A very warm welcome to the summer 2009 edition of EOMag!. EARSC has had a busy time in spring. We held our Annual General Meeting in Brussels on the 25th of June, which was well-attended with over 35 members present. The Chairman, Han Wensink, presented an overview of the association’s activities over the past year: some highlights are that EARSC now has its own office up and running in Brussels; we hope to soon have a secretary-general appointed; and strong engagement at senior levels with the European Space Agency and the European Commission continues, as you will read below

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EMSA 1: Interview with Leendert Bal, Head of Operations Department of the European Maritime Safety Agency

In this issue of EOMAG, EARSC has an opportunity to feature an interview with Mr. Leendert Bal, Head of Operations Department of the European Maritime Safety Agency to talk about some aspects of Maritime Safety and Maritime Surveillance and links with satellite based services


EMSA 2: CleanSeaNet: An oil spill detection service for European seas

In 2005 the European Parliament and Council adopted a Directive (2005/35/EC) aimed at incorporating international standards for ship-sourced pollution into Community law and at discouraging illegal discharges of oil from ships by ensuring that persons responsible are subject to adequate penalties.


Interview with Susanne Mecklenburg and Achim Hahne to talk about some aspects relevant for the SMOS Mission

In this issue of EOMAG, EARSC will have the opportunity to feature an interview with Susanne Mecklenburg and Achim Hahne to talk about some aspects relevant for the SMOS Mission.

Industry Profile

BMT ARGOSS: Specialist provider and leading innovator in the field of environmental information

BMT ARGOSS is a consulting and information services company monitoring, analysing and forecasting environmental conditions with a focus on providing meteorological and oceanographic solutions to the offshore, coastal and harbour sectors, and urban management authorities.

EARSC Activities

eoVox-2: Activities in support of the value-adding sector

As announced at the AGM, EARSC plans to step up its activities in helping its members expand EO services into more non-traditional areas and market sectors.

GMES Governance Workshop

The GMES Governance workshop organised by the EARSC and EUROSPACE Associations in cooperation with the GMES Bureau and the European Economic and Social Committee, EESC held on May 11 in Brussels, was successful in that it lived up to the main objective exposing possible governance models and making a first evaluation of their impact on the industry.

Seminar on Oil & Gas

Following the AGM, we held a well-received seminar on the oil and gas industry, also extending into related areas such as renewable energy, and how remote sensing can be used in this sector.

Member News

1st Symposium on Earth Observation Business

10 September 2009. The Westin, Paris.
Commercial satellite-based Earth observation business gaining ground

4C Controls and Telespazio enlarge and consolidate their partnership

…4C Satimage and e-GEOS in January 2009 for the commercialization of COSMO-SkyMed synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data in the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia (MENASEA) region…

AURENSIS signs an agreement with Google to become enterprise partner for Google Geospatial Solutions

Aurensis SLU, the Telespazio – Finmeccanica/Thales company in Spain, has signed a partnership agreement with Google, to become an Enterprise partner for the enterprise versions of Google Earth and Google Maps.

Brockmann Consult as part of The BEAM Project

BEAM is an open-source toolbox and development platform for viewing, analysing and processing of remote sensing raster data.

Brownfield monitoring through earth observation data - A project focused on the identification and analysis of brownfields

WALPHOT is working on a project called BROWNFIELDS. Within this project WALPHOT aims to assess how remote sensing-based services can support the responsible governmental institutions in the monitoring and management of brownfields. A test-case is developed in Andenne (Belgium).

C-CORE expands satellite and radar business through acquisition of VPI

St. John’s, NL – C-CORE and Kanata based Vantage Point International (VPI) announced today that they have completed the C-CORE acquisition of VPI’s assets.

Chelys: Earth Snapshot

a daily view of the planet

COSMO-SkyMed for Emergencies – detailed study of the Abruzzo case

(26th June, 2009) INNOVA Consorzio per l’Informatica e la Telematica has assisted ASI (Italian Space Agency) in a detailed study of how the COSMO-SkyMed system responds to an emergency situation, looking into the specific case of the 5.8 Ml magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy on Monday 6th of April 2009.

Definiens launches eCognition™ Community

Website Provides Collaborative Space for Earth Sciences Professionals


Student Contest GoGeo 09 and Euro-Maps Land Cover


Water infrastructure development projects

GeoVille and Austrian key stakeholders initiate Land Information System Austria (LISA)

Austria and many other European countries can build on a long experience of successful activities on land cover and land use (LC/LU) monitoring. However, in Austria these datasets have been produced with different standards, lack comparability or are in most cases outdated. Stakeholders from public administrations and the private sector demand up to date, more detailed, and harmonised LC/LU information, in order to fulfil the required reporting obligations arising from new European directives and regional / national legislation.

