAG, EARSC has an opportunity to feature an interview with Mr Richard Eyers to talk about the oil and gas sector and its links with EO downstream services.

Industry Profile

TRE, 20 years of interferometry

TRE has gained a central position within the InSAR community worldwide thanks to its pioneer research in radar remote sensing and Earth observation satellites. The result is proprietary technologies, namely PSInSAR™, DespecKS™ and SqueeSAR™.

EARSC Activities

EARSC Membership: Strengthening the voice of Geo-information Industry

EARSC is a non-profit-making organisation created in 1989. The mission of EARSC is to foster the development of European Geo-Information Service Industry. Our main objective is to stimulate a sustainable market for geo-information services using EO data, which is openly accessible to all members.

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Member News

Aerodata International Surveys: Aerial Mapping from Belguim

Directions Magazine interviewed Fred Hagman, managing director at Aerodata International Surveys, about the company’s operations, products and services, its membership in the aeroGRID consortium, and the growing demand for aerial imagery. The company, headquartered at the Antwerp Airport in Belgium, is an independent, private airborne surveying and mapping company founded in 1992.

Aurensis recent news

File Management Technical Hydrocarbons + Aurensis in telecommunication+ Data surveillance with miniUAV

Belgium now in high resolution on Google Earth and Maps

Since August all Belgians can now view new, high resolution aerial imagery of their country on Google Earth/Maps!

Chelys srl news

Over the last few months, Chelys has produced new mosaics using new and improved techniques such as SAR-sharpening, Orthorectification and Clouds and Shadows detection and removal.

Clutter Map for POLYCOM finished

MFB-GeoConsulting provides a new, outstanding 3D digital Land Use (Clutter) Map to Telecom Industry to improve radio network planning for the Swiss National Security Board’s POLYCOM Project.

Definiens to Launch Online Application Center

Definiens is Developing an Application Marketplace for Earth Sciences Professionals

Deimos Imaging: Launch of Deimos-1 successful

A new era in operational Earth Observation was started by the launch 29. July of Deimos-1 and UK-DMC2 from Baikonur aboard a Dniepr rocket. The new satellites provide a manyfold increase in the capacity of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation and are capable of commercial, high-volume, image deliveries that are unprecedented for this class of radiometric and spatial resolutions.

e-geos news

…e-geos news…

Euroconsult: First Symposium on Earth Observation Business

The First Symposium on Earth Observation Business took place in Paris on September 10. This unique event brought together an international cast of top-level representatives from the entire Earth Observation value chain: government, satellite manufacturers, satellite operators, data resellers, service providers and end users.

EUROSENSE maps roof insulation quality of cities in Belgium and France

As a prominent player in the earth observation sector, EUROSENSE added the realization of a thermographic map of the city of Genk, the region of Antwerp, the municipality of Garches (near Paris) and the city of Brussels, to its portfolio. The project in Antwerp, including 20 surrounding municipalities, is probably the largest project ever executed, allowing inhabitants to check their roof insulation quality

Gisat to analyze CLC2006

Gisat has been awarded by the EEA for CLC2000/2006 data analysis services provision

GMV News

Skysoft Portugal adopts GMV brand+GMV in the Space Sector Top 50

GRACE announces market study on the Greek Space sector

GRACE Ltd has performed a thorough survey on Space technologies and applications in Greece.

Infoterra Group News

…news on VTracker, Autodesk LandXplorer Studio, 3D city mapping tool…

Kongsberg Spacetec News

… news on MEOS™ Control…

News from Spot Image website

…SPOT-2 archive, spor magazine 46…

PCI Geomatics news

Planetek and ERDAS

ENEA Relies on ERDAS APOLLO to Ensure Sustainability

Product Perspective: Five New Stars In The Sky — RapidEye

Today, the use of GIS technology is of growing importance for governmental and private economy bodies. A GIS is the main tool for collecting, managing, manipulating and visualizing data, referenced to a certain place on Earth. Already now most of monitoring and decision making processes are not feasible without modern GIS technologies.

RapidEye news...

