Events Autumn 2010

Events Autumn 2010

Start Date End Date Event Web Venue
11-oct-10 13-oct-10 ISPRS WG I/4 Workshop on Modeling of Optical Airborne & Space Borne Sensors web Istambul, Turkey
12-oct-10 12-oct-10 Resources for your EO research, application or service web Frascati, Italy
12-oct-10 14-oct-10 “The 4C – Challenge: Communication – Coordination -Cooperation – Capacity Development” web Bonn, Germany
13-oct-10 13-oct-10 Monitoring Europe’s biodiversity in a post 2010 era:the role of remote sensing for Natura 2000 reporting
and ecosystem assessment
web Brussels, Belgium
13-oct-10 13-oct-10 1st TELEIOS User Community Workshop web Frascati, Italy
14-oct-10 15-oct-10 Fourth Coastal Altimetry Workshop web Porto, Portugal
14-oct-10 17-oct-10 Joint FIG Commission 3 and Commission Workshop “Information and Land Management. A Decade after the Millennium” web Sofia, Bulgaria
14-oct-10 19-oct-10 WG V/2 Workshop on “Advances in Cultural Heritage Measurement Techniques” with International Conference on “Digital Preservation of Archaeological Heritage” web Kanpur, India
17-oct-10 20-oct-10 2010 ESRI Electric & Gas User Group Conference web Dearborn, MI, U.S.A.
18-oct-10 20-oct-10 ESRI Health GIS Conference web Denver, CO, U.S.A.
19-oct-10 20-oct-10 Be Inspired web Amsterdam, The Netherlands
19-oct-10 21-oct-10 ENC GNSS – The European Navigation Conference on Global Navigation Satellite Systems web Braunschweig, Germany
19-oct-10 22-oct-10 GSDI 12 World Conference : Realizing Spatially Enabled Societies web Singapure, Singapure
20-oct-10 22-oct-10 The 16th Ka and Broadband Communications, Navigation and Earth Observation Conference web Milan,Italy
20-oct-10 22-oct-10 CSSP International Workshop web Tuscany, Italy
20-oct-10 23-oct-10 The 16th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia web Seoul, Korea
24-oct-10 27-oct-10 GIS for National Security, Defence & Emergency Management Conference web Abu Dhabi, UAE
25-oct-10 29-oct-10 8th International Conference of the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE2010) web Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
25-oct-10 29-oct-10 TransCAD Training web Boston, MA, U.S.A.
26-oct-10 27-oct-10 Crucial issues of the European Space Policy web Brussels, Belgium
26-oct-10 28-oct-10 ESRI, EMEA User Conference web Rome, Italy
28-oct-10 29-oct-10 Geomatics Atlantic 2010 conference web New Brunswick, Canada
01-nov-10 01-nov-10 Earth Observation Satellites web London, UK
01-nov-10 05-nov-10 31st Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS2010) web Hanoi, Vietnam
03-nov-10 04-nov-10 5th International Workshop on 3D Geo-Information web Berlin, Germany
03-nov-10 05-nov-10 Earth Observation for Land-Atmosphere Interaction Science web Frascati, Italy
08-nov-10 12-nov-10 ‘Dynamic interlinkages between social and ecosystem changes: Towards a Europe-Africa partnership’ web Hulshort, the Netherlands
08-nov-10 12-nov-10 Trimble Dimensions web Las Vegas, U.S.A
09-nov-10 10-nov-10 Smart Grids, Smart Cities – Smart Future web Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10-nov-10 10-nov-10 GeoDATA 2010 web Glasgow,UK
11-nov-10 12-nov-10 Joint UrbanFlood & SG4E Workshop Monitoring and Flood Safety web Amsterdam, The Netherlands
15-nov-10 17-nov-10 Joint FIG Comm3 and Comm 7 Workshop \‘Information and Land Management web Sofia, Bulgaria
15-nov-10 19-nov-10 ASPRS 2010 Fall Conference web Orlando, Florida, U.S.A
16-nov-10 19-nov-10 United Nations/Thailand/European Space Agency (ESA) Workshop on Space Law “Activities of States in Outer Space in Light of New Developments: Meeting International Responsibilities and Establishing National Legal and Policy Frameworks” web Bangkok, Thailand
17-nov-10 18-nov-10 Tracking and Positioning Europe web Amsterdam, The Netherlands
18-nov-10 19-nov-10 Remote Sensing Methods for Change Detection and Process Modelling – Workshop web Cologne, Germany
23-nov-10 23-nov-10 Learn how to turn innovation into commercial success web Brussels, Belgium
23-nov-10 25-nov-10 Map Africa 2010 web Cape Town,South Africa
24-nov-10 25-nov-10 ECDIS Revolution web London, UK
24-nov-10 26-nov-10 Geo-Information and Information Management for Farms, Agribusiness and Administration web Cologne, Germany
29-nov-10 29-nov-10 IET Earth Observation Satellites seminar web London, UK
29-nov-10 03-dec-10 The Fifth Session of the International Conference Geotunis 2010 web Tunisia
30-nov-10 01-dec-10 European LiDAR Mapping Forum web The Hague, The Netherlands
30-nov-10 02-dec-10 NAV10: Position, Location, Timing: Everyone, Everything, Everywhere web London, UK
30-nov-10 03-dec-10 OSEA2010 International Conference web Singapore
01-dec-10 04-dec-10 II International Symposium New Paths to Cartography within Geography web Sao Paulo, Brazil
