Summer 2008 is a period of intense discussion around GMES. Indeed, it is the time for all European delegations to polish their contributions to the November 2008 Ministerial Space conference and especially for the so-called Segment 2 of GMES. The Segment 2 of GMES is particularly important because on the one hand it will start the financing of the recurring models of the first sentinels satellites, the first step in making GMES a truly operational programme, and second because it will introduce concretely in it the Sentinel 4 and 5 elements and the topic of atmospheric chemistry.

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Interview with Daniel Vidal-Madjar "EO observation from space is an important component of our capacity to manage the Environment for a sustainable development"

In this issue of EOMAG, EARSC will have the opportunity to feature an interview with Mr. Daniel Vidal Madjar, Chief of the French Inter¬Ministerial Task Force on GMES.

Industry Profile

Kongsberg Spacetec AS Profile

Kongsberg Spacetec is a world leading provider of turnkey satellite ground stations. Our systems include solutions for the most known SAR and optical satellite sensors. We are also providing specialized solutions to the meteorological community.

EARSC Activities


Our last Annual General Meeting ending June has been marked by reporting the extensive upgrading of our organisational and working practices to support and respond to the increased expectations of our membership.

EARSC Directors met Commissioner Günter Verheugen

EARSC Directors had the opportunity to discuss the status and evolution of GMES with Vice-President Verheugen (Commissioner for Enterise and Industry).

eoVox booklet: Business in Earth Observation

« an overview of market development and emerging applications »

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Member News

Aerodata buys first 2 of the newly launched Vexcel Ultracam-Xp digital camera systems

Aerodata International Surveys (Antwerp, Belgium) and Vexcel Imaging GmbH (Graz, Austria) are pleased to announce a purchase agreement under which Aerodata will become the first customer for 2 of the newly launched 196 megapixel Ultracam-X prime (UCXp) large format digital frame camera.

ARGOSS joins BMT group of companies

BMT Group Ltd announced today its acquisition of ARGOSS, a leading specialist provider of marine environmental information services, using satellite observations, meteorological and oceanographic data.

Astrium purchases majority share in Spot Image - Infoterra Group & Spot Image to work together within the Earth Observation Division of Astrium Services

Astrium, Europe’s leading space company, has announced the purchase of further shares in Spot Image from the French Space Agency (CNES). This is a significant deal resulting in Astrium holding 81% of Spot Image and therefore becoming the majority shareholder.

C-CORE expands satellite and radar business through acquisition of VPI

St. John’s, NL – C-CORE and Kanata based Vantage Point International (VPI) announced that they have completed the C-CORE acquisition of VPI’s assets.

Definiens Partners with Lagen Spatial to Expand Business in Asia Pacific Region

Definiens, the number one Enterprise Image Intelligence™ company, today announced it teamed up with Sydney-based Lagen Spatial to deliver highly-integrated image analysis solutions and services, especially to governmental customers.

Euroconsult opens North American office

Leading satellite-sector analysts establishes a presence to better serve North American clients

INNOVA wins ACEA’s bid to develop a monitoring system for AQUASER’s container fleet

INNOVA Consorzio per l’Informatica e la Telematica has been awarded ACEA’s competitive bid to develop a real-time fleet management system to monitor 300 AQUASER containers.

Institute for Space Aeronomy promoting research among users and society

Officially recognized by the international scientific community since 1954, aeronomy is the science of terrestrial, planetary and cometary atmospheres. A discipline with a bright future to which the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) provides its dynamics and know-how.

Logica helping to secure European Space Agency Earth Observation missions

€700,000 contract awarded for Ground Segment security

PCI Geomatics News

Office in Beijing and MoU Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth

ReSAC Participation in BALWOIS 2008

The general aim of the BALWOIS Project is to create a community of major stakeholders in the field of water protection and water management involving scientists, private sector, experts, NGO’s, decision makers and broader public around the Balkans.

Satellite Data supports Rapid Emergency Response

Infoterra and Spot Image provide crucial information in disaster mitigation
Priority access to a unique combination of satellite systems enables reliable services

Sener News

SENER opens new offices

Spacemetric News

Spacemetric has recently established a subsidiary, Spacemetric Limited, in Farnborough, UK. It has also received an order for an image management system for Nigerisat-2 and delivered the Saccess national satellite database in Sweden.

Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture and its impact on the Environment: SIGMA

VITO, together with a consortium of European research institutes, SMEs, and key international partners in agricultural monitoring, started an EC FP7 funded project on global agricultural monitoring to support GEO and GEOGLAM. Remote sensing, along with in situ observations and expert knowledge is used to improve current monitoring systems including an assessment of the long-term effects of agricultural practices on the environment.

Telespazio News

Presence in Farnborough. Summer School. LIMES in Cyprus

Thales Alenia Space to deliver very-high-resolution optical imaging instrument to Astrium

Thales Alenia Space is ready to deliver the high-resolution (HR) optical imaging instrument for integration in the first Pleiades earth observation satellite.

TRE among the almost 300 exhibitors at EAGE 2008 EAGE 2008, 70th Conference and Exhibition,

This year the annual Conference and Exhibition of the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) took place in Rome at the “Nuova Fiera”.

