eovox2: supporting action developing the EO service industry capabilities

“… eoVox2 initiative is expected to be another breakthrough to improve even further the representation of European Earth Observation Industry in a variety of contexts. In the very near future EARSC will update you on the specific actions it is taking to coordinate the eoVox2 efforts. As we move forward with these plans, we will do in a dialog form, and united by a commitment to working in partnership with industry and stakeholders…”

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Interview with JOSE ACHACHE, Director of GEO Secretariat

In this issue of EOMAG, EARSC will have the opportunity to feature an interview with Mr. JOSE ACHACHE, Director of GEO Secretariat. First of all, thank you very much for taking some time from your busy agenda and giving us the occasion to talk about some aspects relevant for the European and International Earth Observation sector.

Industry Profile

Fugro NPA Limited

… specialise in extracting useful information from satellite imagery and operate globally in a range of sectors, primarily Oil, Gas and mineral Exploration, Environment, Risk Management and Civil Engineering…

EARSC Activities


…supporting action developing the EO service industry capabilities…

Workshop MAY 11th, Brussels: The Impact of GMES Governance models on Industry

GMES needs to evolve into full operational maturity. This requires a sustainable programme including long-term funding commitment; a suitable governance structure and a specific legislative and regulatory framework.The type of governance which will be adopted might have a strong impact on the structuring and future of the industry.

Member News

Assimila current projects

Projects in 2008-2009: Environmental Research Funders Forum Mapping Study of Coordination Bodies and Department of Energy and Climate Change Review of GECC

Aurensis’ UAV Services surveyed wind storm damages in Catalonia

… (Feb, 2009. Spain) UAV services, workshop contributions…

Chelys: Automatic orthorectification of ASAR and MERIS images

…Chelys SRRS (Satellite Rapid Response System)…

Critical provides software to GOCE satellite

After several delays, the European Space Agency has just put GOCE satellite into orbit. Critical Software worked with ESA in the development of the GOCE satellite which will measure the gravity field and represent models of the Earth with extremely high accuracy and spatial resolution, allowing us to significantly improve our knowledge about solid Earth physics and climate research. The module tests on the software onboard the satellite were performed by Critical.

EDISOFT Operates a Dual-Mission Station

In Santa Maria, Azores, EDISOFT is responsible for the management and operation of a dual-mission Station: the ESA Tracking Station and EDISOFT’s Earth Observation Station.

European Built-up Areas Mapped Homogeneously for the First Time

-EEA officially recognizes quality of delivered mapping product
-Infoterra GmbH leads European Service provider network

Eurosense creates a thermographic map for the region of Antwerp (Belgium) in the frame of energy efficiency policies

On the nights of the 2nd, 16th, 17th and 18th March of 2009, EUROSENSE executed four aerial flights covering the city of Antwerp and 20 surrounding municipalities for the creation of a thermographic map. Covering an area of approx. 700 km², it is one of the largest thermographic projects in the context of energy efficiency of buildings ever executed in Europe!

Eurosense creates Land use change map of metropole area Lille (France)

EUROSENSE created a “historical” Urban Atlas map over the Metropole Area Lille within the GSE Land project. The production was based on a change detection methodology comparing recent with historical satellite imagery.

EXPRESSMaps: An online service to deliver detailed maps in 6 hours

A world first covering over 75% of global land surfaces

From 7th to 9th May Flyby will be present at FlyBy: SOLAREXPO in Verona, Hall 11, Stand G5.4

Solar Energy. SolarSAT: solar radiation analysis, dimensioning, design, cost estimation, control and management of a photovoltaic plant in a single website

GAF and Partners Start Satellite Based Environmental Monitoring for Saudi Arabia

A group of Saudi Arabian and European partners has commenced a project to implement and provide satellite based environmental information products and services to the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).


Latest news

Gisat: REAL gives real answers

Project focused on identification and monitoring of abandoned land succesfully concluded


GMV led the design, development and maintenance of the ground system of satellite monitoring and control.

Infoterra Ltd uses Definiens Software to Create High Definition Land Cover Products

LandBase™ provides classification down to individual property level

Infoterra-Global News

News on Terrasar, classify oil slicks, Expressmap, rescue…

Institute of Geomatics: 10th birthday of the Institute

Young, experienced and not done yet – 10 years of Geomatics Research and Education at the Institute of Geomatics

ITT announces release of the ENVI Orthorectification Module

New ENVI module combines automated workflow with advanced, proven algorithms to provide ENVI users with rigorous orthorectification capabilities.