02-dec-10 02-dec-10 StreetMapper 2010 International User Conference web The Hague, The Netherlands
07-dec-10 08-dec-10 SPAR Europe web Amsterdam, The Netherlands
07-dec-10 10-dec-10 GEO India web New Delhi, India
05-jan-11 07-jan-11 GeoDesign Summit web
17-jan-11 19-jan-11 Infrastructure Middle East 2011 web The Gulf Hotel, Bahrain
17-jan-11 21-jan-11 1st Advanced Course on Radar Polarimetry web Frascati, Italy
18-jan-11 21-jan-11 Geospatial World Forum web Hyderabab, India
19-jan-11 21-jan-11 Esri Federal User Conference web Washington, DC, U.S.A.
24-jan-11 27-jan-11 Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) 2011 web London, UK
24-jan-11 28-jan-11 PolInSAR 2011 Workshop web Frascati, Italy
01-feb-11 03-feb-11 Imagina web Monaco, Monaco
07-feb-11 09-feb-11 6th EARSeL Workshop REMOTE SENSING OF LAND ICE AND SNOW – Remote Sensing of Snow and Glaciers: Cryosphere, Hydrology & Climate interactions web Bern, Switzerland
07-feb-11 09-feb-11 11th International LiDAR Mapping Forum web New Orleans, LA,U.S.A
07-feb-11 09-feb-11 6th EARSeL Workshop Remote Sensing of Snow and Glaciers:
Cryosphere, Hydrology and Climate Interactions
web Salzburg, Austria
13-feb-11 19-feb-11 Internationale Geodätische Woche web Obergurgl, Austria
15-feb-11 17-feb-11 ISU 15th Annual International Symposium: “The International Space Station: Maximizing the Return from Extended Operations” web Strasbourg, France
23-feb-11 28-feb-11 GEOProcessing 2011: The Third International Conference on Advanced
Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services
web Gosier, Guadeloupe, France
03-mar-11 04-mar-11 W2GIS 2011 Web & Wireless Geographical Information Systems web Kyoto, Japan
07-mar-11 10-mar-11 Esri Developer Summit web Palm Springs, CA, U.S.A.
10-mar-11 11mar-11 GeoViz Hamburg 2011: Linking Geovisualization with Spatial Analysis and Modeling web Hamburg, Germany
15-mar-11 18-mar-11 8th International Specialized Forum GEOFORM+\‘2011 web Moscow, Russia
17-mar-11 18-mar-11 Second Earth Observation-Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Operational Capacity Workshop web Venize, Italy
21-mar-11 24-mar-11 SPAR, International 2011 web Texas, U.S.A
23-mar-11 25-mar-11 Spatial Statistics 2011 web Enschede, The Netherlands
30-mar-11 01-apr-11 ESA EUSC JRC 2011 Conference on Image Information Mining web Ispra, Italy
spring-10 spring-10 Development and cooperation in the Mediterranean region using satellite services web Rabat, Morocco
05-apr-11 07-apr-11 Ocean Business 2011 – The ocean technology training and procurement forum web Southampton, U.K.
05-apr-11 07-apr-11 QA4EO workshop web Oxford, UK
06-apr-11 07-apr-11 Offshore Survey 2011 – Technical Conference web Southampton, U.K.
06-apr-11 09-apr-11 RIN 11 – Birds, Humans and Other Animals Conference web University of Reading, UK
11-apr-11 13-apr-11 JURSE 2011 – Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event web Munich, Germany
11-apr-11 13-apr-11 EARSeL 7th Workshop of EARSeL Special Interest Group “Imaging Spectroscopy” web Edinburgh, UK
10-apr-11 15-apr-11 34th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment web Sydney, Australia
20-apr-11 22-apr-11 3rd International Conference on Advanced Space Technologies for Humankind Prosperity (Space Technologies: present and future) web Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
25-apr-11 29-apr-11 SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing web Orlando, Fl, U.S.A.
01-may-11 05-may-11 ASPRS 2011 Annual Conference web Milwaukee,U.S.A.
03-may-11 08-may-11 Gi4DM 2011 web Antalya, Turkey
10-may-11 11-may-11 IF&GIS 2011 5th International Workshop on Information Fusion and Geographical Information Systems: Towards the Digital Ocean web Brest, France
15-may-11 17-may-11 TRANS-NAV 2011 web Gdynia, Poland
30-may-11 02-jun-11 31st EARSeL Symposium “Remote Sensing and Geoinformation not only for Scientific Cooperation” web Prague, Czech Republic
31-may-11 31-may-11 AfricaGEO web Capetown, SA
31-may-11 01-jun-11 3rd EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing in Education and Training web Prague, Czech Republic
01-jun-11 03-jun-11 4th EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing for Land Use & Land Cover web Prague, Czech Republic
01-jun-11 03-jun-11 5th EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone web Prague, Czech Republic
02-jun-11 03-jun-11 1st EARSeL SIG Forestry workshop: Operational remote sensing in forest management web Prague, Czech Republic
03-july-11 08-july-11 ICC 2011 – 25th International Cartographic Conference web Paris, France
21-sep-11 23-sep-11 Space Access International Conference web Paris, France

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