High Revisit Capability Allows for Fast Coverage of Persistently Cloudy Areas…Added to USDA/FAS/OGA/IPAD Prime Vendor Contract…AAMHatch Named Australian Distributor…

Spacemetric news Autumn 2009

Spacemetric integrating DMCii with ESA HMA and DMCii orders UK-DMC2 sensor model

Spot Infoterra enters into collaboration with MAG Group in China

Beijing, September 29, 2009 – Spot Infoterra, a world leader in the field of geo-information products and services, and a division of Astrium Services, today announced the signing of a major agreement with MAG Group in China.


Starlab…Space…Smart new concepts for Remote Sensing applications

Yuzhoye: YSDO

Information about scheduled events 2010

Earth Observation News

Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of 4 Crops with a Geographic Information System

For centuries, maps have stirred imaginations and inspired explorations of the unknown. Today, maps are used to help understand relationships across areas and regions. These spatial relationships are analyzed using digital maps within a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environment.

Astrium Wins Contract for Two Satellites and Test Facility in Kazakhstan

[Satellite TODAY 10-07-09] Astrium was awarded a contract by Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary (KGS) to build two Earth observation satellites for the Kazakhstan government and create a joint venture for the construction of an assembly, integration and test facility in Astana, Kazakhstan, Astrium announced Oct. 6.

Collaboration Specim and Airborne Technologies

September 21, 2009 SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd. (Oulu, Finland), a leading provider of Hyperspectral Imaging sensors and Airborne Technologies GmbH (Wiener Neustadt, Austria) have agreed about collaboration which aims at providing the airborne remote sensing market with turnkey multiple sensor platforms.

DigitalGlobe Named Earth Observation Operator of the Year

Company Recognized at the 6th Annual Awards for Excellence in Satellite Management in Paris

DigitalGlobe: Launch Date for WorldView-2 scheduled for October 8, 2009

DigitalGlobe today announced that it has received October 8, 2009, as the new scheduled launch date for its WorldView-2 high-resolution remote-sensing satellite.

Earth observation and the water cycle, Frascati, Italy

A conference entitled ‘Earth observation and the water cycle: towards a water cycle multi-mission strategy’ will be held from 18 to 20 November in Frascati, Italy.

Enlightenments: EO — A New Age In Digital Satellite Imagery

After massive flooding in an Eurasian country, relief workers seek open roads, allowing them to bring necessary supplies to stranded residents. Amid the chaos of war, a military general redirects a planned convoy to safety. Scientists measure the true levels of coastal erosion, an oilfield worker finds new potential for digging, and a tourist successfully navigates to a hotel in an unfamiliar city. Every day, satellite imagery plays a significant role in the decisions — both small and large — that make a difference in our lives.

ESA campaign reveals glimpse of future Sentinel-3 imagery

As part of the development process for ESA’s Sentinel-3 Earth observation mission, remote-sensing experts carried out an extensive experiment campaign across southern Europe this summer. The results provide valuable insight into the imagery the mission will deliver after it is launched in 2013.

GOCE delivering data for best gravity map ever

Following the launch and in-orbit testing of the most sophisticated gravity mission ever built, ESA’s GOCE satellite is now in ‘measurement mode’, mapping tiny variations in Earth’s gravity in unprecedented detail.

Industry Presentations Information day on the GMES Sentinel Data Policy, Brussels, 11/09/2009

The Industry Information day on the GMES Sentinel Data Policy was jointly organized by the GMES bureau of the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA).

INPE reaches the mark of 1 million images distributed free

October 2nd, 2009. A pioneer in free images distribution by internet of low resolution satellite data, INPE exceeded on Monday (Sept. 29th) the mark of one million images.

International Science Teams Selected For Aquarius/SAC-D Mission

Pasadena CA (SPX) Oct 02, 2009. NASA and Argentina’s Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE), with support from the Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovative Production (MinCyT), have selected additional members of the international scientific investigating team for the Aquarius/Satelite de Aplicaciones Científicas (SAC)-D mission, scheduled to launch in 2010. The new team members include two from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

NATO chief warns of climate change security risks

London (AFP) Oct 1, 2009. Climate change has “potentially huge security implications” and NATO countries should use the alliance as a forum to address the challenges it creates, the new NATO chief said Thursday.