Kongsberg Spacetec News

Recent News om KSPT MEOS Polar, vacancies, KSPT Dis development kit…

MDA Now RapidEye's Supplier of Direct Downlink Solutions

(April 2009) RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate their own satellite constellation, has reached a new contractual agreement with MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA). This partnership will allow MDA to be the sole supplier of direct downlink solutions for RapidEye’s international ground station customers.

PCI News

PCI news onOGC, image processing, …

Ready For Russia: German Satellite Imagery Provider RapidEye

RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate their own constellation of Earth observation satellites, announced today their partnership with the Moscow based company Sovzond.

Relaunch of WAQSS Service

…investigate the new dynamic map applications of water quality products…

SciSys software team celebrate launch of Europe’s gravity monitoring satellite mission

The launch was applauded by staff at SciSys’ offices in the UK and Germany where they have been responsible for the design and implementation of the mission’s critical operational simulator.

Spacemetric recent news

…airborne video, ENVI Orthorectification, OGC and Spacemetric…

Tele Atlas & GeoVille to address evolving industry opportunity for EO based population distribution services

In the age of digitalization and quickly changing markets, knowledge on where your customers are is the cornerstone of successful business. This information is delivered by geomarketing, which is the integration of geographical intelligence into marketing aspects.

Earth Observation News

2009 best practices for spatial data infrastructures

The objective of the eSDI-NET+ project is to establish a network for communication and knowledge exchange of best practices on European Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), which will enhance the use of geographic information provided by the GMES.

China plans to launch its own 'Google Earth'

China is going to set up its own three-dimensional (3D) Internet mapping system to provide high resolution photos to domestic online users, Changjiang Daily reported last February.

DMC free imagery (UKDMC2 and Deimos-1) for Science offer Extended

Due to popular demand DMCii has extended the proposal deadline for the free imagery for Science until 30th of April 2009.

ERDAS Announces T-MAPY as New Distributor

ERDAS Inc. announces that T-MAPY is now the official ERDAS distributor to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Based in Hradec Králové, T-MAPY has offices throughout the Czech Republic. Founded in 1992, T-MAPY is a subsidiary of T-Kartor, the official ERDAS distributor in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

ESA's water mission on track for launch

(Feb 2009)Following word from Eurockot that launch of the Earth Explorer SMOS satellite can take place between July and October this year, ESA, CNES and the prime contractor Thales Alenia Space are now making detailed preparations for the last crucial steps before ESA’s water mission is placed in orbit.

ESPI Report 17 on the Development of Space-based Services in Europe online

ESPI released a report on space-based services. The study investigates the main challenges to the development of space-based services in Europe and suggests relevant actions to decision-makers in order to fully exploit the potential of the well-developed European space-based infrastructure.

From V1: How Can We Communicate that Geospatial Technology Matters?

(March 2009) Perspectives Written by Matt Ball.

Global Marketing Insights Releases 2008 USGS Africa Remote Sensing Market Study

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. has completed the “2008 Africa Survey and Analysis of the Remote Sensing Market, Aerial and Spaceborne-10 Year Trends” and delivered the final report to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Google Earth and democracy (from online opinion)

The use of Google Earth to make a virtual discovery, which then led to an actual one, is just the latest example of how the spread of satellite technology – and related computer applications such as Google Earth – are changing the way scientists, conservationists, and ordinary citizens are monitoring the environment and communicating their findings to the public.

India Set To Launch Imaging Satellite With Israeli Support

India is all set to launch a radar imaging satellite (RISAT) built with “substantial inputs” from the Israel aerospace industry from Sriharikota spaceport, an ISRO official said.

MORSE Initiative - Earth observation data for Arctic coastal users

The MORSE Initiative focuses on the information needs of Arctic coastal users in government, non-governmental, municipal, industrial and scientific organizations.

Pollution Radar Exposes Urban Smog

Scientists and industrials from the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, the University of Leicester and EADS Astrium have developed a air quality mesure device that can play the role of a pollution radar over cities. Dr Roland Leigh from the University of Leicester details the principle for Scitizen.

Russia to launch Kanopus Earth observation satellites

Moscow, Russia – The first to be put in orbit at the end of 2009/early 2010 (WAPA)

Russian sub to launch second satellite

South Africa expects to launch its second microsatellite into low Earth orbit by June, after several cancellations.

