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3DEO deploy their disruptive RF link solution

By combining technologies from immersive 3D, financial services, television and earth observation, 3DEO have developed a new approach to the interaction with and presentation of diverse data, from space to smart phones. 3DEO think and inform visually revealing much more than can be seen from traditional perspectives. 3DEO solutions have widespread application, from defense to disaster risk management, estate management and financial markets insight.

3DEO deliver solutions along the chain from the sensor to information, including on board technology, RF links, and full scope ground processing, including atmospheric and geometric processing, analytics, and visualization. We have partnered with the organizations we feel are most suited to enabling us to reach of goals, including First Derivatives, Ghalam, and Spacemetric.

3DEO are based in the Scottish Provident Building by the City Hall in Belfast. There are 15 of us currently, and we are always recruiting talented and enthusiastic engineers, developers and data scientists.

Our goal is the elimination of time between sensor and information, to this end we work with the best in class technology providers from the sensor developers through to the data visualisation and immersive technology providers.

From our work on sensor to information, we determined a need to improve the RF links available for a small, micro and nano satellites. The costs of the RF links and ground processing exceeding the costs of the satellites in some cases.

3DEO NI Limited have partnered with Ghalam to introduce the software defined radio RF link for flexibility, multi satellite utility, and significant hardware, and subsequent ongoing operating costs reduction.

We have found RF Links and Ground Processing tended to be a significant, but usually under specified element of the development programmes for satellite EO missions.

Many EO small satellite missions are using dedicated RF and ground processing systems with little flexibility in the capability of the hardware, and subsequent software, which had to be developed or bought, tested and dedicated to the mission.

The aim of 3DEO has been to introduce a solution to increase the application of payload data from the satellite, by providing a software defined RF link, for transmission and reception of payload and platform data, to reduce the hardware costs for initial capital outlay, and to enable scale for multiple satellites and rapid deployment for shorter missions.

3DEO have developed an SDR based RF link, for full duplex communications, proven to work well with EO satellites, and capable of handing the data needs for UAV’s, HAPS, Live Video, as well as meeting other, typically time critical communications needs.

The solution developed has been under test since early 2017, and has demonstrated capability beyond expectations in surety of reception and transmission, and in the volume and veracity of the variation of applications for rapid re-configuration tests.

The hardware requirements have gone from a dedicated 6U rack space to an ‘RF link in your pocket’, with substantial cost savings on comparable products, but with the fully duplex solution only available from 3DEO.

The SDR will be deployed for the KazSTSAT satellite in the Summer, when 3DEO will have its first fully operating demonstrable solution.

3DEO are also in dialogue with a number of additional organisations looking at the full ground processing solution, built around the reception capabilities of the SDR RF link.

The SDR RF Link is the first development from 3DEO into the market is at one end of the full sensor to information scope we offer. The ongoing development of the ground processing, including analytics and visualisation, continue at pace, with the benefits of full turn-key solutions in data reception, processing, analysis and visualisation being particularly well suited to those customers with time critical data needs, from a wide variety of data sources and the need to gain decision support insight in a timely manner.