OceanObs'09 adopts Conference Statement

More than 600 participants from 36 nations attended the OceanObs’09 conference. The conference statement drafted as a result of the week’s discussions is available for comment through 4 October, 2009.

Satellite data instrumental in combating desertification

(7 October 2009). With land degradation in dryland regions continuing to worsen, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification has agreed on scientist-recommended indicators for monitoring and assessing desertification that signatory countries must report on.

Small and medium sized enterprises in the defence sector

Directorate General Entreprise is organising seven conferences on “Strengthening European small and medium sized enterprises in the defence sector” in different Member States between October 2009 and June 2010.

SMOS arrives safely at Russian launch site

After leaving Thales Alenia Space in the south of France on 15 September, ESA’s SMOS Earth Explorer has arrived safely at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia, where it will be prepared for launch on 2 November.

Space for Security and Defence: Towards increased synergies among European stakeholders

Brussels, 21 September 2009. More than 120 delegates representing European institutional stakeholders and industry across the civilian, security and defence domain attended the workshop on ‘Space for Security and Defence’, jointly organised by the European Defence Agency, the European Commission and the European Space Agency in Brussels on 16 September.

The ESA-EUSC-JRC 2009 Conference on Image Information Mining: automation of geospatial intelligence from Earth Observation

…will be held at EUSC, Torrejon air base – Madrid (Spain) on November 3-5, 2009.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology seminar on Earth Observation Satellites 30 November 2009: IET London: Savoy Place

The seminar on Earth Observation Satellites will examine challenges faced by manufacturers of Earth Observation satellites, experiences of operators, the views of end-users and the future of Earth Observation technology.

UN-SPIDER September 2009 Updates

“The ambitions of Europe in Space” October 15 and 16, Brussels

will address Europe’s most ambitious programmes: GALILEO and GMES and their prospective benefits to technology, industry and society.


Call for GMES experts

Notice of call for expressions of interest concerning technical assistance in evaluating, monitoring and validating GMES projects and services.

Call for proposals: Earth Explorer Opportunity Mission

As part of its Earth Observation Envelope Programme, the European Space Agency (ESA) announces an opportunity for scientists from the Earth Observation communities in ESA Member States and Canada to make proposals for missions to be evaluated as a potential Earth Explorer Opportunity Mission.

Consultation on Community innovation policy (concerns space-based services)

communication from the EC “Reviewing Community innovation policy in a changing world” (com(2009)442final_en.pdf), which presents an assessment of the achievements and shortcomings in implementing Community policies in support of innovation in recent years.

EC communication/satellites and measuring progress beyond GDP

Please find here for information the Communication from the EC: « GDP and beyond – Measuring progress in a changing world”

EP - ITRE committee meeting - GMES initial operations

European Earth observation programme (GMES) and its initial operations 2011–2013

EUROSUR Progress Report

(EC “Report on Progress Made in Developing the European Border Surveillance System (Eurosur)”

Financial instruments for SME´s

The European Commission has a set of measures to help finance innovative and growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

FP7 calls for proposals

FP7 calls for proposals

Information: European Parliament

Election of new chairs and vice-chairs in environment and security related committees

INSPIRE Draft Technical Guidance Download Services (v.2.0)

(SEP) The Network Drafting Team has finalised the next version of their proposal for the Download service.

New pages on provide an entry point to pre-operational GMES services

New pages have been created on this website which describe in more details the GMES services currently developped in the field of marine monitoring, emergency response, atmosphere monitoring and security.

Space sector/EC Sectoral Overview 2009 "European Industry in a changing world"

EC updated Sectoral Overview 2009 “European Industry in a changing world”

United Nations Environment Programme’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre

September 28, 2009, Cambridge, United Kingdom – The United Nations Environment Programme‘s World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) today announced that they have invited Safe Software into their Proteus Partnership, a collaboration of progressive corporate business leaders and the UNEP-WCMC.

Water efficiency should be a major item for discussion in the current debate on climate change

As reported by Euractiv, the European Environment Agency (EEA) wants the current climate change debate to focus on water efficiency at least as heavily as it does on energy efficiency and the energy performance of buildings.


Events Autumn 2009

Events Autumn 2009