GMV opens commercial offices in Asia

GMV has opened two commercial offices in Asia, one in Malaysia and the other in the Korean Republic, forging ahead in its project of worldwide expansion.

Imagery from RapidEye

RapidEye Constellation Covers Serious Ground

Infoterra Global News

Infoterra Global News

INSA:Ground segment design Ingenio and Paz satellites

Work is forging ahead on Ingenio and Paz, Spain’s future Earth observation satellites.

ITT announces advanced image processing capabilities and support for SAR data from COSMO-SkyMed

ENVI and SARscape software provide support and image processing tools for COSMO-SkyMed satellite data geoprocessing and analysis.

ITT Visual Information Solutions Announces New Worldwide Distributors for ENVI and IDL

New distribution channels bring industry leading software products for understanding imagery and complex data to a wider base of users.

Kongsberg Spacetec News

Generic Kongsberg Spacetec – KSPT News

PCI Geomatics

PCI News on Geospatial Leadership Award, ESRI’s Business Partner Program and Geospatial Web Conferencing Technology

RapidEye Partners With MDA Federal

RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate their own constellation of Earth observation satellites, announced today a new strategic partnership agreement with Washington, DC area based MDA Federal (formerly Earth Satellite Corporation – EarthSat) to be one of their distributors in the United States.

Satellite Services BV Releases the Versatile High-Rate Modem for EO Applications

Satellite Services BV of The Netherlands announces the release of is Versatile High Rate Earth Resources Demodulator (ERSDEM-3 VHRM) which is capable of operating up to 1.2Gbps.

SciSys wins key UK Government Climate Change project

SciSys plc (stock code: SSY), the specialist supplier of bespoke software systems, IT based solutions and support services to the public, environment, utilities, media, broadcast, space, defence and transport sectors is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a circa £3.5m contract with the Environment Agency to build and support a strategically important web based solution to manage the requirements of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Scheme.

Spacemetric: Next-generation ESA browse services

Spacemetric is working with Elsag Datamat (www.elsagdatamat.com) to develop next-generation satellite image browse services for the European Space Agency.

TruePlanet & AnyShade

TruePlanet is a natural color satellite mosaic of the Earth.

With Regiomap Austria, GeoVille provides a new, nationwide land use map for the telecom industry

GeoVille Austria is a key producer and provider of digital land use (clutter) maps to the telecom industry in Austria and other nations around the world for improved radio network planning. Typically the minimum mapping unit of these maps is in the 1 to 5 ha range.

Earth Observation News

Africa: International Science Council to Revamp World Data Centers

For more than 50 years, the International Council for Science (ICSU) has had world data centers — open, nonpolitical repositories of data for scientists in every country.

China's Environment Monitored From Space

Western China is a very seismically active area and has had many catastrophic earthquakes during its history.

Construction completed on TanDEM-X radar satellite

(June 2009)The German radar satellite TanDEM-X has been successfully completed by the space company Astrium in Friedrichshafen. The satellite has been developed in conjunction with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

Environmental research wins big in DMCii satellite image giveaway

DMCii has announced the selection of 5 science projects that will receive free satellite imagery from the DMC satellite constellation.

ERDAS: Earth to Business News 06/09

The ERDAS E-Newsletter!

Europe, China Team Up To Watch Earth Together

Nearly 200 scientists from Europe and China have gathered in Barcelona last week to report on the progress of ongoing Dragon 2 research projects using data from ESA and Chinese Earth observation satellites.

Forest Conference Highlights Canadian Earth Observation Satellites Applications

(8 June 2009) Canada has 401.1 millions hectares of forest (10% of the world’s forests; 30% of the world boreal forest), is the world largest exporter of forest products and the world leading exporter of softwood lumber, panels, pulp and newsprint. More than 300 Canadian communities depend on forests as an economic base.

GOES-O Sends First Signals

Boeing and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) received the first on-orbit signals from the GOES-O satellite and reported that the Earth observation satellite is healthy and operating normally, Boeing announced June 29.

How valuable are satellite observations of seawater quality?

Global Earth Observation (GEO), such as satellite observations, helps manage environmental resources and prevent disasters. However, they are expensive.

Lots Of Information To Be Devoured From EUMETSAT's Full Council Plate

EUMETSAT, the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, held its 67th Council meeting in Darmstadt, Germany, on June 20th and July 1st.

NASA, Japan Release Most Complete Topographic Map of Earth

NASA and Japan released a new digital topographic map of Earth Monday that covers more of our planet than ever before.