S. Korea Plans Satellite Launch

As North Korea keeps the world’s militaries worried with what it claims was a satellite-launch attempt, South Korea is quietly preparing its first satellite mission for a July launch date.

Satellite snow maps help reindeer herders adapt to a changing Arctic

Arctic reindeer herders are facing the challenges of adapting to climate change as a warmer Arctic climate makes it harder for herds to find food and navigate.

Satellites Show Arctic Literally On Thin Ice

The latest Arctic sea ice data from NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center show that the decade-long trend of shrinking sea ice cover is continuing.

SSTL signs €30 million satellite imager contract for climate modelling

British satellite manufacture, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), has signed a 30M€ contract with Astrium GmbH, Germany for the supply of a Multi-Spectral Imager (MSI) for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) EarthCARE mission.

The Evolution of Geospatial Technology Calls for Changes in Geospatial Research, Education and Government Management

(April) By Prof. Mike Jackson, David Schell and Prof. D.R. Fraser Taylor. DirectionsMag

The Location-aware Enterprise: An Integrating Business Principle

The convergence of remote sensing and geospatial technologies with wireless and Web technologies has created a significant opportunity for businesses – public and private – to enable improved decision support, planning and operations.

The NEW IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite 9.3

The NEW Radar Mapping Suite for IMAGINE 9.3 provides specialized tools for processing radar data in a standard remote sensing or GIS environment.

The Sentinel satellites – Astrium is playing a key role in environment and security for Europe

GMES will give Europe a unique global environmental information system that European citizens can be proud of.

The State & Health of the European and Canadian EO Service Industry

Following the survey of the EO Service Industry in Europe and Canada conducted in 2003 to characterise its composition, the EO products and service offerings as well as working practices and financial health over the 2000-2002 period, a new survey has been successfully completed to analyse the private sector service providers’ evolution in 2003-2007.

UAE pioneers way into space for Arab countries

Space & Satellite experts from the MENA region line-up for Global Space Technology Forum as UAE’s first government satellite heads for summer launch

UK space journey to check on Earths health

UK takes leading role in checking up on the Earth’s health from space

UNEP: Collapse of Ice Bridge puts Antarctic ice shelf in peril

An ice bridge linking the Wilkins ice shelf to two islands in Antarctica has collapsed, triggering warnings that climate change is having a clear impact on the region.


2009 best practices for spatial data infrastructures

The objective of the eSDI-NET+ project is to establish a network for communication and knowledge exchange of best practices on European Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), which will enhance the use of geographic information provided by the GMES.

6 EU Nations To Develop Satellite System by 2015

Belgium, Germany, Greece, France, Italy and Spain agreed here March 5 to work together within the European Defence Agency (EDA) to develop the next generation of European military Earth-observation satellites. The six European Union members have together launched the Multinational Space-based Imaging System (MUSIS) project.

Action Plan on the "GMES and Africa" initiative

The “GMES and Africa” process was launched by the Maputo Declaration, signed on 15 October 2006. The initiative aims to strengthen and further develop infrastructure for a more coherent exploitation of Earth Observation data (space and in-situ), technologies and services in support of the environmental policies for sustainable development in Africa and ACP countries.

ESA - VAE gets off to a strong start!

VAE is an element of the ESA Earth Observation Envelope Program (EOEP-3).

EUMETSAT discusses cooperation with European Commission

Heinz Zourek, Director-General of the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry in the European Commission, met the EUMETSAT Director-General, Dr. Lars Prahm, on 24 March at the headquarters of the European Meteorological Satellite Organisation in Darmstadt, Germany.

GMES to support knowledge base on climate change impact

Over the years to come climate change is likely to have considerable economic and social impacts in the EU, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, energy, health and maritime ecosystems.

Living with climate change in Europe

EC White paper “Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action”

Making the case for supporting users of Satellite Information and Services

A Eurisy-SME Union Working Breakfast in the European Parliament

Recommendations of the European Parliament for the future EU integrated policy on climate change

(Feb 2009) the European Parliament adopted a resolution on climate change. The ’2050 Report’ aims at pursuing coordinated negotiations on a post-2012 international climate change policy framework.

Second phase of GMES Space Component

ESA starts implementing the second phase of the GMES Space Component Programme

Study on the Competitiveness of the GMES Downstream Sector

A study on the competitiveness of the GMES Downstream Sector is available on the Europa website

Your Europe, your business opportunity

Multilingual practical information and online government services for companies looking for business in another EU country. Provided jointly by the European Commission and national authorities.


Events Spring 2009

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