Ukrainian Partnership: RapidEye AG and Dniprocosmos State Company

RapidEye AG and Dniprocosmos State Company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this month, joining together an arm of the Ukrainian Space Agency and RapidEye in a strategic partnership.

Welcome on the "new website" of MFB-GeoConsulting !

The MFB-GeoConsulting Team is proud to present our new website based on innovative database driven web-technologies to our audiance.

Yuzhnoye State Design Office News

Ukraine is one of few countries that possess complete package of technologies and have experience in designing, development, manufacturing, testing, launching and operating satellites.

Earth Observation News

4C Controls Inc. Has Selected Thales Alenia Space Italia S.P.A. As Prime Contractor for the In-Orbit Delivery of Two High Resolution SAR Satellites With Related Ground Segment

4C Controls Inc. (OTCBB: FOUR.OB) today announced that it has selected for negotiation Thales Alenia Space Italia S.P.A. (TASI) as the prime contractor for the in-orbit delivery of the first two satellites with related Ground Segment of the planned 4C Controls’ satellites constellation.

Agriculture Crop Management And Production Improved By Satellite Remote Sensing Technology And Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Scientists for many years have been using satellite remote sensing technology, utilising low and medium resolution sensors to improve water balance and farming yield assessment on large geographical scales around the world.

Atlas of Africa’s Changing Environment demonstrates power of Earth observations

The Africa edition of the United Nations Environment Programme’s “Atlas of our Changing Environment” highlights how modern Earth observation systems can support action to address humanity’s growing impact on the natural environment.

CARTOSAT-2A launched

CARTOSAT-2A and nine other satellites successfully launched.

EarthCARE satellite contract signed

The European Space Agency and Astrium GmbH have signed a contract worth €263 million to provide the EarthCARE satellite, the sixth Earth Explorer mission of ESA’s Living Planet Programme. As prime contractor, Astrium GmbH is responsible for the satellite’s design, development and integration.

ERDAS Selected for ESA's Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility Testbed

ERDAS has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Spacebel to participate to the next phase of the Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility (HMA) project, called HMA-Testbed (HMA-T) phase 2.

Jason-2 successfully launched

On 20 June, the Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason-2 satellite was successfully launched by NASA from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

NigeriaSat-2 Mission Control Centre Ready in August

The National Space Research Development Agency has said that it would complete the installation of the Mission Control Room (MCC) for the country’s second earth-observation satellite (NigeriaSat-2) in August.

Sentinel-2 satellite

ESA and EADS Astrium have been signed the contract for GMES Sentinel-2 satellite.

September launch for ESA's gravity mission GOCE

September 10: A new launch date has been set for GOCE.

Thailand's Theos satellite

Thailand’s Theos satellite has another chance to get into orbit now Russia has negotiated a deal with Kazakhstan to take rocket waste discharged during the launch process.


Broadening horizons for Europe’s SMEs

Globalisation is both an opportunity and a threat for Europe’s SMEs, whose capacity to operate on an international level will determine their long-term competitiveness. Yet, the vast majority of European SMEs continue to limit their operations to their own country. A recent EU report seeks to identify the factors which impede, or support, the internationalisation of SMEs in Europe.

Enhancing Public Health Research: Interoperability Standards For Earth Observation Systems

Relying on interoperability standards, Earth Observation Systems use meteorological data to predict outbreak of diseases, and have potential to prevent countless illnesses and deaths.

ESA launches programme in support of Earth observation science

Since the advent of Earth observation from space, satellite missions have become central to monitoring and learning about how the Earth works, resulting in significant progress in a broad range of scientific areas.

ESA to consult the science community on Earth Explorer selection

As part of the Agency’s user-driven approach to preparing new Earth Explorer missions to advance our understanding of the Earth system, six candidate missions will be presented to the science community at a User Consultation Meeting in January 2009.

EUMETSAT agrees to provide data for GMES

During its 64th Council meeting on 1-2 July, EUMETSAT, the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, agreed to provide its data and products for the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiative.

Eurospace Facts and Figures - data 2007 now available!

Eurospace produces, since 1996, the sole annual comprehensive review of the state of the space industry in Europe:

GEO Issues Call for Participation in GEOSS Pilot

The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC®) announced that a Call for Participation (CFP) in Phase 2 of the GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) has been issued by the GEO (Group on Earth Observations).

Key figures on European business

This publication summarises the main features of European business and its different activities in a concise and simple manner.

NextStorm: storm warning warning system

Storm warning system: Central America and East Africa

Publications EU DG-ENT

Space research+ Window on GMES + FP7 Guide

Research: Next EU Call for Security Proposals

Detection and prevention capabilities ‘at street level’ figure heavily in Commission’s next annual call for security research

Space for European innovation

The EU has transformed space into a strategic policy area. The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiative is among its major success stories and is reaping a wealth of environmental and social benefits, as well as stimulating space research and generating downstream commercial applications.

The INSPIRE Metadata editor is now available through the INSPIRE geoportal

This prototype editor allows users to create metadata that are compliant with the INSPIRE Implementing Rules as approved by the INSPIRE Regulatory Committee and the European Parliament.

UN Convention of Biological Diversity

Taking on biodiversity loss, Earth Observation is paramount, UN says