Nigeria, Russia MoU ‘ll boost space science

The National Space Research Development Agency (NASRDA) says the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Nigeria and Russia on exploration of outer space will foster the cooperation of both countries for peaceful purposes.

Oceansat 2 to be ready by August

The Indian Space Research Organisation’s ocean observation mission, Oceansat 2, will be ready by August, according to Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle project director George Koshy.

Proba-2's journey to Russia marks its first step towards space

Proba-2, one of the smallest satellites ESA has ever built for space, is about to leave its Belgian homeland.

Satellite-based Russian forestry activity monitoring results published

(16 June 2009 ) Intermediate results of forestry activity monitoring in Russia using satellite imagery were summarized. Project of regular survey of the forest condition based on satellite images, initiated by ScanEx company, has been ongoing since 2007 under the supervision of NGO Transparent World.

SeaZone Mapping Wins Over UK Central Government

Hampshire, UK – More than a dozen UK government departments and organisations have purchased the latest marine mapping from SeaZone.

SMOS And Proba-2 Launch Rescheduled For November

Following an agreement between ESA, Krunichev Space Centre and Eurockot Launch Services, ESA’s next Earth Explorer mission SMOS and a secondary payload, the technology demonstrator Proba-2 satellite, will now launch on 2 November 2009.

TerraSAR-X Image Of The Month: Piton de la Fournaise

The image, taken by the German radar satellite TerraSAR-X, shows the volcano ‘Piton de la Fournaise’ (Furnace Peak) in the south of the island of La Reunion (Indian Ocean). This is the last active volcano on the island and is 2631 metres high.

The pre-operational GMES service offered by SAFER was activated several times during the period April - May 2009

In April and May 2009, heavy and long lasting rainfall led to serious flooding in the north of Brazil, with several people killed and more than 300000 people displaced.

UAE experts finish work on observation satellite

The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) on Saturday said UAE engineers and scientists have completed the final preparations on DubaiSat-1, which is due to be launched aboard a Russian rocket on July 25.

UK launches most ambitious review of space industry to date

Government and industry team to look at opportunities in, and barriers to, innovation and growth in the UK Space sector


(Info) 2009-2014: A centre-right European Parliament

From 4-7 June, 375 million European citizens were called upon to vote for the 736 members who will represent them in the European Parliament until 2014.

Docs 6th Space Council

“Space Council” focused on a Ministerial discussion under the title “Space and Innovation”.

ESA extends Envisat satellite mission

ESA Member States have unanimously voted to extend the Envisat mission through to 2013. Envisat – the world’s largest and most sophisticated satellite ever built – has been providing scientists and operational users with invaluable data for global monitoring and forecasting since its launch in 2002.

European Climate Change Reports Launched In Brussels

Two new reports examining climate change adaptation and policy making across Europe will be launched today in Brussels in the presence of Peter Gammeltoft, Head of Unit ‘Protection of Water and Marine Environment’ at the European Commission.

External Relations Council Meeting

Council conclusions on ESDP, adopted May 18th 2009 during the External Relations Council meeting (ESDP)

GMES proposal for a programme Regulation

We are facing a huge economic crisis which consequences are without precedent. Investment in innovation is at this stage crucial especially in regard with the effects of climate change we will have to face.

GMES: observing the world for a safer planet

The European Commission adopted the proposal of regulation for the GMES programme on 20th May 2009.

Guide to EU Funding Opportunities for Research And Innovation

Last version of the “Practical Guide to EU Funding Opportunities for Research and Innovation”.

Ministers promote space as cure for economic ills

EU ministers agreed on the need for further development in the European space sector on Friday (29 May), saying greater research and commercial activity in the area would help lift Europe out of its current recession.

Partnership with European Commission for Satellite Applications

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) is a Directorate-General of the European Commission providing independent scientific and technological support for EU policy-making, among other things in the area of satellite applications and remote sensing.

Roadmap for a European Marine Observation and Data Network

EU’s Maritime Policy Blue Book (COM 575 final)

Sustainable development is a core objective of the European Union

we need to ensure that our present socio-economic development does not compromise our future. Current EU policies are based on the renewed Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS) pdf 191 Kb of June 2006, where research and development (R&D) plays an important and multifaceted role.

The battle against Climate Change is part of the priorities for the Swedish Presidency of the EU

At the end of June, the Swedish Presidency of the EU, which drives the Union from 1st of July until 31st of December 2009, published its sixth month working programme. Climate, energy and environment, as well as the Baltic Sea region, are among the overarching themes of this programme.


Events Summer 2009

Events Summer 2009